Chapter 69 Reborn Out of Love and Murder: Rice outside-Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow

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Xu Zihan once thought that he still has a lot of time to squander.

He was comforted after being injured by a heart-wrenching man. It doesn’t matter. He has a lot of time to heal. He still has the rest of his life to forget this person who hurt himself. He can also find his own happiness.

But just a thin piece of paper is enough to break Xu Zihan's illusions. He turned out to be so close to death.

What is death? Xu Zihan never seriously thought about this issue before he got his diagnosis. Even when he encountered a setback, he never imagined escape by death. In this respect, Xu Zihan was a brave man. Even if life gave him more suffering, he could face it calmly.

After crying, wipe away the tears, tomorrow is a sunny day, as long as you live, there is hope.

But now, the last hope has been broken. On the day of getting the diagnosis, Xu Zihan went home silently. He didn't want to do anything while sitting on the sofa. His head was empty, as if wiped with correction fluid.

The rice soon noticed that Xu Zihan was not right. He jumped onto the sofa, arched into Xu Zihan's arms, and rubbed Xu Zihan's hand with his chin. If at ordinary times, it is estimated that Xu Zihan would play with rice.

However, Xu Zihan didn't feel any mood at the moment. He looked at the rice that spoiled himself, and his lips were tight, and he opened his mouth after half a ring: "Rice, if I disappeared one day, would you miss me?" "

Rice looked at Xu Zihan with his head tilted, and soon discovered that Xu Zihan seemed to be not right. Once it was said that rice was a very smart cat, so until now, most of him could understand what Xu Zihan was talking about.

"I'm sick of rice." Xu Zihan touched the rice's hair with a bitter tone: "If I were to die, what would you do."

...How can you die? The dissatisfied rice snorted, but the human life span is much longer than that of a cat.

"I don't have any good friends... where to send you?" Knowing that she has an incurable disease, Xu Zihan is now most worried about himself, not the cat in his arms, which only accompanies him The pet that has been close to six years is the thing he can't put down now.

"Meow." If you die, I will wander. Rice replied this way, but Xu Zihan couldn't understand the rice's answer.

"Send you to the pet adoption center, there will be someone there." Touching the head of the rice, Xu Zihan showed a bleak smile: "If there is a next life, I must cherish myself, until now I know... love Ah love it or anything, it’s all shit."

Rice doesn’t feel much sad when he hears Xu Zihan’s words. Unlike humans, it’s normal to be sick and die in the eyes of cats. Even if Xu Zihan leaves this world, he is his unique master, although he likes to force While bathing himself, he has to limit his catnip.

"So... that's it." Xu Zihan grinned: "Rice, don't be sad."

The next day, the rice did not want to go back, although he already knew that Xu Zihan would leave him, but when the day was approaching, the rice was a bit frightened.

He looked at Xu Zihan's haggardly bit by bit, and found his powerlessness again, how good it was if he wasn't a cat, how good he was if he was a human... the rice prayed more than once.

Gastric cancer is very painful in the later stage, and there is no way to eat. Xu Zihan's stomach was removed by one third due to surgery. For a long time, he had to be given nutritional needles to maintain his life. His weight was also very short. The time has dropped a lot, and the slender reminder was like a tree that has lost its vitality, and it has reached the extreme.

The rice was at Xu Zihan's side, at the door when he was doing chemotherapy, watching Xu Zihan trembling because of the pain, squatting beside him while he was dripping, watching Xu Zihan's frowning sleeping eyes, so to speak After Xu Zihan became ill, rice accompanied Xu Zihan in the hospital, witnessing the passing of Xu Zihan's life.

The doctors and patients around are gradually getting used to the existence of rice, and sometimes bring a bit of bite to the rice or tease him. As the only creature guarding Xu Zihan, what the rice can do is just watching.

The man who abandoned Xu Zihan didn’t know where he heard news of Xu Zihan’s illness. He also came to the hospital to see Xu Zihan. When he came, the rice was hiding in the doorway, watching the abominable man cry and cry. He wanted to request Xu Zihan’s forgive.

forgive? How to forgive? Rice licking its paws at the door, full of disdain, how could there be such a disgusting human in the world? In fact, it was frankly, but it was because I was afraid of my conscience. Why didn’t I see Xu Guihan guilty when he tricked Xu Zihan? Why didn't you see him sad when we held the wedding? Seeing that Xu Zihan was dying at this moment, he ran to the hospital bed and asked for forgiveness. The rice thought about it and wished he could rush directly to give that person a paw... well, he thought so, and he did. .

