Chapter 554 Cutting An Expert Half A Step in the Divine Transformation Realm With A Sword

Suddenly, everything had changed!

A stream of sword qi had instantly thrown back Lin Junxian, who had been acting arrogant as if he was invincible.

He was thrown straight out of Sanxian Mountain.

This had all happened so fast that no one was able to react.

Everyone was stunned!

At that moment, everyone’s hearts had been consumed by sadness and despair.

No one had thought that things would take a completely different turn in such a short amount of time.

The situation had been completely reversed!

Initially, Lin Junxian had been arrogant and domineering. Now he was constantly coughing up blood outside Sanxian Mountain!

Lin Junxian hadn’t even reacted. He did not know how he was suddenly thrown out.

A piece of a talisman was burning on his body. It was this protective talisman that had saved his life. Had it not been on his body, the sword attack just now would have pierced through him.

Even so, his internal organs were trembling after nearly being shattered.

“Who’s there?” Lin Junxian’s eyes fell on Lu Xuan in the main hall thousands of meters away.

Lu Xuan was dressed in a white robe, exuding an outstanding demeanor. Lin Junxian had originally looked down on him.

No matter how good-looking and elegant his demeanor was, none of that mattered at all to those at the top.

In the end, the cultivation world relied on strength. A cultivator who only had good looks was considered to be useless.

Who would have thought that Lu Xuan’s combat strength was so terrifying that he could make Lin Junxian fly out with a single blow?

It had even almost killed him!

Had people never seen it with their own eyes, nobody would have believed it.

“Who are you? Do you know what happens to those who are enemies of us Taichu Path?” Lin Junxian’s expression wore a stern and unsightly expression as he stared at Lu Xuan.

He desperately wanted to tear Lu Xuan to pieces.

All his attacks were useless on Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan was very strong, and even a little bit terrifying.

This was how Lin Junxian felt at that moment. He could sense just how powerful Lu Xuan was!

However, he still had some confidence in himself. To be more precise, he was confident in the entirety of Taichu Path.

His current level of cultivation made him one of the top experts in all of the Blessed Enclave.

However, some experts within Taichu Path were far stronger than him. They had actually reached the Divine Transformation Realm.

These experts were the strong people who ruled over all of the Blessed Enclave.

No matter what kind of rebels came up, they had no chance at winning against experts in the Divine Transformation Realm.

This was also Taichu Path’s trump card. Even when pitted against Sanxian Sect, whose inheritance had been passed down between several generations, they still dared to destroy the sect as they pleased. They did not care about the sect’s feelings at all.

If there were no experts in the Divine Transformation Realm, then Taichu Path would infuriate everyone if they made a move.

No matter how strong experts who were half a step in the Divine Transformation Realm were, they would fall once they were besieged.

Only those who had reached the real Divine Transformation Realm, became a Bodhisattva, a living immortal, a figure in myths and legends, were capable of suppressing the world and becoming invincible.

The only thing that could defend against those in the Divine Transformation Realm were experts who were on their level.

“An enemy of Taichu Path?” Lu Xuan grinned. He had remembered so many things from his previous life: how he went into hiding after Sanxian Sect fell, how he had fought with Taichu Path for many years, and how he ultimately wiped out this behemoth who had been able to affect the entire earth at the time.

“So what? What can he do if I want to destroy Taichu Path?” Lu Xuan smiled coldly. “What utter nonsense! Why don’t you just die already?!”

As soon as Lu Xuan spoke, he slashed out with his sword.


The sword qi swept across the sky and instantly arrived in front of Lin Junxian.

At that critical moment, Lin Junxian dodged the terrifying attack. He was shocked and angry. This attack was too fast and too scary.

He had been on guard, prepared to dodge when Lu Xuan attacked. However, he had still been hit.

He had still been pierced by the sword qi. Although it had only scraped across his body, the sword qi had actually chopped one of his arms off while he was still in the air.

If he hadn’t dodged in time, he would have most likely been cut by the sword. His entire body would have been cut in that case, not just his arm.

He felt as though he was facing a strong expert in the Divine Transformation Realm.

However, the person in front of him was not an expert in the Divine Transformation Realm. Only those in the Divine Transformation Realm could seriously injure him and kill him.

Even so, this person in front of him could also do it. If that was the case, what was the difference between him and an expert in the Divine Transformation Realm?

They were the same thing!

Lin Junxian instantly thought about running away, as he immediately fled towards the distance.

What reason did he have to stay and fight Lu Xuan? That would’ve been nothing else but an act of suicide.

Lu Xuan was too strong!

He was like a monster disguised as a human.

“Trying to escape, huh? Do you think you can get away?” Lu Xuan looked at Lin Junxian with a cold expression before slicing towards him with the sword.

A beam of sword qi suddenly made the wind rise, as it directly grew to thousands of meters long, like a long river of sword’s path. This river of sword’s path fiercely chopped down.

It moved as quickly as a flash of lighting, hitting Lin Junxian in the blink of an eye.

How could Lin Junxian defend against this terrifying sword attack?


Lin Junxian screamed miserably as his body was split in half. He had died on the spot!

Lu Xiu was left astonished as he muttered to himself, “Is Lin Junxian dead?”

He knew how terrifying Lin Junxian was. He was nearly killed by him earlier, after all.

However, his face suddenly changed upon suddenly realizing something terrible: Lin Junxian had died here.

Once Taichu Path found out, they would not let this go.

This was the sorrow of a small sect. Although Lin Junxian wanted to kill him and destroy the entirety of Sanxian Sect, he still didn’t want Lin Junxian to die.

This was because once Lin Junxian died, there was no turning back. Sanxian Sect would’ve most likely been destroyed.

Who else in the world could stand against the wrath of Taichu Path?

Maybe such a person was out there, but that person won’t be from an insignificant sect such as theirs.

Even when Lu Xiu had acted boldly earlier, he had only wanted to use the boundary to suppress Lin Junxian. Afterward, he would’ve then captured him and asked his fellow cultivators to provide justice. Even in the craziest times, he had never thought of killing Lin Junxian.

They could not afford the deal with the consequences.

Now, Lin Junxian had died within Sanxian Sect. There was no way that Taichu Path would let this go.

Lu Xiu muttered to himself, “Am I truly destined to destroy Sanxian Sect’s lineage?”

Even so, he couldn’t blame Lu Xuan. He had offended Taichu Path trying to help them.

Taichu Path’s wrath would’ve most likely be aimed towards Lu Xuan.

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