Chapter 419 Go Back Home!

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Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

At that moment, the entire trading center was suffused with surging grim qi!

The guards closest to the Fantastic Ice balls were instantly covered with frost!

They then turned into frozen ice cubes!

Moments later, the guards then cracked into pieces!

Watching the terrifying scene, Lock Tsar and all the surroundings guards were frightened out of their wits!


They all ran towards the gate as fast as they could!

Right then!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The lobby reverberated with many earthshaking explosions, as it was suffused with domineering Fantastic Ice force!




At that moment, fatal qi began spreading throughout the room!

Guards turned into ice sculptures and broke into pieces one after another!



Everyone in the room was petrified!


Lock Tsar roared. Despite being a god-level suzerain, he felt weaker than a humble ant in front of the surging Fantastic Ice force!

He struggled at his full strength; however, his skin turned frozen and broke inch by inch. His bones felt like they were going to crack!


With a miserable shriek, Lock Tsar became frozen in an instant!

At that same moment, he turned into an ice sculpture!

His frozen face still remained covered in infinite fear and shock!

Lock Tsar’s body then shattered into a million pieces!

Meanwhile, Zheng Qian continued to grumble to Ye Feng, outside the gate of the trading center, “In the auction house, one Fantastic Ice ball could be sold at the price of 400,000 universal coins! Ten fantastic icy balls are worth 4 million universal coins!”

“You could f*ck a fairy maiden from the Spirits Clan with 100 universal coins! That is to say, you can f*ck fairy maidens of the Spirits Clan 40,000 times with 4 million universal coins!”

“4 times a day; you could f*ck them for 10,000 days!”

At that moment, Zheng Qian almost spurted out blood with fury and regret!


‘How could you waste money in such an excessive manner?’

In an instant, Zheng Qian watched Ye Feng with deep enmity in his eyes!

‘This guy is such a black sheep. How can you waste 10,000 days with fairy maidens of the Spirits Clan?’

‘He even believed that the game souls could walk out themselves!’

‘Are you kidding me!’

‘That’s the last thing that I would believe…’


As Zheng Qian grumbled, his face suddenly blew up with shock!

He saw frost gradually spreading across the entire trading center!

Moments later!


With an earthshaking explosion, the entire trading center collapsed completely!

Even the dark steel main frame of the trading center was frozen!

‘That’s… impossible!’

Zheng Qian was absolutely terrified!


In an instant, the entire trading center had turned into ruins!

“No… it must be a hallucination! It must be a hallucination!”

Zheng Qian couldn’t believe his eyes!

The Lock Tsar Trading Center was the largest and strongest trading center across the Soul-Fighting Planet. Even god-level suzerains would not be able to destroy it!

But now…

With wuthering winds, the ruins blew into pieces!

Moments later, many wisps of black mist flashed out of the ruins, which caused Zheng Qian to quiver with goosebumps covering his body!

‘They’re… demons!’

“Run, Mr. Ye!”

Zheng Qian almost peed his pants with fear!

Each demon soul looked very fierce.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of demon souls had escaped!

‘This… will be a disaster!’

Zheng Qian instantly darted forward at his top speed, just like how he sucked his mom’s nipples when he was a baby!

However, as he dashed forward, he noticed that Ye Feng was still standing still!


‘What a crazy guy!’

Zheng Qian became filled with astonishment!

Even a god-level suzerain would be ripped into pieces by those souls, not to mention a humble god-level master!

Zheng Qian believed that Ye Feng was dumbfounded with fear!

However, when he wanted to wake him up but shouting, he saw the demon souls transform into black shadows!

Moments later, they all knelt down onto one knee towards Ye Feng as they all covered their hearts with their hands with great craze and piety!

“My respects to you, owner, I’m devil Hata!”

“My respects to you, owner, I’m devil Ciro!”

“My respects to you, owner, I’m devil Kusan!”

Hearing the earth-shaking greetings, Zheng Qian became petrified like a wooden chick!


Dozens of terrifying demons were kneeling down on the ground and greeting their owner. What a terrifying scene!

When he saw the excited faces of the terrifying demon souls, Zheng Qian felt as if they were kids who had recognized their family members!

Their excited and fanatical faces were unbelievable!

“Own… owner?”

Zheng Qian watched Ye Feng with immense doubt. He could never imagine that he was the owner of so many demon souls!

When Zheng Qian was greatly shocked, Ye Feng waved his palm and sent an order, “Go back home!”

‘Go back home!’

After hearing the simple sentence, the dozens of demon souls’ eyes turned wet and red with excitement!

Meanwhile, their eye sockets became filled with surging tears!

They had been waiting for this exact moment for too long!

“Yes, owner!”

The dozens of demon souls instantly turned into wisps of black qi and flashed towards Ye Feng’s arm!

Ye Feng’s arm had already grown out blood and flesh!

When the dozens of demon souls entered his skin, they all turned into dark spots, which formed a tattoo of grim and terrifying black skull!

Not until then did Ye Feng walk up to Zheng Qian and mutter, “Let’s go! Next one!”

‘Next one?’

Zheng Qian quivered all over with fear!

‘Does he want to…’

When he thought of the possibility, Zheng Qian instantly quivered with panic!

However, his only choice was to lead Ye Feng to the next game soul trading center reluctantly!


The entire Soul-Fighting Planet was filled with craze!

The game soul trading centers were destroyed one after another, as if a terrifying hurricane had swept over the entire Soul-Fighting Planet!

Meanwhile, a spell was lying in the middle of the ground in a small room in the suburban district!

Suddenly, the spell released strong light!

Moments later, the space undulated like ripples!

With a muffled echo, a person fell to the ground like a rock!


When he hit the ground, he instantly spat out a mouthful of blood!

He was… the late Lock Tsar!

“Damn! Damn! Damn!”

Lock Tsar looked dreadfully pale with infinite panic and enmity in his eyes!

“Thanks to the nine-lives spell that my elder brother gave me, I was barely able to survive!”

Lock Tsar still looked panic-stricken!

He made a narrow escape!

“What a little b*stard! You’ve destroyed my trading center and robbed my game souls! There’s no end between you and me!”

After mumbling some words of hatred, Lock Tsar exited the room!

He wanted to ask his elder brother, the No. 1 soul general on the Soul-Fighting Planet, to take revenge for him!

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