Chapter 1 The Downfall of the Eldest Miss Chapter 1:

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A photo was placed on the coffee table in the living room. Huo Cheng's eyes briefly stayed on the photo, and he looked up and looked at the opposite Huo Tingxiao without seeing much fluctuation.

"This is Shen Wanying, 23 years old this year, as old as you. Have you ever seen one when you were young, do you still have an impression?" Perhaps Hu Tingxiao's tone was a bit uncomfortable when he suddenly talked about the marriage with his son. "You Grandpa asked you to meet her tomorrow."

"Huh." Huo Cheng almost nodded, not much to say. He always talks little, and such a reaction does not seem strange to Huo Tingxiao.

It’s just that Huo Cheng’s life is a big event. He still wants to listen to Huo Cheng’s own opinion more: “I know that when you return home, your grandfather will arrange a blind date for you. It’s a bit urgent. You will see Shen Wan first tomorrow. Ying, if you do not want to get married, I will resolutely refuse this matter to your grandfather, and will not force you."

"Huh." Huo Cheng still has the same word, and his tone and expression haven't changed much.

Huo Tingxiao was speechless for a moment, and said after a delay of two seconds: "If that's okay, go upstairs and rest first. Don't be late to meet tomorrow."

"I know." Huo Cheng said two more words this time. When he left, he took the picture of Shen Wanying on the table.

The place to meet the next day is set to live in the world, Huo Cheng's grandfather gave them the most expensive private room.

Huo Cheng arrived earlier than Shen Wanying. After entering the private room, he sat in his place and waited quietly. After a while, Shen Wanying also arrived. Huo Cheng was facing the door. As soon as she opened the door, Huo Cheng saw her.

Shen Wanying wore a red (color) retro-style dress, and her hair also made a retro-style hair with the style of the skirt. Her face is very small, even if this hairstyle can not modify the face too much, it also looks delicate.

When seeing Huo Cheng sitting inside, Shen Wanying had a momentary accident, and soon she gave Huo Cheng (lu) a polite and decent smile, and said to him with a little apology: "Sorry, Mr. Huo, I'm late Now."

"No, I'm here too early." Huo Cheng stood up and waited for Shen Wanying to sit down before sitting down in his original position.

The waiter came with the menu, Huo Cheng asked Shen Wanying to order. After the dishes were ordered, the two met and chatted for the only time when they were young. Although the atmosphere was a bit awkward, there was no cold scene. Huo Cheng lived abroad from an early age, and Shen Wanying University also studied abroad, so the two talked about studying and living abroad.

After the dishes came up, Shen Wanying smiled and asked Huo Cheng: "Mr. Huo, although we had a relationship when we were kids, today should be the first formal meeting between the two of us? Regarding our marriage, you Do you think the time we have met is too short?"

Huo Cheng lifted his eyes slightly to look at her and answered: "No."


In February 20x3, in Country M, Huo Cheng, seventeen, opened his eyes.

The computer is on and a picture of a girl is on the screen.

Huo Cheng's brain was blank for two seconds before realizing that he was born again at seventeen.

——He has been back for two days, but he still feels uncomfortable.

He couldn't remember how he was (sleeping Shui) just now. Before (sleeping Shui) passed, he was watching Shen Wanying's Weibo.

Today is Shen Wanying's 17th birthday. She sent a photo of her wish to the birthday cake to Weibo. Shen Wanying closed her eyes piously in the picture. Her mouth slightly curled up in the candlelight, and she looked in a good mood.

Her appearance overlapped with that of Huo Cheng's dream, and Huo Cheng's mind echoed the question she asked herself.

"Mr. Huo, do you think the time we have met is too short?"

No, of course not. Because in the time that Shen Wanying didn't know, he had liked her for 13 years.

From the first meeting at the age of ten, to the reunion at the age of twenty-three.

And this Weibo. This is not what Huo Cheng pays attention to when he is reborn, but Huo Cheng has been paying attention in those years abroad. Although it has been a long time, Huo Cheng remembers that day, Shen Wanying's news was suddenly brushed into a group of foreign students where he was.

Like to confirm something, he clicked on the computer a few times with the mouse and found the screenshot he had saved at the time.

"After school, in the alleys of a city, two bad teenagers (group qun body appointments, the atmosphere is tense. At this time, an ordinary female middle school student passed by, and gave them a math problem. As of the time of publication, the two gangs about appointments Students are still solving problems."

Seeing this news again, Huo Cheng's mouth was still slightly curved. At the time, the news was only posted on the classmate's private microblog. I didn't expect to be caught in the student circle all at once. Even Huocheng, who was far away from abroad, saw Shen Wanying's news in the group.

That's right, the ordinary female middle school student who happened to pass by is Shen Wanying.

Later, Huo Cheng thought about why this Weibo became popular-mainly because of the photos of Shen Wanying.

Now that the remains of this Weibo are still there, you can still see all kinds of comments. Shen Wanying also replied below, so many people found me on her Weibo by Shun Teng (Mo Mo).

At the time of the hottest incident, Shen Wanying's Weibo traffic was comparable to that of celebrities, but after a long time, everyone's enthusiasm slowly subsided. Like Huo Cheng, few have paid attention to Shen Wanying's Weibo from the third day to college graduation.

