Volume 7

Chapter 1843 Cui Shaoxi Fanwai

Cpa300_4(); After the new emperor succeeded, Cui Jiayin was wrong because of Cui Shaoxi's credit, and the sacred sacred sacred, so that the Cui family all sighed the magic of fate: Who can think of it? The result is that the young master who has been accustomed to ignoring the child since childhood, and who has been traveling in the east for a long time, has become the biggest hero of Cui.

The old lady and Mrs. Cui did not care: who would dare to say that they are too fond of Xiao Sun (child)?

It is a pity that this great hero still has no enlightenment. He is not interested in what the Canadian official is. He only looks at the sadness of the family in the heart of the family. Originally, I still want to have a nausea in her house for a few days, disgusting her man, not wanting her man to know what to say on the emperor, the emperor actually wants to give him a marriage!

Cui Shaoxi hated to grind his teeth, and he said to the emperor that he did not want to kiss his relatives. He still wanted to experience the experience. He was too busy to travel to Beijing.

There was no purpose to go around in the sky, but it seemed to have invisible traction. Unconsciously, Cui Shaoxi came to Shuangliu County again.

When he reacted, he was shocked to find that he came to this place. He couldn’t help but smile, and the past was flooding with water.

When you come, you can’t go to visit relatives. Cui Shaoxi went to the Su family again.

He hasn't been here for a long time. Su Jinghe and Fang Qing's family saw him all happy, cold and warm, and no fun, Cui Shaoxi's mood was a lot better.

In these years, Lianjia, Lijia and Sujia have inextricably linked in business, and there are bright and dark, and the business of Sujia is getting bigger and bigger. Lian Fangzhou thought about asking the cousin and his wife to enter Beijing as a guest. Unfortunately, there were some things in the past few years and the situation was unclear. Now, there is no need to say that it is too peaceful and prosperous. There are opportunities.

When talking about the story of the old man, everyone has a feeling of dreams.

It's just that there is more or less this feeling. For Cui Shaoxi, he can't wait for the time to stay in the past and not to go forward, and Su Jing and Fang Qing both pursued the past and remembered that life is getting better and better.

Su Xiner has been sent home by Sun Ming for several months. After she didn’t want to return home, she was shocked to feel pregnant. Now she is pregnant with more than seven months of belly. When Cui Shaoxi came, she happened to be a little uncomfortable. Meditate to raise the tires, only to say a word, did not personally meet.

However, things are often so wonderful.

In the past, Su Xiner was rushing to do everything possible to see Cui Shaoxi, but she was not able to walk out for a walk, but she could also meet with Cui Shaoxi, who walked the same way.

The cousin and the two met at the same time. Both of them were a little embarrassed and smiled and said hello.

I have met and I don’t want to talk.

Cui Shaoxi looked at the cousin who showed a bit of a big belly and looked awkward. Compared with Su Xiner, who used to be arrogant and arrogant, the woman in front of her eyes was much milder. In the years, she could always precipitate many things.

Cui Shaoxi knew that she was brought back by Sun Ming. The words "Congratulations" seemed to be inappropriate. They smiled and asked: "A few months? I am afraid I will be born!"

Su Xiner's coveted gently stroked the abdomen, the feelings of the gods could not help but become soft, and the lips were not consciously filled with a gentle smile, with a smile: "There are four days and eight months!"

Cui Shaoxi said, "Oh," he didn't know what to say next.

Su Xiner looked up at him and smiled. "So for so many years, why isn’t my cousin still married?"

Cui Shaoxi was a stiff, and he didn’t pull out a smile when he pulled his mouth. I don’t know how to respond.

Su Xiner smiled faintly and said: "So many cousins ​​have seen the big world in the past. Do you have no cousin in this world?"

Cui Shaoxi looked at Su Xiner in front of him, a little familiar, and a bit strange.

However, he was relieved but it was true.

Because he feels it and can see it, her obsession with him has been put down!

He rejoiced for her, and also let go of the inexplicable guilt in his heart. After all, he is actually very cruel to her.

Cui Shaoxi laughed at himself and said: "There are many good women under the sun, but there is no one I like." The one I liked has already been married as a woman.

Su Xiner’s eyes stunned and said: “I’m sorry, cousin!”

