Chapter 108 Extra

Qian Heng's marriage is as surprising as his case.

The first person to discover this fact was Tan Ying. Early in the morning, Qian Heng called Bao Rui and her into the office to arrange work. It was not unusual for partners to arrange work for team lawyers. However, it is curious that Qian Heng arranged the workload for nearly a month this time.

Although he was very happy to have so many sources, Bao Rui looked at the file in front of him, and was still a bit ignorant: "Qian Par, why are you the same as the palliant?" He cautiously said, " should not retire Is that right? Or is it because "Lawyer Debate" is too successful, and I want to transform to participate in legal variety..." Bao Ruiyue said, the voice became more solemn, "Does our team really face dissolution? Both Cheng Yao Afterwards, you even have money par..."

Qian Heng coughed, then stretched his hand forward.

Bao Rui was still immersed in his script, he said sadly: "Qian Par, are you going to pass on the mantle of the future to me? I Bao Rui must carry your banner of Qian's, and strive to take your The style is carried forward..."

Qian Heng glared at Bao Rui and posed his hand in front of him.

After so many times, Bao Rui was still indifferent.

Qian Heng frowned and said in a low voice: "A lawyer should carefully observe the details. Bao Rui, you are also a senior lawyer."

These Bao Rui finally realized something. Qian Heng waved his hand in front of himself several times. He stared at Qian Heng's hand, and finally showed his original expression.

While Qian Heng was waiting for his shock and congratulations, Bao Rui suddenly took hold of Qian Heng's hand, and he was excited: "Thank you Qian Par, it turns out that you want to have a tremendous handshake between men and me! Hey, To be honest, I have never shook hands with you, and I feel a sense of evenness as soon as I shake hands... Hahahaha..."

Tan Ying could hardly hear it anymore. She pulled on La Baorui's sleeve and reminded in a low voice: "Look at Qian Par's hand..."

The second monk Bao Ruizhang was puzzled: "Hand? Hey? Money par? Your skin is not as delicate as it used to be. In recent winters, men should love themselves and learn to maintain." Bao Rui said intimately. "Shall I give you my L'Occitane? What do you want? The smell of cherry blossoms is so pretty, do you want Verbena?"


Without seeing it, Tan Ying couldn't help but rolled her two big eyes: "Bao Rui, look at the ring finger of Qian Par's left hand."

Bao Rui glanced at him: "Hey? Qian Par, are you wearing a ring?" He said that he finally realized suddenly, "Left and right ring finger?? Wedding ring? Qian Par, are you married? What are you doing? Time to get married?!"

Bao Rui's horrified expression, that shocked tone, was almost as if he had met a woman whose boyfriend married someone else...

He stared at Qian Heng and watched it for a long time: "So you have arranged a workload for us for a month, do you want to return to the family?"

Tan Ying could not bear it: "Bao Rui, what are you thinking about all day long? Return to your family? Of course, Qian Par is going to honeymoon!"

Fortunately, Tan Ying’s empathy made Qian Heng finally relax his expression. He pursed his lips. Although the tone of the voice was light and breezy, a fool could also hear his faint display and happiness: “I’ve taken the time this morning. Yao went to get a certificate, as Tan Ying said, I will go to my honeymoon in the next month, and I will check emails every day, but most things need to be handled by you."

After finishing talking, Qian Heng looked at his watch and said seriously: "Oh, it's almost time. I'm going to find my wife for lunch."


"You usually have a good relationship with my wife. Help me inquire about where she likes to travel. Is there any place she particularly likes?"


The more calm Qian Qian's tone was, the more stunned Bao Rui and Tan Ying were. The poisonous and ruthless boss suddenly did not leave the word "wife" in three sentences. This kind of flaunting display was too much!

This led directly to Qian Heng's departure, and Bao Rui still had a sour face: "Cut, there is a wife who is amazing? I also have it! Show Eun is amazing! I can too! The honeymoon is a month! Do you know that although it is called a honeymoon, But our statutory wedding leave lasts ten days on the weekend! It’s not really a month!"

Tan Ying ignored him, she was quickly typing while holding her mobile phone.

Bao Rui was curious: "What are you doing?"

Tan Ying didn't even give him a look: "I'm trying to get a magnet with our future boss."

"Rely! Don't you remind me to come together?" Bao Rui patted his thigh, "Hurry, I will send a message to Cheng Yao! I used to think of covering Cheng Yao, but I didn't expect to rely on Cheng Yao now. cover!"

For a while, the wealthy Ronghua WeChat group was very lively.

Tan Ying: Yao Yao, don't forget Gou Fugui! You're a boss lady, can you give me more paid annual leave?

Bao Rui: I want an independent office.

Tan Ying: I want to change an ergonomic chair.

Bao Rui: My independent office is facing south.

Tan Ying: There is a boy in this batch of interns who is very tall and handsome. Can you let him sit in the seat opposite to me?

Bao Rui: I want to have an assistant, even an intern, take it out and have a face, preferably a beauty!

Tan Ying: Ask if Qian Par’s brother is still single? Does he look handsome? Can you introduce it to me? If I succeed in the position, Qianpar will call me sister-in-law in the future, it's pretty cool to think about it!


