Chapter 60 The Downfall of the Eldest Miss Chapter 62: 62

When Zhao Yimeng received news of Shen Wanying and Huo Cheng returning to China, the new semester had just started.

After she replied a flower-spreading expression in the group, she suddenly felt some emotion.

I think their study group at the beginning was also very popular in the school, there were the top three of the grade, and there were... School bully.

But after graduating from high school, everyone parted ways, Miss and Huo went to France, Fang Yichang was also sent to the country for gold-plating abroad, and she and Ji Yao, admitted to the Imperial College.

The private high school has a high recurrence rate. They are not only two of them in this year's college entrance examination, but also Ji Yao, but they are classmates or members of the same study group, and their feelings are naturally different.

At least Zhao Yimeng thinks so unilaterally.

Ji Yao University studied medicine and entered one of the best colleges in Didu University. Zhao Yimeng chose to study journalism because the majors are different. Even in the same school, it seems that there is no intersection.

The medical school is very busy, and Zhao Yimeng occasionally sees him at school, and he is also in a hurry.

——It's really hard to imagine, this is Ji Yao who sleeps in high school every day (sleeping Shui)!

However, she and Ji Yao were not completely disjoint. At the end of the last semester, they met in the cafeteria once and sat down to eat together.

At that time, Zhao Yimeng was also surprised to tease him: "As a medical student, at the end of this period, you still have time to eat?"

Ji Yao: "..."

It was this meal that many female students who liked Ji Yao discovered that Ji Yao knew Zhao Yimeng.

For example, the girl in front of me is not the first person to ask if he is Ji Yao’s girlfriend.

"Ji Yao and I are high school classmates." Zhao Yimeng feels good-tempered too. If she is not in the library at this time, she may swear and swear, "Not a boyfriend or a boyfriend."

"Oh, that's it!" The girl looked like that, and Zhao Yimeng shook her eyebrows.

What do you mean? Do you think she deserves Ji Yao?

Anyway, Ji Yao is her first male god, so she doesn't deserve it, nor can it be your little sister's turn!

"Do you know if Senior Yao Ji has a girlfriend?" Freshman's elementary school girl asked Zhao Yimeng timidly.

Zhao Yimeng smiled at her and said: "I don't know my girlfriend, but I know he has a crush on girls since high school."

The face (color) of the elementary school girl was a bit pale: "Who is it?"

Zhao Yimeng said: "It is our school flower in high school. It looks pretty and has good grades. The school does not know how many boys like her."

The elementary school girl froze for a while and asked her, "Sister Xue, are you talking about Shen Wanying?"

This time I changed Zhao Yimeng's stunned god. Is it that Missy is so famous? "Do you know her?"

"My roommate is a private middle school. She is one year younger than Shen Wanying." The elementary school girl said, "Although Shen Wanying has graduated, her legend still circulates in the school."

Zhao Yimeng: "..."

Okay, it's a mistress.

"However, I heard from my roommate that Shen Wanying has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is Huo Cheng, who is also a male **** in a private school."

"..." Zhao Yimeng looked at her with a smile, "You know a lot, do you want to consider joining our news agency?"

The elementary school girl smiled happily twice: "My roommate told me that she said that she had confessed to Huo Cheng, Huo Cheng rejected her, and she knew that Huo Cheng and Shen Wanying were a pair."

Zhao Yimeng vaguely remembered that once in physical education class, he saw a junior elementary school girl confess to Huo Cheng.

......Life is full of coincidences.

"Since Shen Wanying has a boyfriend, then Ji Yao's crush can only end without illness?" The elementary school girl seemed to think of something, and there was a trace of excitement (color) on her face. "That kind of At the time, I just happened to take advantage of it?"

Zhao Yimeng: "..."

She finally knew why she was still a single dog.

Whenever she had half of the thoughts of this elementary school girl, her boyfriend had already been discharged to the cafeteria. :)

The elementary school girl finished the inquiry with her and left happily. Zhao Yimeng sat in position, thinking about life in front of the professional book.

It is said that her appearance is not so sorry for the audience, and her IQ has also passed the test of exam-oriented education. So why doesn't she have a boyfriend yet? Is it because she went to nibbling other people's cp!

Thinking of this, Zhao Yimeng feels very reasonable.

Nibbling cp is more interesting than falling in love.

Somehow, Ji Yao's face flashed across her head. Zhao Yimeng was shocked. Is she still thinking about Ji Yao today?

It is blamed that Ji Yao has not been looking for a girlfriend. If he had a girlfriend as early as Huo Cheng, she would not always be thinking about him.

She remembered the lovely elementary school girl just now. I heard that she was also a medical school. This near water tower is the first to get a moon... Wouldn't she really take advantage of it?

Zhao Yimeng frowned.

She panicked around in the library, and then saw the "Flying Bird Collection" that Missy used to watch.

Zhao Yimeng took out this book and borrowed it with the two professional books he just took.

After walking out of the library holding the book, Zhao Yimeng suddenly felt a little want to laugh. Why should she borrow "Asuka"? In the past, Qiu Ziqing imitated Missy. She did not sneer and sarcastically. She didn't expect that she wanted to imitate Missy now.

