Chapter 217 Yao Shiyu

After Fu Yuanwu’s death, the faction of the Three Emperors was completely silent.

Fu Yuanwu's end moment reminds them that they can't step on his footsteps, but they can't watch Fu Yuancheng on the throne.

Moreover, the three emperors and the Yu family always felt that Fu Yuanwu died too unbelievable. They used to be opponents. As the saying goes, the best thing about yourself is their opponents.

They did not dare to say that they had a special understanding of Fu Yuanwu, but they knew that he was not the kind of person who ignored the whole situation and was desperate. He forced the palace without any certainty. He was simply looking for death, so they suspected that Fu Yuancheng might have done anything to Fu Yuanwu.

Yu Zheng worried that the three emperors would also have an accident, so this time there were restrictions on his actions, not letting him go out, even people in the palace were accompanied.

The great emperor’s position did not affect the people of the Junzi City.

Probably because things have been solved too smoothly, many people even ended up without even having to respond, so they did not leave much thought in their hearts, and everyone still lived.

Three days later, Zheng Junqi’s point makeup club opened.

As the name implies, the point makeup club is the point and dressing, buying and selling all the feminine items, and the makeup club is in a good location. Every morning and evening, there are many people passing by, men and women, in groups, and most importantly, there are south nearby. Pavilion and brothel. Both the brothel and the south hall, men and women need makeup, they need to see the guests in the most beautiful appearance, so often the demand for cosmetics in these two places is very high, so there is not only one of them nearby. The opening of the Dotge Pavilion caused the attention of many nearby shops. I saw another company selling glutinous gouache. Some people are already ready to inquire.

With more and more peers, the competitiveness is getting bigger and bigger. In order to grab customers, some businessmen even lower the price again and again, and want to squeeze other peers into the industry of rouge gouache. However, in order to save the cost, most of these people's rouge gouache is inferior. Some rouge is very dirty because it is mixed with other things. The color is lighter than the real rouge. The quality is not enough. The real lady or family is slightly. Wealthy girls won’t buy it.

As a result, their monthly profit is actually not much, there is no difference in the price reduction, but the real famous shop will not sell this inferior rouge gouache. Zheng Junqi listened to An Ziran’s suggestion and implemented a two-for-one discount for the first three days of the opening. Because the point makeup club is just opened, there is no fame, most customers will still choose to go to the shop where they usually go, so that even if the glutinous gouache of the makeup salon is better than other homes, there are not many people who know, want It takes a long time to start the name.

Buying two get one free is not a loss, but the profit is very small, but Fu Wangfu does not lack silver, it does not matter, anyway, will definitely earn back later. This kind of activity is not without the businessman's thoughts, but the objects that are held are mostly simple items, like rouge gouache, which have never really appeared. As soon as the activity came out, many people who passed through the door of the makeup house walked in with curiosity. There were a lot of goods, such as head oil, bath beans, rouge, powder, etc., which attracted a lot of guests. look.

It didn't take long for the shop to see a few guests whispering from the sparse to the now almost every cabinet. Some people like to buy a few, they try to buy a few, the rich family will not hesitate to buy two pieces back, some people are hesitant, because the price of the point of makeup is not cheap, but there is no Expensive is outrageous. "Is there any need for me to help?" Xiaoning’s eye-catching eyes saw the two guests staying in the same place, staring at the merchandise that was on the cupboard, and clearly wanted to buy it, but because of For some reasons, I was unable to make up my mind, and the clever Xiaoning immediately stepped forward. Both guests are girls of fifteen or six years old. They may often work in the sun. The skin color is not very good. When they heard her, they immediately looked at each other. One of the girls in the powdery clothes hesitated. "We want to buy this powder, but they are a bit expensive."

Xiaoning knew that most of them wanted to buy two boxes and met the requirement of buying two get one free ones. They laughed and said: "It’s better. I will give you a suggestion. You can buy two boxes of silver for one person. Powder, the extra box can be divided equally, or at half of our price, half of the money is given to another person, but I suggest that you use our powder and then consider this question." The two girls looked at each other but felt Her advice is very good. "Thank you for your suggestion." "You're welcome." Xiaoning already knew they would buy and immediately moved to the next guest.