When he heard Xu Zihan whimpering and crying, the rice ran away completely. He rushed in through the crack of the door, jumped on the table and faced the man's face with a cruel paw, and his mouth made a gurgling threat. ......Everyone who made Xu Zihan cry **** it! ! ! Especially the **** in front of me! !

The man who was brutally smitten by the rice was angry and wanted to grab the rice, but as a proud cat star, if he was so easily caught, he wouldn’t call the rice, so the next thing was like a farce, The rice was awkward for a man in formal attire.

"Rice." The rice that was originally intended to continue dropped its paw when he heard Xu Zihan's call, and jumped gently to Xu Zihan's side, licking Xu Zihan's face.

"Let's go." Xu Zihan's expression was full of disgust, he said to the man: "Don't come to me to find comfort, you think I said I forgive you, don't you owe me anything? Zhang? Ze, you really make me sick."

Yes, it is disgusting! Rice triumphantly snorted.

Then the man left in embarrassment. Although he still wanted to say something to Xu Zihan, Xu Zihan just waved his hand. At this time, what he said was meaningless.

Rice squatted next to Xu Zihan and watched him leave. He snorted with disdain and hummed, he knew that the man was not a good thing, hummed.

"Rice, you have to be good." Xu Zihan was already very weak. He struck the head of the rice hard and barely smiled: "Brother likes rice the most."

Xu Zihan's funeral is simple.

Even the participants could count with almost one hand. The rice squatted next to Xu Zihan's tombstone and sat so quietly, licking his paws from time to time.

"This cat is very good, is there no one to keep?" The people around were talking about him.

"No, otherwise you hugged it back?" The rice did not look up.

"Okay, it looks so cute, I just want to have a cat." After hearing this sentence, the rice ran away. His owner was Xu Zihan alone, although that person was stupid, although that person was very sticky , Although that man... has been sleeping in the cold underground.

But the rice has only one owner from beginning to end. The name of the owner is Xu Zihan.

After that, the rice started his wandering life. He was originally a wild cat. He was raised by Xu Zihan for six years at home but he did not forget some of the skills that his mother had taught. So, in this way, the rice in the wanderings is not bad. , Although I sometimes miss Xu Zihan and the catnip I haven’t eaten in a long time,

But no matter how long it is, the day is still going to pass. The rice is just living his small day. He thinks that if he can be a man in his next life, he must avenge Xu Zihan and put the ashes bombed by the slag. Not left.

But thinking about it is beautiful, the reality is cruel, the old dead rice that originally thought that it would be quiet was inexplicably being slaughtered, and now humans are really more and more abnormal, the rice pressed under the glass plate is left open Blurred eyes looked at the person sitting on him, okay, now his task has been increased, in addition to helping the master to avenge himself, there is one more to help him avenge himself.

The red blood spilled from the mouth of the rice, and gradually lost consciousness... That little cat named Xiao Hei is really pitiful. Alas, why did his servant fail to protect him, and he was killed in a perverted state with himself Hands.

The life of the dead rice is very sad. He floated in the air and looked at this distorted world. The melancholy and sad meow for a lifetime, he will be a bad person in his next life... Well, it was such a happy decision.


Xu Zihan was shocked when he heard the sound of "Dang" outside the door. He secretly looked out from the cat's eyes, but saw nothing.

"It won't be anything dirty." Muttering in his mouth, Xu Zihan opened the door lightly.

"Ah... what's this..." Looking at the man who fell at his feet, Xu Zihan's face instantly turned white: "Hey, you wake up." How can this person fall at his door in such a cold day? ? ?

"...Wake up." After thinking about it for a long time, he dragged people into the house. Xu Zihan unkindly pinched the man: "Wake up, buddy."

"...Hmm." The man opened his eyes, revealing a pair of blue eyes. He stared at Xu Zihan in front of him, as if frightened.

"Are you okay?" Xu Zihan reached out and shook his hand in front of the man, murmured in his mouth: "It looks so handsome, don't be a fool..."

The man stared at Xu Zihan violently. After a while, his arm stretched and put Xu Zihan in his arms, and finally opened his mouth: "Meow."

——The rice has been said, if God gives him a chance, he will surely grasp it. Now, isn’t it the chance?


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