Cui Shaoxi couldn't help but laugh, saying: "How do you say this in a good end? What are you sorry for me!"

If this cousin is not so entangled, he is actually quite willing to treat her as a dear girl.

Su Xiner smiled and said: "I used to be young and ignorant. I, I shouldn't. - If it weren't for me, I would entangle my cousin, maybe even the girl would marry my cousin..."

Cui Shaoxi's heart is inexplicably a bit sullen, and laughed strongly: "You don't blame yourself, this doesn't do your thing! Fangzhou, she has always been an idea, she likes Weining Hou..."

In fact, in the past few years, every time I went back to the past, did Cui Shaoxi not complain about Su Xiner? At that time, even Fangzhou looked at Su Xiner’s posture. Even if she was in the same situation at the beginning, how could she be willing to give herself a chance to come out with the Su family? In the beginning, she refused herself rationally and calmly, and cut off any opportunities that might develop!

Maybe this is fate!

The fate of the world must be happening at the right time. It may be a good marriage. Otherwise, it will be a passer-by, or it will only be a shackle.

He and her, after all, can not form a good relationship.

However, seeing that she is doing well now, and seeing her from time to time, he is also satisfied.

Sometimes, retreating is also good, isn't it? Who can do everything?

When Su Xiner looked up again, she was already full of tears and said: "Cousin, you don't have to comfort me! What I have done before is wrong, I can understand it now!"

Cui Shaoxi groaned and said, "Don't cry, don't cry! Hey, I really haven't blamed you! Are we cousins, aren't they?"

Su Xiner’s heart was sour, thinking of Sun Ming’s tenderness and tenderness to himself over the years, thinking of his ruthlessness in the end, thinking of his own pile of pieces that made the little temperament unreasonable and tangled, and thought that he was really taken by him now. When I returned to my family, I was cold and clear, and I repented. The person who cherished herself and loved her is always stronger than the one at the bottom of my heart. Su Xiner is even more tearful.

In the past, she was too sorry for her husband! And he treated her. At that time, she had so many dissatisfaction, but now she remembers all his good, but I don’t know if she can return to him!

Where will Cui Shaoxi comfort people? Moreover, men and women are different, cousins ​​and sisters are not brothers and sisters, and they can't always hug and help, and they sigh: "Xiner, don't cry! Don't think about yourself, think about the children in your stomach!" ”

Su Xin was a stagnation, and he stopped crying.

Yeah, she can't hurt her child!

Cui Shaoxi silently watched her for a moment, saying: "Sun Ming is a gentle and generous person. The past things have passed. Now you are pregnant with the grandson of his grandson, plus your parents and brothers. Well, he won't want you! Just in the future, have a good time, don't mess with the little temper!"

"Yeah!" Su Xiner nodded slightly in her heart, sucking her nose and stuttering: "Table, cousin, if, if you are a gentleman, he still annoys me, can you help me?" Asking Mrs. Weining Hou for pleading? If Mrs. Weining Hou, he and he will listen..."

Su Xiner’s heart was a bit stunned.

Cui Shaoxi was stunned and said: "What?"

Su Xiner’s face was red and said: “Cousin!”

Do not blame Cui Shaoxi for being surprised, it is really so shocking to say this from Su Xiner’s mouth!

Someone like her is actually willing to bow to Lianfangzhou? Even the word "seeking" is said!

Cui Shaoxi sighed in the heart: It seems that this girl is really in love with her husband.

"Okay," Cui Shaoxi nodded and smiled. "I promise you!"



"Thank you, cousin!" Su Xiner said with joy.

Cui Shaoxi smiled slightly, "You are welcome!"

In fact, it is also unclear about this gimmick. I am worried that Sun Ming is not a person who has not taken care of it. At the beginning, she was so angry that she was almost jealous and made a big mistake. Nowadays, the family has been peaceful, and she has a child. How could he really not want her!

Wait, wait until the Beijing is busy, and everything is stable, Sun Ming will definitely pick her up.

However, if she does not have any troubles in the future, will there be anything more, then it is hard to say!

Cui Shaoxi stayed in Shuangliu County for three or four days. When he came to interest, he went to Suizhong.

