Chapter 553 One Sword Attack Blew Him Away

Lu Xiu was furious. If they had been outside of Sanxian Sect, he may have not been strong enough to win against Lin Junxian. After all, the inheritance of their Sanxian Sect and the various martial arts skills and magic were nothing when compared to those of the Taichu Path.

However, they were currently inside Sanxian Sect. He was able to get the extra help from the formation and enchantment that Sanxian Sect had placed here for countless years.

Suddenly, Lu Xuan felt a slight pressure on his body.

This was the enchantment set by Sanxian Sect being activated. This enchantment would’ve suppressed anyone who did not cultivate Sanxian Sect’s technique

This was a home-field advantage!

Under such circumstances, it was already considered quite good for those in the same realm to display 70% of their strength.

It might’ve not seemed that significant, but the remaining 30% could not be underestimated. In a contest between experts in the same realm, the lack of 30% of strength was considered to be as massive as the space between heaven and earth.

When experts attacked, using even one different move would have made an enormous difference. That doesn’t even take into account the hidden 30% of strength!

The suppression would have been worse for some people, specifically for those who were unable to exert half of their strength.

However, this level of boundary was not enough to suppress Lu Xuan. He consumed his inner energy to dispersed the shocking pressure.

It did not affect him at all!

With his strength, he could still be invincible even if he had only been slightly affected!

“You people on the Taichu Path are taking things too far. I will capture you today, and then wait when everyone is gathered together. Once that happens, I will show all the sects in the world how overbearing your Taichu Path is!” Lu Xiu was enraged. Now that things had gotten this serious, he knew full well what Lin Junxian wanted.

He had no intentions of talking things out today. Instead, he wanted to force them to resist and use this opportunity to destroy them.

Lu Xiu had no way out of this unless he wanted to hand over Sanxian Sect then wait to be destroyed.

Now, they had no choice but to offend Taichu Path.

His heart now felt bitter at the thought of how much their weak sect had suffered.

The Spiritual Aether on Lu Xiu’s body surged up while the entire hall was slightly trembling.

Just then, Lu Xiu made his move. He clenched his hand into a fist before throwing a punch.

The fist’s will turned into an immortal wearing a white robe.

“Sanxian Suppression Fist!”

This was the supreme technique of Sanxian Sect: the Sanxian Suppression Fist.

The white-robed immortal opened his eyes filled with fury and directly punched towards Lin Junxian.


After the punch was made, the entire hall trembled violently. The white-robed immortal occupied the entire hall, whose walls stood tens of meters tall.

“Pathetic. You dare to be presumptuous before me?!”

Lin Junxian did not see this punch coming.

The moment the fist arrived in front of him, shocking streams of sword qi burst out from Lin Junxian’s body. They formed a sword screen for the huge fist to collide with instead. To his surprise, the sword screen began to collapse by the inch.

At that moment, Lin Junxian swept out with an amazing sword light from his hand.


The sword light swept across the air, directly cutting up the fist’s will of the white-robed immortal. Not even a trace of it was left.


Lu Xiu’s body flew out backward in recoil. He could not believe what was happening.

Lin Junxian was far stronger than he first anticipated.

Even if Lin Junxian’s strength was above his, they should have at most been on equal footing under the suppression of the boundary. However, Lu Xiu failed to withstand even one sword attack.

“You can’t even defend against a single blow. Clearly, you’ve overestimated yourself!”

A faint sneer grew on Lin Junxian’s face.

“I’ve never had time to deal with you for a while. Ungrateful people like you, ungrateful sects like yours, should have been destroyed a long time ago!”

It was only then when Lin Junxian unleashed his true strength. As the terrifying spirit qi continued to surge, his sword’s will shrouded the entire hall.

He was at the top of the Divine Treasure Realm. More precisely, he was half a step in the Divine Transformation Realm!

At that moment, Lu Xiu finally understood why Lin Junxian did not care about offending or infuriating him. It turned out that Lin Junxian was already half a step in the Divine Transformation Realm.

Having reached this level, he was strong enough to crush Lu Xiu.

Even though being half a step in the Divine Transformation Realm was still essentially the same as being in the Divine Treasure Realm, it was nevertheless half a step stronger.

Even if one’s strength was suppressed by the boundary, they still had more than enough strength to outperform themselves.

Suddenly, a look of despair grew on Lu Xiu’s face. Was the lineage of Sanxian Sect seriously going to be destroyed by his own hands?

The lineage of Sanxian Sect, which had been passed down between generations, was most likely going to end today.

At that moment, many disciples of Sanxian Sect were approaching from the distance. They did not know what was happening.

However, Lu Xiu only felt despair. He knew very well that if those disciples left now, they would have still been able to preserve some of the Sanxian Sect’s inheritance. On the other hand, if they were to arrive here now, they would most likely all die.

In that case, none of them would have survived.

Still overcome with despair, Lu Xiu shouted, “No, wait! All of you, hurry up and leave!”

“Hahahaha, you want them to leave now? Don’t you think it too late for that? ” Lin Junxian simply sneered before slapping at the void. Suddenly, the palm of his hand turned into a long sword condensed from the sword’s will.

It pointed towards Lu Xiu.


The sword light swept out. Moving as fast as lightning, it instantly arrived in front of Lu Xiu, ready to kill him.

Just then, another beam of sword qi slashed out at an even more shocking speed. It directly hit the sword light into pieces in the air.

“Who’s there?” Lin Junxian shouted. Only then did he find that another person other than Lu Xiu, Lu Diandian, and the others, there was in the hall.

He suddenly felt a chill travel down his spine, realizing that he had not noticed that person’s presence at all. To be more precise, he had unintentionally looked past this person.

Even though the person was right in front of him, he had not seen that person at all. It was as if he had been blind.

Thinking of this, Lin Junxian’s expression immediately turned serious.

Lu Xuan sighed and said, “They still want to obliterate everyone… looks like Taichu Path is still as overbearing as ever!”

Lu Xuan muttered to himself in a voice that only he could hear, “For some things, once is enough. I won’t allow it to happen again!”

In his previous life, he had witnessed the destruction of Sanxian Sect for himself. This time around, he would not let the tragedy happen again.

Without hesitation, Lu Xuan directly slashed out a sword qi.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

This sword qi moved so quickly that Lin Junxian was blown out before he was able to react.

Lin Junxian was instantly blasted out of the hall and flew thousands of meters back.

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