Chapter 58 (1/2) Party

After taking the bath, there was a banquet to entertain me.

All the villagers gathered in the larged and introduced themselves to me but I cant remember all their names. I will later reread the past logs in the smartphone and memorize the names of the villagers.

Eleven inhabitants from the village where Rodis Family and Gams used to live.

Six inhabitants from the village of Murus.

In addition there are seven indigenous people, Rodis, Laila, Carol, Gams, Chem, Kan and Ran.

There are 24 people in total.

A lot of supplies were lost in the Temptation of the Evil God but I am happy that the villagers are still alive.

However, the two horses that used to pull the carriage and who fled the village together with them were killed by monsters. So Carol, who had been petting them and had given them a name was severely depressed.

She seems to have recovered after comforting her that she is now back with the villagers.

The dishes lined up in front of me were mainly meat dishes. Although they were light, I felt better than eating them when I was hungry at home.

“Oh, what is the World of Gods like?”

Its Chem who came close to me with a wooden cup.

As a devout believer of God of Fate, its no wonder that its a concern for her.

Carol gave only abstract explanations like, “It was amazing!” “There were so many delicious things!” So it seems that the villagers who listened could not understand well.

So, Chem’s question is a crosswalk which all the villagers are paying attention to.

“Our country treats everyone equally and there is fairness.”

Though its just on the front. I dont need to break the dream of the believers though.

“So, I will be happy if you treat me like a villager.”

“Yes, I will do that then.”

Chem says like a politician.

It would not be possible to immediately get over it but I will be happy if I can become friends with them like Carol.

“It’s faster to actually see than explaining by mouth.”

I take out my smartphone and show them the stored photos.

These were the records of the days which I spent with Carol.

Carol is included in all the photos because the subject is good.

“What a precise and beautiful picture! It is as if the scene was cut and contained …”

“This huge building …”

Chem and Gams duo are impressed by different points.

“I see Carol in every scene! Good thing, it looks fun. The chewy food looks delicious.”

“Ufufu, it’s a nice smile. It seems like it was really fun over there.”

“Yeah! It was so fun and delicious!”

Rodis family seems to be blooming with happiness.

Kan and Ran are staring at the photo with wide open eyes. Are you surprised?

Murus is staying away from me and occasionally giving a look.

After showing a picture, every time I was asked a question and while answering them it was late at night.

The paty was dissolved and I moved to my assigned tent.

I refused to take a private tent for myself and occupy it personally but the villagers stubbornly refused to give up.

Its rude to say too much after their kindness so I thanked them and got into the tent alone.

“Hahhh. To be honest, it would be nice to have such a place for myself.”

Since I was acting like a servant of God whole day, my mental fatigue was at its limit.

I lie on the floor and throw out my hands to relax.

I want to sleep without any any doubts, anxieties and worries but thats not possible.

Just thinking about things wont help if you will just leave them. You should do what can be done.

First … contacting my family.

I must make most out of the advantage of the using th Internet and phone. I could send an email but I am sure that they will call back.

Then it would be faster to just make a phone call in the first place. Then the question arises whom to call.

My father … I am still nervous about him so lets put him on hold.

My sister … I have been able to talk more comfortably than before but I am still weak so I put her on hold as well.

Then the only one left is my mother.

I can talk comfortably because my mother is the person with whom I had most of my conversations since my withdrawal.

Its decided. I select my mothers phone number from the phone book registered on the phone.

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