But Shen Wanying didn't know, just like she never knew Huo Cheng loved her.

In Shen Wanying's eyes, the marriage between the two of them may just be a commercial marriage. After the meeting of the world, their marriage progressed smoothly, and it took a while to formally receive the marriage certificate. Huo Cheng’s last memory of his last life was his wedding anniversary with Shen Wanying.

That day was the anniversary of their wedding anniversary. Huo Cheng saw his wife, Shen Wanying, stabbing him in the belly with a knife.

Some things Huo Cheng couldn't understand, such as he didn't know why Shen Wanying did it, or he didn't even know whether Shen Wanying loved him or not.

One year is not long, she may not have fallen in love with herself, but even if she does not love, it is not enough to make her want (kill sha) him?

What is that?

At that time, the Shen family's company had some problems, and Shen Wanying's aunt also went to prison for alleged commercial crimes (Fan). There are rumors in the outside world that these were done by the Huo family. Did she believe these rumors?

After the Shen family's accident, the Huo family has been helping out. Huo Cheng also explained to Shen Wanying the first time after hearing the rumors outside. Is it because they have no emotional basis, so she did not believe his words?

This reason cannot allow Huo City to convince himself.

Shen Wanying is not a person who makes extreme acts like killing people because of such things. Even if she didn't believe him, she would investigate the matter herself and find evidence in favor of the Shen family. (Killing sha) Apart from venting his anger, he has no help for the Shen family.

What else is there?

Huo Cheng looked at Shen Wanying's photo on the computer, and he didn't move for a while.

Human nature (sexuality) is to seek benefits and avoid harm. Since he knows that he will be killed by Shen Wanying in the future-no matter what she is for, he should stay away from Shen Wanying in this life. As long as there is no intersection with her, the things that will be killed by her in the future will not happen (fa).

But after he was reborn, he would still go to see Shen Wanying's Weibo. He knew he could not stay away from her.

In their previous life, they were married, and they only got along for only one year. She did not believe that he was justified. If he had known her early in this life, and he was no longer married because of marriage, would things be different?

He wanted to make up for all the time he missed.

He wanted to know what he had ignored.

Huo Cheng made a decision in his heart, turned off the computer and went downstairs to find Huo Tingxiao.

Today is the weekend, Huo Tingxiao is resting at home. When Huo City goes down, he is sitting on the sofa and watching the news. Huo Cheng walked over and stood next to him and called: "Dad."

Huo Tingxiao seemed to realize that he was going downstairs. He turned sideways and looked up at Huo Cheng: "What's wrong?"

Huo Cheng was silent for a moment before speaking: "I want to go back to China."

Huo Tingxiao's eyes were slightly different, and it was very surprising. He and Huo Cheng have been living abroad for seven years, and he never thought that Huo Cheng would suddenly propose to return home.

He suppressed the surprise in his heart, and asked Huo Cheng calmly: "Is it (fafa) what happened? Returning to China is not a trivial matter, why do you suddenly have such an idea?"

Huo Cheng lowered his eyes slightly, and said after a few seconds: "Nothing, just want to go back."

Huo Tingxiao didn't speak. Huo Cheng was 17 years old. He was calmer than ordinary children. He was bored with many things and would not tell others. The teenager is in a sensitive period. He suddenly proposed to return home. Huo Tingxiao was very worried: "Huo Cheng, I always feel that you are a little different in these two days. If you encounter something in school, you can tell your dad."

Huo Chengdao: "Really not, maybe it's not very suitable."

Huo Tingxiao: "..."

It’s been seven years, and now you’re getting used to it? Is the reaction too slow?

Huo Tingxiao naturally does not believe this reason, but Huo Cheng does not seem to intend to tell him the truth.

"Hot City..."

"Dad, I'm really okay."

Huo Tingxiao looked at him for a long time, and then asked him: "What about the university? Are you going to stay in China too?"

Huo Cheng didn't really think about the university, but since Shen Wanying University studied abroad, he should also be together: "The university should go abroad."

Huo Tingxiao: "...?"

So why are you singing this live?

Huo Tingxiao quietly slowed down, pulled Huo City to sit down, and looked to be ready to talk to him: "Huo City, you honestly tell your father, are you excited by (thorn ci)? I am yours Dad, do you have anything to tell me it doesn’t matter?"

Huo Cheng looked at him: "No."

Huo Tingxiao chatted with Huo Cheng again and again for ten minutes, but still did not ask why he suddenly wanted to return to his country. In the end he could only compromise: "Well, if you insist on returning to your country, I will not object."

He just thought it was the rebellious period when Huo City finally arrived.

With Huo Tingxiao's approval, Huo Cheng did not behave ecstatically, still responding with a "huh" lightly.

"If you want to go back to study in China, there are still many procedures to go through. I will be responsible for handing over the school, but you have to think about which school to study after returning to your country and where do you plan to live? You have to stay here. Are you going to live alone or live with your grandpa?"

Huo Cheng thought about it and answered him: "I live alone."

Huo Tingxiao did not agree: "You should go to live with your grandfather. You are not yet a grown-up. Someone takes care of you and I can rest assured."


"I'll call your grandfather later. Have you thought about school?"

"Well." Huo Cheng nodded. "A city's first private high school."

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