Chapter 1 Reborn Out of Love and Murder: Because of love

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Wen Cheng never thought that he would end his life in this way. .

He looked at the dagger in his chest and couldn't believe his gaze to the expressionless man standing in front of his face.

"..."Why...Because the severe pain can no longer be asked by the mouth, Wen Cheng looked at Yu Linfei's expressionless expression, feeling that the energy of the whole body was passing by quickly...

"You really disgust me." The cold fingers touched Wen Cheng's lips, and Yu Linfei's beautiful face had a consistently elegant smile: "Go to die."

... Yu Linfei... killed him... This perception made Wen Cheng's whole person stagnate. He looked desperate in his eyes, looked at Yu Linfei's smile, and felt that he couldn't say a word anymore.

why! ! ! The eyes of Wen Cheng who had fallen to the ground became more and more blurred, and tears finally flowed down his cheeks...everyone was good...but why...why would he die in Yu Linfei's hands.

What is the relationship between Wen Cheng and Yu Linfei?

Everyone familiar with the two of them knows... Wen Cheng and Yu Linfei are the most loyal partners, the brothers who care most about each other-the most in love couple.

Does gentle and elegant Yu Linfei love the smell? If you ask this question, you will be ridiculed-as we all know, Yu Linfei put Wen Cheng on the apex of his heart and hurt.

No matter how busy he is, no matter how tired he is, he always allocates time to Wen Cheng. He could not eat one day by himself, but was still worried about whether Wen Cheng was full or not. If he wanted to supper, he could not sleep at night, just to rush back to see Cheng Cheng all night, Yu Linfei spent three years to spoil Wen Cheng. day.

Everyone, including Wen Cheng, believed in Yu Linfei’s love for himself. Perhaps he would doubt whether this man was for his own power and status when he and Yu Linfei were together. Later, Yu Linfei used his actions to resolve Wen Cheng's suspicion.

Next, after being thoroughly trusted by Wen Cheng... Yu Linfei smiled and thrust the dagger in his hand into the lover's chest.

His smile is still so elegant, even a hint of shyness on his handsome face, just like Wen Cheng likes, with a man's heroism but without losing the youth's greenness.

What a perfect man, Wen Cheng, who is about to lose consciousness, he actually played a lover with himself for three years, and constructed a picture for himself... an intoxicating dream.

A lot of blood gurgled down the chest, and Wen Cheng was lying on the cold floor. He had lost his focus and looked at the ceiling. The white shirt was stained with blood. The bell was slowly red at midnight. Sounded, Wen Cheng closed his eyes.

On the first day of Lidong 2012, he was personally killed by his lover.


In the winter, large flakes of snowflakes fell from the sky like feathers.

In the evening, there were no more pedestrians on the streets. Except for the windows with warm lights from the vehicles and the residential areas, there was almost no sense of popularity.

Wen Cheng woke up in this weather.

When he opened his eyes vaguely, he saw a piece of white. The weakness of his body made it difficult for him to see what was in front of him in a short time. He moved his body carefully... and then felt a fluff. Velvety touch.

Fluffy? His eyes widened at once, and Wen Cheng found a face in front of him.

What a big cat! ! The cold hairs all over the body stood up, and Wen Cheng couldn't help but cried out: "Meow!!!"

...What sound was that just now, Wen Cheng froze.

There was a trace of doubt in the face of this huge cat. The big white cat looked at his little waking baby, stretched out his tongue, and began to lick the dull kitten.

"...Meow." Wen Cheng sent a byte stiffly...he must have hallucinated! ! ! Why would he find himself a black cat! ! !

"Meow." Big Cat arched Wen Cheng with his head, and then lay down to the side. He looked at his child with encouragement and exposed his belly.

...On the pink belly

Wen Cheng suddenly realized.

"Meow?" Seeing Wen Cheng still refused to move, the female cat seemed to ignite, and she patted Wen Cheng's head with her paws. It seemed to be blaming Wen Cheng for not feeding.

"..." Wen Cheng Muran moved. .

The warm milk warmed Wen Cheng's entire body. He was drinking the milk of the mother cat bit by bit, and there was something in his head that couldn't be changed...

If he is not crazy... he remembers that he was killed by Yu Linfei... and then?

Then he became a newly born little milk cat, and is still drinking his mother's milk..., dare this world go crazy...?