No, she is not imitating, she just wants to accept the influence of art.

After this day, Zhao Yimeng took this "Flying Birds Collection" everywhere he went.

"...The little bird sings your name in the morning light, because your name is happy. Ah, well written." Zhao Yimeng sat alone on the lawn, reading the book in her hand, "No wonder Miss Miss likes to read !"

A long figure walked towards her and stopped until she walked in front of her.

Zhao Yimeng raised his head and saw Ji Yao wearing a white coat standing in front of himself.

In an instant, she felt that the sun was dazzling today.

"Did you give my contact information to Li Jia?" Ji Yao's voice has been a bit lazy, always waking up like Gang (sleeping Shui). Zhao Yimeng froze for a moment and asked him, "Who is Li Jia?"

Ji Yaodao: "A school girl in our college."

Zhao Yimeng thought about it and said to him: "Before there was an elementary school girl from your college who asked me about you, but I didn't tell her your contact information."

"Who would it be?" Ji Yao frowned slightly, thinking about the problem.

Zhao Yimeng suddenly seemed to get some hints: "Yes, someone will come to me next time to inquire you, I should charge. If you want to contact, you have to add extra money."

Ji Yao: "..."

In high school, the news agency sold photos of him and Huo Cheng to make money. Never thought of college, he could not escape the news agency.

"The contact information is my personal**. If you sell money, you will be reported to the police to catch you." Ji Yaoping threw this sentence lightly and was about to turn around and leave. Zhao Yimeng pouted behind him, and I sold it, but you caught me by the police.

As soon as he finished his mouth, Ji Yao turned back, and Zhao Yimeng hurriedly put on a smile: "What more advice?"

Ji Yao looked at the "Bird Collection" in her hand and seemed interested: "Are you watching Tagore's "Bird Collection"?"

"Yeah, isn't it?" Zhao Yimeng said so on his mouth, but he couldn't help thinking, Ji Yao really still secretly loves Missy, a "Bird Collection" attracted his attention!

Ji Yao raised his eyes slightly, and his eyes fell on Zhao Yimeng's face: "You actually like to watch this?"

"Can't I like it?"

"Study Shen Wanying?"

"..." Zhao Yimeng can't admit, of course, "Why is Miss Xue? I can't enrich myself yet?"

Ji Yao looked at her for a while, then suddenly smiled: "It's better not to learn her, she's not watching "Flying Birds Collection."

After Ji Yao finished speaking, Zhao Yimeng was left blank.

What do you mean? Missy did not watch "Asuka", what is that? Why does Ji Yao know?

Zhao Yimeng secretly poked Shen Wanying and asked her about it, but Shen Wanying insisted that she was watching "Flying Birds Collection".

Huh, she is Ji Yao playing her!

After reading The Bird Collection, Zhao Yimeng went to the library to borrow Tagore’s other books, and he became a little literary (female nu).

She and Ji Yao met again at the engagement banquet of Shen Wanying and Huo Cheng.

Many people came that day, and even Fang Yichang was not far away from abroad and flew back from abroad, making Zhao Yimeng have to sigh the charm of Missy.

She could see that Fang Yichang had a clear affection for Missy, but could not beat Huo Cheng, and could only drink herself in the corner. Zhao Yimeng looked at Ji Yao with a calm face, and asked him gossip: "You see Fang Yichang is like this, why are you still calm?"

Ji Yao glanced at her: "What do you mean?"

Zhao Yimeng said: "Hello, I also like Missy......"

"Who told you that I liked her?" Zhao Yimeng was interrupted by Ji Yao before he finished.

Zhao Yimeng said straightforwardly: "I guessed it myself."

Ji Yao: "..."

He ripped off the corner of his mouth and drank the juice in his hand.

When he was in high school, he had a crush on Shen Wanying. At that time, it was rumored that Shen Wanying had a crush on him, but he knew that Shen Wanying did not feel that way to him.

After Huo Cheng turned around, he knew that he and Shen Wanying were even more impossible.

He is different from Fang Yichang. After seeing this, he no longer has any illusions about Shen Wanying. He has never liked to do useless work. Just like that time, he knew that no matter how hard he tried, he could not pass Huocheng, so he didn't desperately want to compete with him.

He can always accept one thing openly-there is something in this world that you can't do no matter how hard you try.

"Why didn't you speak? I guessed it?" Zhao Yimeng was proud.

Ji Yao looked at her and suddenly smiled: "Sometimes I am really curious. How did you test God's University?"

"..." Zhao Yimeng looked up (chest xiong) authentically, "Of course it's up to me!"

With this action of Ji Yao, her eyes fell unconsciously on her (chest xiong) mouth.

The two were silent for a moment, and at the same time looked away, Zhao Yimeng did not forget to scold: "Ji Yao, I didn't expect you to be such a person!"

Ji Yao: "..."

He drank the juice in his hand and coughed: "Will you go back to school after a while? I will go with you."

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