As a result, Bao Rui and Tan Ying chatted with enthusiasm for a long time, and Cheng Yao finally appeared. She only said one sentence, and successfully made the group completely quiet.

"That, my husband is by my side. I just saw your chat and said that you are so dissatisfied with your current job..."

Bao Rui: Qian Par, listen to my explanation! Money par, you have to believe me, I love you! ! !

Bao Rui was still struggling in the group, and Tan Ying's operation was much more violent.

Tan Ying: If you want to watch 200g massive yellow films, please click the following link: et/onebook.phpnovelid=3581942

Bao Rui: ...

Without pretending to directly pretend to be stolen, this wave of operation, he is serving. Now the young man, Bao Rui thinks, he really lost and lost...


Although he was married, Cheng Yao had moved into Qian Heng's villa and could see her every night, but Qian Heng always felt that he was not enough.

"Now that the evidence was lost, the truth is clear. Li Meng, who didn't work well and has a bad mentality, has also resigned. We are also married. Yaoyao, you can also come back to Junheng."

Unfortunately, in the face of Qian Heng’s proposal, Cheng Yao was unmoved: “Don’t.” She refused without thinking, “I think it’s also good at the BRICS. I slowly expanded the case and started to accumulate myself. Clients, colleagues have a good atmosphere, I think that couples in the same law firm do have many things that are more subtle, in case I have a dispute with other colleagues, who are you helping?" Cheng Yao looked at Qian Heng, and said softly, "I don’t want to Embarrass you."

"It's not difficult to do anything for you."

Although Qian Heng said this, Cheng Yao still declined his invitation: "I am still far worse than your professionalism. If you return to Junheng, the achievements made by outsiders do not know whether it is from you. I don’t want this kind of protection. One day I will consider joining Junheng again, only as a par, not just as a lawyer."

Qian Heng pursed his lips: "Although I hope to see you every minute, but I respect your decision to stay in the BRICS, then I can only pay double wages to dig Gu Beiqing to Junheng. Since I can’t Watching my wife every second, then watching your past rivals every second."


Cheng Yao couldn't help crying: "My seniors and I are only in a working relationship."

"No, I won't be relieved if he doesn't take it alone. In addition to digging people, I still have to solve the problem of the object. The day he gets married, I can really feel at ease. It seems that I have to recruit a few more suitable ages recently Single female lawyer."

"Qian Heng, did you grow up in jealousy?"

"No." Qian Hengyi said seriously, "it's lemon."


However, even in the face of Qian Heng’s kiss and vinegar, Cheng Yao still did not forget the business: “Yes, is there any problem in the implementation of the legal aid clinic I mentioned last time? BRICS and Junheng can join forces, Set up a legal aid clinic project within the law firm. Now the book education and legal practice in the university are too out of touch. I think it is good to introduce clinic-style education. Our two law firms are the leaders of the A city. Several law schools have reached a cooperation, which can provide law students with internship projects, so that they can understand the work of lawyers, in the future to better determine the direction of the workplace or adapt to the workplace, on the other hand, if you can choose among college students When the qualifications are good, the law firm can also lock in first, sign a letter of intent for employment, and enter the law firm to work directly after graduation. We are also cultivating future employees. It is a win-win situation."

Cheng Yao’s eyes are bright: "The most important thing is that we have more manpower and resources to pick up some legal aid projects in the society. I went to the Law Society last time and talked to a few staff members. Now I am applying for registration. There are more and more people with legal aid, but lawyers have limited energy. If Junheng and BRICS can take the lead in pushing this project, we may change the lives of many people!"

However, the more serious Cheng Yao was, the more difficult it was for Qian Heng to kiss her. He fell on her ear and gently said, "I will be very attentive to this project that Junheng and BRIC have bred together. Because I will treat it as if I were the same as your child." Qian Heng kissed Cheng Chengyao's nose and smiled, "Although you said you want to have a baby with me, I didn't expect our'born child' 'It came so fast."

Since the marriage, the hormones in Qian Heng seem to have been completely released, but they are just talking about a job. Qian Heng can also foul in this way. Cheng Yao only feels that he is really right. She always had the illusion that the state of the two people after marriage, more or less reminded her of the kissing fish she had seen before, and she blushed when she thought about it.

In this pink atmosphere, Cheng Yao suddenly remembered a problem she saw recently used to test the love concentration of couples. She looked at Qian Heng and raised her head: "Qian Heng, talk about the happiest moment you and I have been together When is it?"

Cheng Yao thought that Qian Heng would blurt out like those good husbands on the Internet. However, the fact was that Qian Heng froze in the face of this problem. He remained silent for a long time and failed to give Cheng Yao an answer.

Cheng Yao was somewhat lost in this silence. Fortunately, the embarrassment did not last long. Soon, the two heard Wu Jun's voice.

"Qian Heng, are you looking for me?"

Today’s lunch, Qian Heng invited Wu Jun. As Qian Heng’s dog-headed military division, Qian Heng can successfully hold Cheng Yaogui, of course, to thank Wu Jun. Of course, the more important purpose of this meal is to show off— —

Almost as soon as Wu Jun was seated, Qian Heng shook his fingers wearing wedding rings in front of Wu Jun without any trace.

