Chapter 1780 One By One Backing Out

The three figures who flew towards Su Mo were the Second Princess, Gu Feifei, and another black-robed figure from the Sacred Devil Hall.

“Hm?” Su Mo wondered as his eyes flashed. Was the Second Princess going to help him? However, at the same time, he glanced at the black-robed figure approaching him and he immediately came to a realization that the second figure was Cai Yun.

That was because the aura that surrounded the person was the Heaven Combining Ghost Skill which he was all too familiar with.

What made Su Mo confused was that Cai Yun had not returned to Firmament Palace although she had been in Ancientspirit Galaxy all along.

It wasn’t possible to say that Cai Yun abandoned the Firmament Palace anyway because there was still a large group of horned demons in the Firmament Palace.

“Second sister!”

“Junior sister!”

Right at that moment, the First Prince and the top godly talent of the Sacred Devil Hall, Mo Wuqing shouted out as soon as they saw the Second Princess and the black-robed figure’s actions.

The First Prince had not expected that the Second Princess would not help him and instead lend her hand to Su Mo. This made him completely enraged.

Mo Wuqing wore a black coat and appeared to have an evil-looking face, his heart jumped in utter shock when he saw his companion fly towards Su Mo.

He did not think that his fellow sect member would help Su Mo, but he thought that she would confront Su Mo.

Boom! Boom!

Right as the First Prince and Mo Wuqing were distracted, the two were attacked by others.

The First Prince was only a Rank 2 Martial Honorable and wasn’t strong enough. He was immediately injured by the sudden attack and thrown backward.

“Su Mo, I hope that you can create a miracle!” Before the Second Princess neared Su Mo, she tossed out her own jade pendant.

She knew that she and the First Prince had no hope of attaining victory in the Sky Dragon Contest.

They were already considered very lucky to have lasted till now, but there was no way they could stand against the 5 godly talents.

However, Su Mo was different, not only was he exceptionally talented, he was already a Rank 4 Martial Honorable and had much higher hopes of attaining victory compared to the two of them.


Su Mo obtained the jade pendant and looked at the Second Princess as he said sincerely, “Thank you!”

The Second Princess managed a slight smile before she vanished into thin air.


Right at that moment, the second figure approached Su Mo from another direction.

“Long time no see, Cai Yun!” Su Mo laughed.

“Palace master, great to see you!” The black-robed figure stopped in front of Su Mo and greeted him with a clear voice. It was indeed Cai Yun.

However, Cai Yun also knew that now wasn’t the time to greet each other and she handed her jade pendant over to Su Mo as she said, “Palace master, let’s catch up when we have a chance!”

“Alright!” Su Mo took the jade pendant and nodded his head.

Just as Cai Yun disappeared, Su Mo’s cultivation rank exploded again and his aura shot up unstoppably.

Rank 5 Martial Honorable!

Rank 6 Martial Honorable!

An ear-piercing sound erupted through the air as a cold-faced Xue Juntian stepped towards Su Mo at lightning speed.

Before he even reached Su Mo, Xue Juntian brandished his sword horizontally, causing a Sword Qi to appear through the sky.

At the same time, the burly Ju Shen rushed towards the geniuses of other superpowers as though he was a moving mountain.

He raised his fist and viciously struck it against the already-injured First Prince.

The First Prince jumped in shock as he realized that he could die under this blow.

Without hesitation, he immediately shattered his own jade pendant and teleported out of the small world.

At another corner, Wu Qiong, Fei Tianyu and Hei Yaohuang recovered to the Rank 7 Martial Honorable Realm with the help of their fellow tribe members.

“Eliminate them!”

“You guys can get out now!”

The few top talents yelled out coldly as they attacked the remaining people.

Hei Yaohuang clawed at the sky ferociously and a sharp, giant claw heavily struck Jiang Shenye with terrifying auras.

Fei Tianyu’s body flashed and he immediately appeared beside Xuan Yuanlong before he sliced down with his sword.

Jiang Shenye and Xuan Yuanlong jumped in shock. The two of them were mere Rank 3 Martial Honorables now and they could not block the two’s attack. As such, they retreated backward into the horizon.

Fei Tianyu and Hei Yaohuang did not chase after the two to kill them but instead attacked others nearby. They had to recover their cultivation ranks as fast as possible since Xue Juntian was one cultivation rank higher than them.

Wu Qiong glanced at Su Mo far away and saw Xue Juntian attacking Su Mo. He did not chase after Su Mo either, as Su Mo would not be able to leave Kunyun Small World and he would definitely die under Xue Juntian.


Wu Qiong punched out and Blood Radiance tore through the sky as Blood Qi filled the area. Fist Radiance shot towards Mo Wuqing.

Mo Wuqing immediately retreated backward and dodged the attack. There was no way for him to block Wu Qiong’s attack at all.

Mo Wuqing, Jiang Shenye and Xuan Yuanlong escaped far off.

