Volume 16

Chapter 616 () Medical Organization

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“Editor Liu just wants you to hand Magic Lamp to him. What are you going to do?” Assistant Cao frowned.

Editor Shen was in private contact with Magic Lamp.

The only reason he had a good place in Pinnacle Studios was because of Magic Lamp. Editor Shen had a feud with Editor Liu only because Editor Liu was being mean to a newcomer comic artist and hence signed this newbie under himself. This was the second author he’d ever signed besides Magic Lamp.

He spent most of his time managing Pinnacle Studios’ app.

Although Magic Lamp’s return was a hot topic, her credentials and popularity had not surpassed Mu Zining’s yet.

Mu Zining had a comic that was undergoing some copyright procedures.

“I’m fine with that, everyone has their own path and life.” Editor Shen smiled. “If not for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. You do know what sort of people are in Editor Liu’s department.”

Assistant Cao knew that Mu Zining’s identity wasn’t a secret… As for Editor Liu…

Assistant Cao sighed and took a sip of his drink.

He knew there was no turning back for this.

Qin Ran had no idea about the internal affairs of Pinnacle Studios.

She was contacting Mu Nan at the moment and talking to him about their meeting the next day.

The results for the national college entrance examination was out on the 23rd. Scholar Liao gave Qin Ran a call the moment the results were released and said that the difficulty level for this year had been record-breaking.

Mu Nan’s results even became a hot search topic on the 23rd.

But now that he was officially Scholar Liao’s disciple, the information had already been sealed. None of the media outlets dared to release his picture on Weibo.

All that was known was that a person by the name of Mu Nan had managed to score 739 marks, a score so high some considered perverse.

Mu Nan was currently at the Mu family’s residence. Having packed Mu Zongyuan’s belongings, he spent the rest of the day in Shanghai looking for the employee from back then.

He’d managed to gather some useful information over the past 10 days or so.

He thought of returning to his own rented unit, as he had some translation to do and Scholar Liao’s materials to work on… Staying with the Mu family meant that he was under surveillance at all times, so he decided to rent a unit nearby. This way, it would be convenient for him to investigate as well.

But Butler Mu said that Old Master Mu’s health wasn’t in a good state tonight. Mu Nan didn’t have much attachment towards the Mu family, but like Qin Ran, he was soft-hearted.

Old Master Mu was rather pitiful, considering that the entire Mu family was eyeing his assets.

As such, Mu Nan came anyway.

When Qin Ran called, he was in Old Master’s bedroom. The family doctor hadn’t arrived yet.

“That cousin of yours?” Old Master Mu was especially weak. Seeing the gentle expression on Mu Nan’s face, Old Master Mu guessed that he’d been speaking to his cousin on the phone.

“Mm.” Mu Nan responded quietly after hanging up.

Mu Nan had always been a quiet person, Old Master Mu knew that. Old Master Mu said, “You wouldn’t bring your cousin home to have dinner with us. Let me treat the both of you to a meal outside, is that alright?”

Old Master Mu looked so expectant while his hands shook uncontrollably.

Mu Nan looked at him and wondered if he could even make it out of the house tomorrow.

But he didn’t agree right away. He simply said, “I’ll ask her.”

“Who’s this big shot. Your grandfather is treating her to a meal and you have to ask…” Second Master Mu Zongxi’s voice could be heard.

Before he could finish his sentence, Old Master Mu stopped him between coughs. “… You… Shut up!”

His entire face went red from coughing and he panted for air.

Mu Zongxi did not say anything more about Qin Ran. “Dad, don’t get angry. Zining is already trying to contact Director Hao. She has a lot of contacts and will surely be able to get Director Hao over!”

Mu Nan furrowed his brows as he turned to look at Mu Zongxi quietly.

At this point, a housemaid came into the room with Mu Zining and a doctor. “Old Master, Miss Zining has brought Director Hao here!”

“This is great, Dad! Zining brought Director Hao here! Let him have a look at you! Director Hao just came from the Medical Organization seminar!” Mu Zongxi’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed.

Mu Zining peered in from outside. She was standing beside an elderly man.

A few other Mu family members were standing in the hallway, looking at Mu Zining in agitation.

“Medical Organization?” Mu Nan repeated it to himself. He found this term familiar.

Mu Zongyuan eyed Mu Nan mockingly.

Butler Mu realized that given Mu Nan’s place in society, he wouldn’t know the existence of the Medical Organization. Hence, he explained, “Somewhere in Continent M, the elites of the medical field come together as part of the Medical Organization. Miss Zining is really impressive to have been able to get Director Hao to come.”