"Oh, Wu Jun, I'm out of order. From now on, I'm a family member. For those of you who are only suitable for people like you, don't call me anymore." Qian Heng Weiwei A smile, "I and Cheng Yao are married. They all say that married and unmarried people can't play together. In the future, we may be two worlds."

Wu Jun just laughed, laughing like a fox, so that Qian Heng felt hairy.

"Oh, what a coincidence?" He smiled at Qian Heng. "Although I haven't gotten married yet, the proposal was just successful last night. I haven't had time to share it with you yet. If there is no accident, I'm getting married recently too. Since they are married in the future, everyone can still play together."

"Don't you and your girlfriend just have a long relationship?"

"That's because my fiancée was hurt in a relationship, and although we are sure that the relationship is not long, I have known her for many years, and I have been in love with her for many years. Seriously, compared with your relationship with Cheng Yao It's much deeper."

"This kind of emotional foundation is not a long time ago, but whether it is strong or not. You have known it for so many years before the proposal is successful. Oh, it is still far less efficient than mine."

Facing Qian Heng's poisonous tongue, Wu Jun was not annoyed. He glanced lightly at Qian Heng: "Oh, forget to say, when I get married, you don't call me Wu Jun anymore."

Qian Heng frowned unclearly: "Why don't you call you Wu Jun? Do you still want the woman's surname?"

"Call me brother-in-law." Wu Jun smiled and glanced towards the door. He saw the gentle woman who was pushing the door. He stood up and waved his hand with pride, "Chengxi, see you See your brother-in-law."


Qian Heng had a lot of money, but he did not expect that Wu Jun, who was overwhelmed by him, would win him so much that he could not say a word in his marriage.

Cheng Yao apparently knew this huge shock fact already. She stood up and shouted "Sister" and "Brother-in-law" with a smile.

In the end, Qian Heng had to bite the bullet and bow down and called "brother-in-law" in Wu Jun's misfortune.


It's just that even though Wu Jun fell out of favor here, Qian Heng always had to find his way back.

On this day, the most recent post on the LAwXoXo forum, "True Industry Cancer Tumor Deng Ming Large Bottom Skinning Scene", was suddenly covered by another old post.

Everyone suddenly saw a fresh ID and a fresh message under the post discussing the stunning beauty of the Chen Linli case and the lawyer Cheng Yao last time.

This ID is called Qian Heng.

"Cheng Yao is not my ex-girlfriend, but my wife."

This ID looks very fresh, and the registration time has just reached the time limit for posting in LAwXoXo. Many netizens searched and found that he also followed such a reply.

Qian Heng? That business ability hangs everyone's Qian Heng? Can this anonymous forum fake anyone else? Everyone's attitude is unanimously clear-unbelief!

"Although Qian Heng is highly toxic, it's too much for you like someone in a vest to post fake news!"

"Report it!"

"No?! Cheng Yao really married Qian Heng?! I don't believe it!"

"Although Qian Heng proposed marriage on the show, I heard that Cheng Yao had no birds with him, and I heard that Qian Heng broke down in the background and cried a lot after the recording?"

"It is estimated that it did not succeed, otherwise why did Cheng Yao go to the stage to accept the proposal?"

"It's miserable. Suddenly there was some sympathy for Qian Heng. The 28-year-old old house caught fire and suffered a passionate love. He confessed with enthusiasm in the air, but was rejected.

Such a simple message, the effect is not worse than Paiping Deng Ming's post, followed by dozens of articles at once.

"Keep begging for rumors!"

"Keep begging the administrator to check Ip, seal Ip."

"No picture, no truth, everyone is a legal person, and I thought that the next touch on the mouth is true? There is no evidence to say a ball!"


Qian Heng pursed his lips, ignoring Cheng Yao who was smiling at the poster behind him, and asked for evidence, right?

Then let you beg the hammer!

Qian Heng issued the evidence after he posted it, and then he was refreshed, and then got up and hugged Cheng Yao, who was still gloating and gave her a kiss.


Just when everyone thought that everyone's attack contained the rumored ID, this ID replied again, but this time, he didn't say anything, just dumped a marriage certificate.

Qian Heng’s face in the marriage certificate still deserves to be the top spot in the legal circle, and beside him, Cheng Yao was a dazzling smile, her eyes seemed to speak, full of contagion, like a together The light, illuminating the people around, Qian Heng's cold eyebrows, because she also brought a kind of affectionate tenderness.

LAwXoXo naturally exploded the pan, but neither party had time to take care of it.

Qian Heng held Cheng Yao's face with both hands and kissed the tip of her nose: "Now I finally tell the world that you are mine."

He lightly touched Cheng Yao’s head: “Also, your question, I thought about it for a long time, but I still can’t answer it.”

Cheng Yao was stunned.

"I can't specifically answer when I was the happiest moment with you. That's because every day, every minute, every second, every drop with me, makes me happy."

The years are gentle, and I just want to grow old with you.

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