Chapter 1420 In Modern Day 18

Having had half a day to spare, I stay in the bookstore until it’s almost seven.

During this time, I can’t refuse the owner’s repeated offers. I reluctantly take a small slice of lemon cake, a set of pasta with minced meat, and two grilled sausages that had been battered and fried with spicy chicken powder.

I don’t need dinner… I rub my belly and decide to take a walk home.

This helps with digestion.

The only problem is that the weather is hot and stuffy. If I walk in this weather for a while, I’ll definitely sweat.

However, ever since I entered society, I’ve always had the habit of taking a shower everyday. And today, I’m also preparing to wash some clothes, so I’m not too averse to sweating.

To my surprise, perhaps because of the Assassin beverage, I managed to passively lose weight. I don’t even have a tummy. Furthermore, I’m good at using the shadows to hide myself. When I return to my rented apartment, I’ve only sweated a fifth of what I expected.

That medium lady, Madam Daly, will be here at nine. There’s still about two hours left. With more than enough time, I decide to use the fan after my shower, and to play some games.

As for using the air conditioner, the weather isn’t too hot. Besides, after becoming an Assassin, I feel that I have a strong tolerance for heat and stuffy conditions.

To be honest, this cannot be considered unbearable. It’s just that I don’t really feel that hot and stuffy.

When I enter the bathroom, I glance at the mirror and suddenly think of a question:

That female ghost was introduced by Detective Sherlock Moriarty to protect me and investigate that mysterious cult. She hasn’t shown any intention of harming me. Should I remind her that I’ve found a medium, so she should hide in advance?

She doesn’t have any ill intentions. She’s very friendly. Besides, my reason for dealing with that mysterious cult is reasonably convincing… She must’ve sensed Madam Daly’s power last night. Even if I don’t tell her, she should be able to guess what will happen next… I think for a moment and make up my mind.

However, a new problem rears its head:

How should I warn her?

I don’t even know where she is or how I should contact her!

Looking around, I can’t find any clues. It seems like I’m the only person in the room.

Uh, yes, there’s only one person, but who knows if there are any ghosts.

Perhaps she’s hiding somewhere and I can just talk to the air? It’s rather silly talking to myself… I recall last night and cast my gaze back at the mirror.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I whisper, “I’ve hired a medium. She’ll be here at nine.”

As soon as I finish speaking, the mirror in front of me turns dark, as if the surrounding light had been sucked in.

The pale female ghost wearing a small bonnet and a retro dress appears in the mirror and nods gently.

“Thank you.”

In a second, her image disappears and the mirror returns to normal.

I heave a sigh of relief and hang up my clothes before I start to take a shower.

As I shower, I suddenly freeze.

Since the female ghost has already left, why am I spending so much money to hire a medium?

The female ghost clearly has no ill intentions, and she’s even secretly protecting me. Why would I spend so much money to hire a medium?

That’s 20,000 yuan, with a maximum of 50,000!

Wouldn’t that be a waste of money?

While taking pity on my wallet, I feel the need to think of a way to cancel the contract.

Anyways, it’s still early. As long as Madam Daly doesn’t live in the suburbs, she probably hasn’t set off yet.

But I can’t be sure that the female ghost doesn’t have any ill intentions… In my hesitation, I wipe myself dry and put on my clothes.

After careful consideration, I decided to use the strategy of delaying things to hold back on the exorcism assignment.

During this process, if I discover something amiss, I’ll immediately get Madam Daly to come over!

Sigh, it’s really embarrassing to break a contract… I return to my room, pick up my phone, and send a message to SleepingWithCorpses.

“Madam Daly, the ghost that is haunting me seems to have left.”

This is the truth, but I didn’t explain why.

“Indeed…” After more than ten seconds, Madam Daly replies, “Could it be that the restrictions I did last night scared her away? Or maybe you were too much of a pervert and scared her away. Didn’t I ask you to watch ‘A Chinese Ghost Story’ and learn how to interact with female ghosts?”

I feel that it’s more likely that ‘A Chinese Ghost Story’ will make the female ghost shy… I didn’t dare reply as I cautiously say,

“I don’t know.

“How about this? Don’t come over today. I’ll keep an eye out for a few more days. If the female ghost really doesn’t appear again, then forget it. If there’s any problem, I’ll let you know again. How about that?”

After some hesitation, I add, “I can reimburse you for your preparations. No, I mean pay a reasonable fee.”

“Let’s do this for now. I thought I could catch a female ghost and play with it. 😔” Madam Daly sends an emoji.

Hearing this, I relax. I feel like I’ve earned a huge sum of money.

After settling this matter, I happily play games.

At eleven o’clock, I decided to go downstairs to buy some delicious food to reward myself as I didn’t spend any money for dinner and didn’t have to pay for the exorcism.

“Eggplants, I have to have roasted eggplants…” I mutter as I rush out of the estate.

Before I can choose the barbecue stall, I see those punks again.

Among them, the hooligan nicknamed “Dani” is seriously handing out flyers.

His dyed, charred-yellow hair, eyebrows, and his introduction of the description of tutoring class form a strong contrast.

This tutoring class is interesting… I glance around and see an acquaintance sitting at the barbecue stall on the right.

Miss Bernie Huang!

How is a rich young lady like her eating at a roadside barbecue stall? Does CEO Huang know? I casually size up Miss Huang’s companion.

If it was a guy, hehe, that would be amazing gossip!

Uh, a girl wearing black-framed glasses. She’s not too old, about the same age as Miss Huang… I feel full of regret and was about to retract my gaze.

At this moment, Miss Huang raises her head and looks over.

At this moment, our eyes meet.

She immediately stands up and walks towards me.

This is a little awkward… However, there’s nothing to feel awkward about. I live nearby, so what’s wrong with coming out to eat some barbecue? I stand my ground and wait for Miss Huang and her friend to come over.

Miss Huang stops in front of me and tersely acknowledges my presence.

“I have something I need your help with.”

The girl in black-framed glasses beside her asks curiously, “Father, who is he?”

Pfft… What kind of address is that? The relationship between youngsters nowadays is so complicated… I’m actually at a loss as to how to respond. I can only force the corners of my mouth to curl up as I express my doubts with a smile.

“We had a bet in our dorm. Whoever lost had to address the winner as father,” Miss Bernie Huang explains.

She points at the girl beside her.

“Her family runs a tutoring class.

“I would like you to register for the Dream Tutoring Classes and sit in for their classes.

“I’ll pay for it. I’ll also pay you a fee for the work you do later.”

Register for the tutoring class… I can’t help but turn my head to look at the hooligans who are seriously handing out flyers.

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