Chapter 1617 The Cruel Ocean Serpen

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“You asked her to place Ethan under a Curse?” the Queen of the Netherworld asked Mo Fan.

“Yeah, I didn’t feel right without teaching him a lesson,” Mo Fan nodded.

“Her soul is seriously damaged. She is a lot weaker now, yet she was forced to use such a powerful Curse on a Super Mage. She must be worn out,” the Queen of the Netherworld said.

“Oh, is she going to be fine then?” Mo Fan asked worriedly.

“If she was either of her sisters, I would advise you to release her from the Contract right away, even if it meant injuring yourself. They are just too vicious, and could do anything to achieve their goals. They might not be able to harm you, but they would target the people around you to drive you crazy. As for Apas, from what I know, she has spent most of her time around humans. The Medusa Queen has been in bad shape for a long time, and her sisters are eying the throne covetously. It was difficult for Apas to survive in the evil temple, which is why she has been wandering in the human world…” the Queen of the Netherworld explained seriously.

“So she was disguising herself as a human to run away from her sisters, while searching for someone that could contend against them?” Mo Fan asked.

“Mm, there’s something I should tell you too. She’s now extremely weak because of her soul’s injuries, and there’s some kind of spiritual bond between her and her sisters. Therefore, her sisters should be aware of her condition. It’s unlikely they will leave the evil temple, but the other Medusae might hunt her down to appease the sisters,” the Queen of the Netherworld warned him.

“That makes a lot of sense,” Mo Fan nodded.

The law of the jungle was applicable in every species. Apas’ soul was severely injured. Normally, she would only have to worry about her own safety if her sisters were coming after her, but now that she was in a bad shape and her strength was limited by the Contract because of her master’s cultivation, many Ruler-level creatures would dare to fight her now!

“Therefore, since you’ve used all her strength to punish Ethan, you will have to deal with the upcoming trouble yourself,” the Queen of the Netherworld informed him.

“That’s fine, punishing Ethan was more important. I’ll take care of the rest… such a pity, I thought I would have control over the army of scorpions and snakes after making her my Contracted Beast, but I ended up attracting more enemies to me instead,” Mo Fan lamented.

“There’s no free lunch in this world. Stop complaining; if you help her recover from her injuries as you become stronger, she will easily conquer a vast land for you in the future,” the Queen of the Netherworld declared.

“Mm, I’m satisfied with the outcome,” Mo Fan nodded. He could not afford to be too selfish. He had to pay a price after obtaining something. He looked at the Queen of the Netherworld and asked, “By the way, how are your injuries?”

“Of course I’m in bad shape now. I’m a phantom, my soul is my main source of energy. I would like to find a peaceful place and rest for a few dozen years to recover my strength…” the Queen of the Netherworld grunted.

“How can I help you?” Mo Fan was a little sorry for her.

“Sure, you must have heard how a ghost can nourish their Yin by taking the Yang of men. I’ve never tried it before. Why don’t you volunteer yourself? I’ll suck your Yang dry. I should be able to recover in no time!” Her eyes glittered hungrily.

“About that… I have a friend, his surname is Zhao, I believe he’s a fan of the method you just mentioned. Why don’t you ask him for help instead?” Mo Fan said.

“Humph, you were the one that offered to help!”

Mo Fan did not stay too long in Cairo, knowing that Apas might lure some powerful Medusae to him. He quickly packed his stuff and left after claiming his rewards.

The war would continue for some time, but they had no trouble leaving the city. Haken personally cleared a path and escorted Mo Fan out of the city.

Mo Fan was thinking of visiting Greece after he reached the Mediterranean Sea. He noticed Xinxia was a lot skinnier when he saw her on the news the other day. Her chubby face was much leaner and sharper. Mo Fan was quite worried about her.

“Mo Fan, when did you regrow your hand?” Mu Bai was surprised that Mo Fan’s hand had already grown out, even though it had only been a few days since he last saw him.

“Meos invited an old Healer from her clan to help me out,” Mo Fan explained.

“Why did you bother, since you are going to Parthenon Temple anyway? Aren’t the Healers at the Parthenon Temple better? They can even heal away the blisters you’ve had for more than twenty years,” Zhao Manyan said.

“I bet he doesn’t want someone to be worried,” Mu Bai said.

“I’m not going!” Heidi said seriously.

“I didn’t ask you to visit the temple. You’re not breaking the rule if you just hang around in the city. Seriously, what year is it already? Why are you still being so stubborn!?” Mo Fan said.

“I have the right to be stubborn,” Heidi said.


The sea breeze was sweeping at them as they stood on the white deck of the boat. Mo Fan was utterly relaxed as he enjoyed the soothing breeze he would never feel from the desert. Screw the Pyramids, Mo Fan was never going back there again!

“Isn’t the Mediterranean Sea a lot safer than the rest of the oceans now?” Heidi’s long hair drifted in the wind. Her blue eyes were as charming as the blue ocean.

“I think so, but the oceans occupy a bigger portion of the world. Humans have only explored a small percentage of them. We always thought the kingdoms of demon creatures on land were our greatest enemies. Little did we know, the oceans are actually the land’s biggest enemies. Even the demon creatures on land are terrified of the sea monsters,” Mu Bai explained.

They had always assumed their cities were perfectly safe for ages, but it turned out that the dangers to humanity were never resolved. Disasters where blood was shed and lives were lost were happening constantly across the world. Peace was only temporary, making it more precious than ever.

“Here, try out the cocktail I’ve made,” Zhao Manyan had suddenly become a bartender, and was carrying a tray of cocktails to the deck. He was the one that had hired the yacht. He knew how to enjoy himself at all times!

“Do you serve peanuts?” Mo Fan asked.

“…it’s a cocktail. What do you need peanuts for? Hey, Heidi, go and change into your bikini and dance for us,” Zhao Manyan said.

Heidi glared at Zhao Manyan. Her expressionless face was clearly telling him to piss off!

A lunar-white gap in space suddenly appeared behind Mo Fan. Apas, wearing an amber summer dress, walked out from it. Her long hair dangled elegantly to the side.

“Ah, Apas, it’s fine if you are the one dancing… huh, Apas, since when are you on the boat? Were you with us just now?” Zhao Manyan was dumbfounded.

He clearly remembered only the four of them were taking the yacht from Egypt to Greece. Where did Apas come from?

“There’s something in the water behind us… it’s the Cruel Ocean Serpent!” Apas frowned. Her pale face had an inviolable expression!

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