Mu Nan nodded. He recalled that Qin Ran had brought someone from the Medical Organization over too when Chen Shulan was in critical condition.

A lot was going on in the room now, so Mu Nan excused himself and left.

When he returned, he told Qin Ran that Old Master Mu hoped to give them a treat.

Although Qin Ran said she wouldn’t be bothered by Mu Nan’s matters, she’d actually investigated the Mu family rather thoroughly. She found that while Old Master Mu was a successful businessman, he had never given up on looking for Mu Nan’s family all these years.

Cheng Juan even let her see Old Master Mu’s will.

Seeing what he’d written in his will, Qin Ran didn’t have any adverse feelings towards Old Master Mu. In fact, she wanted to see just what he was like.

Hence, upon hearing that Old Master Mu wanted to meet her, she agreed.

When Qin Ran woke up the following morning, Cheng Juan was already back from his morning run and was showering.

It was 25 degrees Celsius in the bedroom. She stood by the window and got the automatic curtains drawn with the remote control. It was already bright outside, and she could feel the warmth.

“What time is your meal appointment?” Cheng Juan came out of the shower in a white T-shirt and casual black pants.

He hugged Qin Ran from behind and grabbed her hands. He kissed her tenderly first before resting his chin on her shoulder and looking at her.

“Twelve,” Qin Ran replied.

Her meal appointment with Mu Nan was set at noon. Old Master Mu picked a famous restaurant in Shanghai.

Cheng Juan led the way, his fingers playing around with Qin Ran’s. He squeezed each of his fingers through the gaps of hers until their ten fingers were interlocked. He said, “You’re not in a rush to draw your comic today, so… make a trip down to the Liu family with me? Or would you rather look for Yan Xi first?”

“Let’s go to the Liu family first. Is Brother Gu coming back today?” Qin Ran vaguely remembered Cheng Juan saying something like that when she was about to fall asleep the other night.

“Mm, probably this afternoon.”

There was a lot to attend to in the laboratory recently, but Gu Xichi still made time to return to Shanghai. He had some stuff to retrieve from the base, and there were also matters he had to see to in the hospital there.

Cheng Juan and Qin Ran went to the Liu family in the morning.

The Liu family’s household was a historical site, and while most of their area had been renovated, the ancient style was retained.

At about 11, Cheng Mu came and asked for her.

“Drive carefully, don’t go too fast.” Cheng Juan reminded him.

Cheng Mu had heard this from Cheng Wenru, Cheng Jin, Cheng Shui, Qin Xiuchen, and the rest for the past half a month now. He was no longer surprised to hear this reminder and hence simply nodded. “Don’t worry, Master Juan.”

As they left, Master Liu looked thoughtfully at Qin Ran’s back view. “Young Master Cheng and Madam are so loving.”

He was discussing such a huge business with Cheng Juan, and Cheng Juan didn’t hide anything from Qin Ran at all.

Mu Nan reached the Mu family’s household at about 10.

Old Master Mu seemed to be in a better state than the day before. He even wore a festive outfit.

Mu Zongxi was holding some documents and talking to the secretary when he saw Old Master Mu. “Dad, you look much better today. Director Hao is really capable… you’re going out today?”

“Isn’t Xiao Nan meeting his cousin for lunch?” Old Master Mu did look more energetic today. He knew that Mu Nan was close to his cousin. If he managed to win her over, he would be winning Mu Nan over too. “Zongxi, if you and Zining are free at noon, you can join us.”

Mu Zining was the star of the Mu family now. Old Master Mu had heard from the housemaid that Mu Zining was very popular online. With her around, it might be easier for the youngsters to talk.

“Dad, what are you saying? Zining is so busy, and she has to meet Young Master Mo to discuss a draft today. In two days, she’ll be going to Beijing to visit the film set of Film Emperor Qin. She doesn’t have the time.” Mu Zongxi smiled.

“That’s true.” Old Master Mu nodded. He turned to Mu Nan and said, “Let’s go.”

Mu Nan’s expression hadn’t changed this whole time. He quietly left with Old Master Mu.

Mu Zongxi burst into laughter as he watched the two men leave.

“I wonder what Old Master is thinking,” said his assistant beside him.

Mu Zongxi mockingly remarked, “He’s an old fogey now.”

Was Mu Nan even fit to have Mu Zining accompany him for a meal?


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