Chapter 1527 She Was Driving Him Crazy on Purpose

“What about you?” asked Zheng Yan as she turned around on the bed. “If I sleep on your bed, where will you sleep then?”

Her tone was simple and sincere.

The villa was huge and there were plenty of rooms that he could sleep in, he only had to tidy the room first.

As he gazed into her slightly fearful eyes, Mo Yongheng’s heart swayed a little and he questioned cheekily, “Where would you like me to sleep?”

Hearing this, Zheng Yan scooted over to the other side of the bed without hesitation and patted the space next to her.

“Your bed is so huge, half of it is more than enough for me. We can share the bed.”


Mo Yongheng narrowed his eyes and subconsciously reached out to loosen his tie so he could breathe more easily.

He lowered his voice. “Zheng Yan, I am a normal man.”

His hint was more than obvious enough.

He liked her way more than she liked him.

He could not promise that he would be able to lie on the bed calmly every single time she hugged him to sleep.

The truth was… it had been hard for him to remain coolheaded.

She drove him crazy every single time…

“Oh.” Zheng Yan pursed her lips, she realized it was his way of rejecting her. She grabbed a pillow to cover her face.

Then she pulled the blanket over and covered her body.

She caught a whiff of his scent on the blanket and could not help snuggling against it.

She did not have any intention of getting frisky. She simply liked hugging him to sleep.

She felt safe and secure lying in his arms. It felt the same as when her neighbor, her big brother, reached out to tousle her hair. She liked to snuggle her face against his palm.

It suddenly dawned on Zheng Yan that Mo Yongheng held some resemblance to her big brother.

It was not just his looks but also how she felt when she was with him.

A man of few words with a sulky face, he didn’t like to talk but he doted on her.

The only difference was, Mo Yongheng was an unromantic and pragmatic person.

Her big brother was the best, he brought her chocolates every day. Unlike Mo Yongheng… she had already confessed that she liked him and yet, he still refused to sleep next to her on the bed.

Why did it matter anyway?

It wasn’t as though he had anything to lose.

Hmph, what a petty man!

Zheng Yan curled and rolled further into the covers.

The next second, a large hand tugged the blanket away.

“You’re making it too stuffy, it’s bad for you. Why don’t you rest for a while, I will stay here with you.”

“You won’t leave?”

Zheng Yan uttered softly as she gazed at him with her pretty eyes.

There was a tinge of fear in her voice.

“No, I won’t leave you.” Mo Yongheng said without hesitation. He knew how insecure she must be. He reached out and gently held onto her hand. “Sleep.”

Zheng Yan was not tired but she was afraid that he might get her to sleep in the guest room, so she decided it was best if she could fall asleep here first.

Once she lay down, it was only a matter of time before she dozed off as she listened to his deep voice.

Mo Yongheng stayed by her side and watched her till she was asleep. He tucked her arm under the covers before he stood up.

He strolled out of the bedroom.

When Zheng Yan awoke, she was alone in the huge room.

She groggily sat up on the bed and rubbed her temples, turning her head to look for Mo Yongheng.

He was not in the room. She climbed out of the bed and dashed out of the room bare-footed.

She ran down to the ground level and only stopped when she heard some noises coming from the kitchen.

After some thought, she stepped forward and when she was sure it was indeed Mo Yongheng in the kitchen, she smiled.

She knew that he did not have a chef in the villa. She had assumed it was because he seldom had his meals here, she had not expected him to know how to cook his own meals…

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