Chapter 1 wake

The headache is splitting.

Zuo Mei, who gradually became conscious, couldn’t help but surprise: she didn’t die!

I was so lucky that I watched the car fall into the high cliff and survived.

Surprisingly, she slammed and sat up, and stunned her eyes wide open.

There are two boys and a girl in front of the bed. The big boy has about twelve, the young one and the little girl are only ** years old.

All three were dressed in shabby rags, and the little girls’ flower clothes were too old to figure out.

"Is it you... saved me?" Zuo Mei asked, both boys have long hair and high beams. She is only a place where the world is isolated, and the tradition is passed down. It is not surprising.

"Sister!" I saw the little girl "wow" and burst into tears on her body, whispering: "Sister, don't die, don't die!"


Zuo Mei, who was nearly thirty years old, couldn’t help but feel excited. The heart said: This little girl can really talk! This age can still earn a "sister"...

Listening to her crying pitiful, Zuo Mei could not help but hold her arm and hold her and patted it.

The little girl's small body was stiff, and then she hugged her more tightly to her.

"Fang Qing, let go of my sister soon, my sister is going to breathe."

The older boy quickly reached for the little girl named Fang Qing. It is obvious that his voice is accompanied by an inexpressible excitement.

Xiaofang Qing was pulled open, and it seemed to be dissatisfied with the sound of a kitten-like squeak, but no longer sticking to Zuomei, obediently standing aside. I sucked my nose and looked at Zuomei with my beautiful eyes. The eyes were full of love.

Zuo Mei gave a big breath and smiled gratefully at the big boy: On the sensible, it is still big!

"Where is this? You - what is your name?" Zuo Mei smiled and asked the big boy.

The big boy suddenly widened his eyes, glaring at Zuomei, and his face was full of four words.

The smile on Zuomei’s face was a bit stiff, and it was a little weird for no reason.

"Sister!" She hadn't had time to ask, and she was shocked by the little girl's shouting with a cry of crying.

"Sister! You don't know us? Don't you want us? Hehe..." The little girl rushed to her and burst into tears.

"Don't cry, don't cry! My sister won't want us, it won't be!" The little boy sucked his nose and obviously cried out. He bit his lip and resisted it. He looked at Zuo Mei with aggrieved look. Pulled the sleeves of Fang Qing.

That little look, it’s really amazing! Zuomei, who was watching, couldn’t bear it for a while, as if she had done anything that was so good.

"Sister," the big boy returned to God, pushed the little girl away and pushed the little boy to comfort. He looked at Zuomei and looked at it: "Sister, don't you do this, then Yang family wants to retreat and let them back!" They are not bullying, are we not married? This kind of sister will not be good to marry in the past! Sister, I will raise you later, you should not be upset, okay..."

"..." Zuomei’s listening, the big boy said something she couldn’t hear, she thought she was crazy, he was crazy!

Until she inadvertently bowed her head and saw her hand, "Bow!" in her head exploded.

“Is there a mirror?” Zuo Mei suddenly asked.

"Mirror?" The big boy who was talking about it.

"Can you give me a pot of water!" Zuo Mei said in a hurry.

"I am going!" The little boy had already smashed Fang Qing, and he turned and ran out.

After a while, he swayed in a tub and the big boy met and rushed to pick it up.

Zuo Mei Meng got out of bed, put the tub on the dilapidated square table, looked up, pale face, big eyes, dark red lips...

This tender eyebrow is definitely not her face of nearly thirty years old! This small arm has a small body and a small face. It is clearly a 14-year-old girl who is malnourished!

Combined with the "sister" who just heard their brothers and sisters, Zuo Mei shook her body and almost fell: she crossed... wore...

"Sister!" The big boy was busy holding her: "Are you okay? Do you want to sit down for a while?"

"I--" Zuo Mei opened his mouth and found that he did not know what to say.

She allowed the big boy to hold her down and looked at the home that could be called the home of the family.

Secretly sighed, even though her heart was still in a mess, she had to admit that she had to accept this fact.

"I'm fine," Zuo Mei smiled softly and said softly: "I won't die. In the future, we are a family..."

"Sister, you want to open it!" The big boy nodded hard and looked a little excited. The corner of his mouth smiled slightly, revealing his white teeth.

Zuo Mei felt that his big-eyed eyes were very good-looking.

"Sister! Sister!" Fang Qing rushed up again, holding her sobbing and coquetry: "Sister will not die, my sister hurts me the most! I don't want my sister to die..."

Zuo Mei smiled and couldn't help but hugged her back.

Right now, she can only take one step at a time. This brother and sister are not three years old, and they are very attached to their own sisters. They expect that it will not be too difficult to talk from their mouths, nor will they reveal any flaws - little age, know what to borrow from the body?

However -

She has no pain and no disease, no traces on her neck and no scars. Why are these three little guys crying to keep her from dying?

"Just I - what happened?" Zuo Mei asked with a smile.

"The fat woman of Huajia came to our house and shouted outside, and my sister listened and listened to all of you falling down on the ground. Then, there was no gas!" Fang Qingzui said quickly.

"Flower home?" Zuo Mei Wei Wei.

"Fang Qing!" The big boy whispered to the girl and confused to Zuo Mei: "Does the sister not remember the flower home?"

Zuo Mei licked his temple and smiled bitterly: "I don't know what happened. This wakes up in the mind, there is some confusion, and many things are not clear enough..."

The big boy suddenly nodded and nodded. He didn't even have doubts. He didn't need Zuo Mei to ask, he said: "After half a year ago, when our mother-in-law met her torrent, her sister's fiancé Yang family had always wanted to retire, but her sister-"

The big boy looked at Zuo Mei with a dilemma.

Obviously, Zuomei in the past has a firm opposition to this.

That can't blame her, her family is poor, she has no mother, and there are three younger siblings underneath. If such a family is retired, who else will be willing to marry her?

She smiled and nodded and asked, "What later?"

When the big boy saw her, she was obviously completely laid down. She couldn’t help herself. She continued to say: "The Yang family can’t retreat. This time, they look at the prostitutes of our village flower family, and they say to the Huajia people, let They managed to let their sisters retreat. This is not the case, the Huajia wife will let her grandmother Liu’s wife screaming at the door of the house, and her sister was stunned by the words of Liu’s words... Fortunately, my sister is fine. Otherwise, I am not fighting with Liu’s life!"

That's it!

Zuo Mei sighed in the heart, and my heart was not mad at your sister, but was mad!

This girl is too big!

The sharp voice came from outside the door, and Zuomei couldn’t help but listen carefully.


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