He didn't go to Dafangcun. Although he was hesitant and he couldn't hold back the impulse, he still didn't go.

Things are human beings, and the beauty is deeply remembered in the heart, why bother to revisit the old place?

There is no world in the mountains and rivers. Cui Shaoxi stops and stops, all the way, and all the way to marvel.

On this day, when I stopped at a small town called Chand, and once again set off for a village in the suburbs, the quarrel around a large group of people made Cui Shaoxi couldn’t help but look up and then walked involuntarily. Onlookers.

I saw a girl of about fourteen years old with two children, one man and one woman. It should look like her younger brother and sister. All three were dressed in old clothes washed in white.

A woman squinted her eyes and screamed at the three brothers and sisters. "I really have no conscience! If you are not an aging mother in the past two years, your three rabbits have been asking for food. The wings are hard, what is the single door? The single-family has passed by myself, I am embarrassed! I have eaten my aging mother for two years, and when I grow my flesh, I turn my face and don’t recognize people!"

The woman was still squatting, and she was counted as soon as she was, and the people around her were talking about it. Cui Shaoxi also listened to it.

The girl looked up, her clear eyes were as cold as the woman stared straight at the past, and the woman’s throat stopped her voice.

The girl fiercely picked up her sister's sleeves and screamed in tears. She whimpered: "Hey, this kind of injury, my brother and sister have never been better, and we can't afford it!"

Two children from the age of ** saw their sister crying, and they cried. The crowd saw the whip marks on the tiny arms. They couldn’t help but change their eyes and look at the woman’s gaze. Not right, a few particularly soft women still read the Buddha.

The young girl cried while crying. After her parents died, they lived in the uncle’s house for the next two years. Everything was heard.

The girl cried at the end: "Our brothers and sisters are three clumsy, and uncles and sisters don't have to worry about us! We are willing to go it alone, and it is life to die. It has nothing to do with the uncle! These two years have eaten the uncle's meal. I don’t dare to eat it in white. The three acres of land will be given to my uncle! Our three brothers and sisters will not be dragged down!

The woman’s face was shaking and the heart was full of hatred. My heart yelled that you lived in my house. The income of the three acres of land was originally ours. Which one wants you to say good!

The audience were all folks in the township. They couldn’t help but persuade them. The woman’s face was ugly, but she was a little scared by her girl’s inadvertent gaze.

Last night, she taught her brother a few times, and the dead girl actually started to go crazy and pick up the kitchen knife to fight hard, and then keep it, fear is also a curse! No, they are cheaper!

The woman pretended to squeeze out a few drops of tears and persuaded her. The girl insisted on not doing it. The woman recognized the helplessness in the boat. When the girl went to the home, she set up a deed, and everyone followed up to watch the fun. Cui Shaoxi The hook and lips smiled and went with the crowd.

This woman is the Hedong Griffin, who speaks at home. She has responded. The husband who is timid and fearful of course does not dare to say that she is not a word. This matter will soon be done.

Out of the house, the woman glanced at the girl, her face suddenly eccentric, "嗤" smile, not sour and cold: "The girl is going to learn, is it to learn that Mrs. Weining Hou? The mirror looks at yourself, you, oh, also match!"

The girl’s face was reddish, but she was proud of her head: “I just want to raise my younger brother and grow up. I don’t have the luck of Mrs. Weining Hou, and she will work hard like her! Good and evil will eventually report,”

The girl went on and said: "Hsu is a lot of words for me. Uncles are good people. I will never learn the uncle's uncle's aunt!"

After that, he ignored the woman’s eyes and took the younger brother and sister away.

Cui Shaoxi, the woman, and the younger sisters and sisters who went to the distance, couldn’t help but smile.

Little girl is a motivated person.

He was suddenly very interested to see how hard this little girl worked. Hey, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the scenery is bright, it seems that staying here for a while is also a good choice.

Three years later, after a series of twists and turns, Cui Shaoxi finally found the girl to be a wife. Cui Gongzi’s heart was greatly sighed: If you devote yourself to this kind of thing, it’s still a memorable person to do it!

He did not lose his memory, so he not only failed to "sell" and lived in the girl's home. At the beginning, he was also fooled by two people as a disciple! It’s really more people than people!

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