At the same time, Shi Wei from the Snow Lions Tribe knew that he could not stand up against those in front of him and hence, he hurriedly escaped.

However, some others didn’t even have a chance of escaping. Under Wu Qiong, Ju Shen, Fei Tianyu and Hei Yaohuang’s relentless attacks, numerous people were injured. They either suffered heavy injuries or were killed on the spot.

Some others were so frightened by the godly talents that they directly destroyed their jade pendants on the spot.

On the other hand, Xue Juntian’s attack was vast and strong. Terrifying Sword Qi, which was filled with killing intent, seemed to harbor the powers to destroy one’s spiritual soul.

This was Xue Juntian’s ultimate attack. As long as he could eliminate Su Mo, he could recover to the Rank 9 Martial Honorable Realm.

Yet, Su Mo was fearless against Xue Juntian’s blow. He waved the longsword in front of him and struck out with the same sword strike as before.

Su Mo had not used chaotic energy for this blow but instead merged the Dark Force into three-colored Dark Force.

Boom boom boom!

In the empty air, thunderous explosions sounded as sharp, three-colored Sword Qi tore through the sky and instantly travelled a kilometer. Blinding and dazzling light from the Sword Qi instantly struck Xue Juntian’s Sword Qi.


With another explosion, the two frightening Sword Qi heavily struck against each other and crumbled apart into streaks of sword rain that rained down on the earth.

“Hm?” Xue Juntian was slightly taken aback by what happened. Although he knew that Su Mo was a godly talent, he had not expected Su Mo to have easily blocked his attack.

By that point, all the chaos had stopped. Xue Juntian did not hurry to attack Su Mo but he stared with a bewildered expression at Su Mo.

On the other hand, Ju Shen, Fei Tianyu, Hei Yaohuang and Wu Qiong had all defeated an opponent each. As such, their cultivation ranks had recovered the Rank 8 Martial Honorable Realm, the same as Xue Juntian.

However, by now, they did not have any opponents left other than Jiang Shenye, Xuan Yuanlong, Mo Wuqing and Shi Wei who had all fled far away. Everyone else had been eliminated.

Wu Qiong stared at his surroundings and his gaze fell open Su Mo. His heart jumped when he realized that Su Mo had actually blocked Xue Juntian’s attack.

Yet, Xue Juntian had not used all his strength in the blow previously.

“Everyone, how about we each take one person each in the remaining five before we fight among ourselves!” Wu Qiong suggested in a loud voice. However, his eyes narrowed at Su Mo and he decided to kill Su Mo next.


“I agree!”


“Fine with me!”

Ju Shen, Hei Yaohuang and Fei Tianyu nodded their heads and agreed with Wu Qiong’s suggestion.

There were 5 opponents left and they could confront one person each to recover their Rank 9 Martial Honorable Realm. Thereafter, they would fight it out among themselves and find out who was the strongest from the younger generation of Ancientspirit Galaxy.

Jiang Shenye’s face darkened. He had no chance to win the contest already as he had missed the opportunity to regain his cultivation rank unless he defeated Xuan Yuanlong, Mo Wuqing and Shi Wei.

This was virtually impossible. Not to mention whether he could overpower them, even if he could in theory, Ju Shen and the other top talents would not give him the chance to.

By now, he could only sigh inwardly. Because he had desperately raised his cultivation rank, his cultivation base became weak and this caused his strength to lower steeply. Otherwise, he would not be in such a scenario.

As he sighed, Jiang Shenye thought of helping Su Mo to complete the Myriad World Mountain mission.

However, he was a Triple Deities Sect member and Xue Juntian was also on the scene. He couldn’t openly help Su Mo and had no choice left but to back out voluntarily.

“Su Mo, I hope you have the chance to win!” Jiang Shenye sighed to himself as he stared at Su Mo. Thereafter, he destroyed his own jade pendant and voluntarily chose to back out.

Xuan Yuanlong sighed as well as he made the same decision. He wasn’t too upset that he had failed because he had already proved his strength.

It was sad that he did not come from a major superpower and did not have fellow sect members like the 5 godly talents to help him. Otherwise, he would not be weaker than any of these 5 godly talents.

Shi Wei of the Snow Lions Tribe followed closely after with the same decision. The only way left for him if he remained in the contest was to face a crushing defeat.

“Forget it!”

Mo Wuqing saw Jiang Shenye, Shi Wei and Xuan Yuanlong’s actions and he lightly shook his head as he decided to back out too.

The Rank 3 Martial Honorable realm that he was in ensured that he had no hopes of attaining victory and that remaining in the contest would be a bitter road for him too.

However, he was confused as to why his mysterious junior sister would help Su Mo.

In a single breath of time, 4 geniuses had voluntarily backed out from the contest. There was nothing Ju Shen and the 4 other godly talents could do if the others wanted to back out of the contest.

At that point, the remaining people in Sky Dragon Contest were Xue Juntian, Wu Qiong, Ju Shen and Hei Yaohuang, together with Su Mo.

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