Soon, I satiated myself, wiped my mouth with conditioned reflex, and then licked my own fluffy paws, and made a soft, "Meow..."

"Meow~." The mother cat gave Wen Cheng a satisfied look, and began to clean up her body with her tongue. Although the cat had a thorn on her tongue, it did not feel uncomfortable when licking it. On the contrary, he was very comfortable. Wen Cheng was licked from head to tail by the mother cat in the arms, and finally washed her face cleanly.

If Wen Cheng is a human at this time, it is estimated that his face is already black and the bottom of the pot, just when his face is constipated, a claw that sticks out from somewhere and hooks his tail .

"Meow!!!" The cat in the whole body stood up instantly, and clawed toward the back of the conditioned reflex.

"Woo~" With a slight whimper, Wen Cheng saw behind him that he didn't know when a small yellow cat with blue eyes of similar size appeared, and his fluffy face had a eager expression... Obviously I want Wen Cheng to play with himself.

Wen Cheng agreed happily-that is impossible! !

How could he accept the cruel fact that he suddenly became a cat creature in a short period of time, Wen Cheng lazily raised his eyes and looked at Xiao Huangmao, then he swallowed his mouth and lay beside the mother cat... he had to be good Think about what is going on.

"Meow." The little yellow cat was obviously upset when he heard Wencheng ignoring himself. It turned around Wencheng for several times and kept making a meowing meow. It felt like he was continuously inviting Wencheng. Go play with it.

Wen Cheng glanced at Xiao Huangmao and immediately thought of an important question... He took a deep breath deep inside, then lifted his back... turning his head again.

Fortunately! ! Seeing the truth, Wen Cheng whimpered in his heart... Fortunately, his gender did not change with the race...

If he became a female cat, he would probably go straight to death and be born again.

"Meow!!!" He also uttered a painful scream in the voyage of Shenyou. He found that when he was thinking of these messy things, the little yellow cat behind him bit his tail! !

Although the kittens still drinking milk don’t have much attack power, but the touch on the tail is really sensitive... After being bitten by the little yellow cat, Wen Cheng almost didn’t jump directly from the ground!

"Meow meow meow! (Don't bite my tail!!! Hurry up and let go! Ah hey! That's you!) Wen Cheng got angry directly at the little yellow cat!

"Miao Miao (who told you not to play with me...)" Bizarrely, Wen Cheng actually understood what a little yellow cat meant by "Miao Miao"...

"I won't play with you!!!" Wen Cheng dismissed the wet yellow tail from the mouth of the little yellow cat even more disdainful. He grunted and fed his body into the female cat's body. Under the belly.

"...You are a bad cat." There was a crying cry in Miao's voice. The little yellow cat looked at Wen Cheng hiding under the mother cat. "I won't play with you next time."

"……"I do not care. Wen Cheng was expressionless.

"Well, the dried fish will not be left for you." The little yellow cat saw that he did not threaten Wen Cheng, and continued.

"..." I'm not uncommon, Wen Cheng still expressionless.

"... I don't give mud to tease the cat stick!" The little yellow cat was about to cry.

"..." Wen Cheng actually felt a strange...guilt.

"And mother's milk!!!" Stimulated by Wen Cheng's indifferent touch, the little yellow cat said angrily: "The best drink in the future is mine!!!"

"...How to play." Wen Cheng asked weakly.

"Meow~ Come and chase me~~" The little yellow cat is very happy~ Little Black finally took care of him~.

"... Let's play hide-and-seek." Wen Cheng slowly wiped off his black line with his paws, looking helplessly at the vigorous little yellow cat: "You hide, I will find you."

"Okay~" The little yellow cat was happy: "Come and see me~~"

Then the little yellow cat ran away happily.

Then... Wen Cheng silently got under the mother cat's belly...

... The most painful hide-and-seek in the world is that the people who are hiding are still happy, and the people who are catching have gone home for dinner.

He drove away the little yellow cat who was making trouble with despicable means, Wen Cheng found a comfortable posture, and began to look at the surrounding environment... It seems that the people who raise them are in good condition, with special cat nests and advanced cat food. The cat litter does not look cheap. Although Wencheng has not raised cats, she can still tell from the appearance of her mother that they are not ordinary mixed-race cats, but they seem to have a special pedigree.

This long hair...should it be a kind of Persian cat? Wen Cheng thought, after being killed, he became a cat... Such an experience is too sturdy.


New pit.

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