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"You have today" Author: Ye striking


The first time Cheng Yao saw Qian Heng, he couldn't match the man in front of him with the nickname of "industry cancer".

The other party is handsome and tall, with extraordinary temperament, and his eyes are particularly charming.

Cheng Yao doesn't believe in evil spirits. It looks so beautiful. How could it be a tumor?

Until she was severely beaten by socialism-

When she tried to persuade her handsome boss to take a case of public rights protection.

Her boss was expressionless: "What do you think a successful lawyer should do?"

"Generate for love?"

"What's my surname?"


"So I will only generate electricity for the money."

When she asked for a raise.

Her boss was not sure, but at the KtV party that night, Qian Heng participated for the first time and personally ordered a "Dream Awake Time" for Cheng Yao

【small theater】

Cheng Yao drank too much at the annual meeting, ran to the podium, and raised the microphone: "What's wrong with Qian Heng? The partner is amazing! The boss is amazing? One day I flew Huang Tengda, let him call me dad! I, Cheng Yao , Let him know! What is yours! Also! Yes! Today! Day!"

On that day, no one could forget the terrifying expression of Qian Heng...

But what they don’t know is-

The next day, Cheng Yao was blocked in the corner by Qian Heng.

Qian Heng expressionless: "So was it satisfactory last night? Dad?"

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Brief commentary

Lawyer rookie Chengyao encountered one room and two rents. He and another male tenant made a big fight. Eventually, they gave in to each other and decided to share the rent. As a result, the next day, Cheng Yao discovered that the male tenant was his boss after joining the law firm-Qian Heng, known as the industry's cancer. When the yin and yang are wrong, Cheng Yao has been tortured by his boss during the day and returns home at night to continue his fulfilled life. She secretly vowed that one day she would fly Huang Tengda, she would let Qian Heng know what "you also have today", so the two of them lived together in the co-leasing life of Jifeigoudiao, and at the same time opened up the law of escalating blame in various family matters Life... The work is easy and fun, the dialogue is humorous, the case focuses on the family conflicts in reality, has a great degree of topic and the tipping point, the case plot is full of reversals, the industry knowledge is solid, directly hit the pain points in the family law, the conflict between law and morals, etc. . The character is three-dimensional and multi-faceted, and full of girlish hearts. It is a very positive, young and grounded industry story.

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