Chapter 1 Anjia (549 words)

Chongming twenty-seventh year of the first month, heavy snow.

Many places in the Daya dynasty were covered with heavy snow, and the silver was wrapped up in a beautiful way. The weather was cold, but it could not conceal the atmosphere of the New Year's celebration. In towns of all sizes, almost every family had red lanterns.

Anyuan County is one of the small county towns of the Daya Dynasty. It is a festive holiday on the third day of the New Year. Every family is happy and happy, but there are two families of white lanterns hanging in front of the family. They are all shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere.

This family is the largest landlord in Anyuan County - Anjia!

Anjia Mansion

It’s fascinating, it’s not yet bright, and occasionally you can hear the screams.

An ankle ring in white plain clothes got up early in the morning, and both hands were carrying a basin filled with hot water through the long corridor, and the pace was a little more urgent.

The other servants of the 丫 ring also got up early, all of them were busy early in the morning, and the atmosphere that was supposed to be busy was quiet. Almost no one spoke. Everyone bowed their heads and met other people. People don't even nod, they are rushing through, as if they can talk without speaking, otherwise they will be jealous.

The ring that carried the basin finally walked to the main house of the house. After entering the gate, she went to the side yard on the left, passed through a garden covered with snow, and ringed the door to get the approval of the insider. Just push the door and walk in.

Put the hot water basin on the wooden shelf first, then walked to the screen, quickly glanced at the teenager still lying on the bed, then coveted, calmly said: "Young master, hot water has been hit coming."

The young boy responded with a faint sigh. "Know, let's go first."

She didn't dare to say anything, she was already used to the younger gentleman's attitude, and there was such a thing. If the young master didn't want to change, he had to change it. Otherwise, he didn't want to go down again. Going out with bare hands.

When there was only one teenager left in the house, he sat up awkwardly from the bed, spent a quarter of an hour wearing clothes and shoes, and then walked to the hot water of the ring.

The teenager saw his fat face that was almost oily through the clear water. Although he had been watching for three days, he still couldn't help but smack his mouth.

The once handsome face was replaced by a pig's face, and no one could accept it immediately.

The young boy named An Ziran is from the big house of the family. In the 16th year of the year, the eldest son, the name is justified, and there are sisters and brothers who have the same appearance as the mother.

At this time, the teenager was not the real An Ziran. Even he himself did not know why he became An Ziran. He woke up three days ago and later found himself a An Ziran.

Now, he has accepted the fact that he has become another stranger, but it does not mean that he accepted the size of An Ziran. Only when he was sixteen years old, he was already weighing 78 kilograms. He was fat and fat all over the body. Exceeding the standard, it is very difficult for him to do anything now, otherwise it will take a quarter of an hour to wear clothes?

So, on the first day of the world, An Ziran identified the first person's goal - to lose weight!

However, his weight-loss plan has not yet begun to be implemented. The matter of getting a big basket of the family has come one after another. If he doesn't finish it, he knows how he can't reduce the fat.

Anjia is the largest landlord in Anyuan County. The family is rich, and An Changfu is the shackle of An Ziran. He is the most arrogant person in Anjia. He is a very capable person. He is rich, but not ugly. Anjianuo’s family business can be said to have been hit by him.

An Changfu has a total of four rooms, and the big room is An Ziran's mother-in-law Liu Meixiang. She is the wife of An Changfu's early Ming Dynasty media, and witnessed the situation of Anjia from childhood to now becoming a big family business. There are two sons and one daughter.

The most successful part of her life was to give birth to two male boys for her family. Because she is the only one of An Changfu's wife and wife who gave birth to a male baby and passed on the incense for the family, she is very respected by An Changfu. For more than a decade, he was very harmonious. Even though An Changfu later married two rooms, three rooms and four rooms, his feelings for Liu Meixiang have never changed.

It is reasonable to say that An Ziran will live happily.

It was really happy three days ago, until the death of An Changfu and Liu Meixiang came. This kind of happiness is like a mirror, and it is broken when it falls.

Since then, Anjia has been caught in the heat.

An Ziran also followed ‘water is hot’.

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