She is one of the five workers invited by Zheng Junqi. Her mouth is very sweet and her thoughts are very flexible. They will use their ability to persuade the guests to make up their minds to buy rouge gouache. Because they have had outstanding performance, they will be selected.

On the first day of opening, I ordered a lot of rouge gouache, which was basically bought for two to one. Although I didn’t earn much, but after they used it, the reputation would naturally start and it would be formulated. The teenager who gave Zheng Junqi was so convinced to tell her.

After that day, Fu Wutian sent someone to check the identity of the boy. His words were true. The young boy is called Yao Shiyu. The Yao family is indeed one of the largest family of fat powder in Yunzhou. The Yao family's rouge gouache has been very popular. In addition to Yunzhou, there are also traces of Yaojia rouge gouache in other places, because the business is too big. So it inevitably causes hatred of some people. For many years, I have been using various means to target the Yao family, but the Yao family is still standing like a pine and cypress. It is precisely because the Yao family's rouge gouache never fakes, and some signature rouge gouache is made with the formula left by the ancestors. Therefore, the effect is far better than the rouge gouache sold by other households, but it is precisely because of these ancestral formulas that it will bring disaster to the Yao family. For example, Yunping Pavilion, which suddenly rose in Yunzhou, also sells rouge gouache, but last year it was an obscure shop. This year, a batch of good quality rouge gouache was suddenly added. Because of these rouge gouache, Yujinge became a leap. One of the largest lipid powder stores in Yunzhou, and quickly opened several branches. The owner of this jade cabinet is the murderer who killed the Yao family. Although the formula of Yao Jiazu’s biography did not fall into his hands, the effects of other formulas were also good, and some of them fell into his hands. Only these have already made the jade cabinet shine. Even these small formulas can bring a huge amount of wealth to Yujinge. It is conceivable that the effects of those ancestral formulas will increase exponentially, so the talent refuses to give up and has been sent to kill Yao Shiyu, but fortunately, Yao Shiyu has a big life and fled. Only to the gentleman city to save a small life. The gentleman's city is at the foot of the world, and its power is extremely complicated. If you accidentally offend some of the big forces, even ten hundred jade pavilions can't afford to lose. The next day, Zheng Junqi took Yao Shiyu and some of the rouge gouache returned to Fuwangfu. The latter saw the plaque of Fuwangfu, and the whole person was stupid until the person stood in the lobby of Wangfu and did not react from the sluggishness. . "Of course, these are the blush powder sold by the point makeup cabinet." Zheng Junqi asked the 胭 to take out the rouge gouache in the box. The appearance of each box of blush gouache is specially designed. She knows that the appearance is also an important place. . An Ziran is silent. "Hey, I don't need these." He is not a woman. If he uses these rouge gouaches to say something, he will not need it. Zheng Junqi laughed, she knew that he would say, "You don't have to keep it, you can also give it to your side, like the Qiulan and Chunlan, these two cockroaches are good, then introduce you to Man, he is Yao Shiyu." While talking about pushing Yao Shiyu to stay in front of them, the boy finally came back, as if he saw two eyes staring at him in a blink of an eye, scared him. Zheng Junqi did not laugh at him, but instead introduced him: "Yao Shiyu, this is the king of the king, next to the king of the king." Yao Shiyu did not dream of dreaming, the person who saved him turned out to be Fuwangfu, and he is now with the legend The face of the **** of war is face to face, the **** of war is his idol from small to large, has not changed since now, so think, when the mood is excited, he will slam down. "Grass... The grass people meet with the king, and the king." When Yao Shiyu trembled, he was actually a civilian, his character was better cultivated by his sister-in-law, and there was no such thing as a rich boy. Such a distinguished person suddenly became nervous. When An Ziran heard it, he felt that his knees should be very painful.

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