Chapter 3141 Husband, I love you (full text ending)

Xu Xiaomi was born prematurely and was born when Minan was more than eight months pregnant.

At that time Xu Chengyan went to a banquet and came back very late.

The pregnant woman was sensitive all the time, and Minan smelled perfume on his body again, and suddenly started to lose her temper, and then she became irritated, causing Xu Xiaomi to come out of her mother's womb in advance.

Xu Xiaomi was a boy, but Minan always wanted to have a daughter, so he gave him such a nickname.

Xu Xiaomi’s name was Xu Ruizhi, which was taken by Xu Xu’s dictionary after a night of meditation.

Just listening to this name, I know Father Xu hopes this child will be smart and wise in the future.

At Xu Xiaomi's two-year-old birthday banquet, Xu Chengyan's 99th proposal was finally successful.

Probably the road of marriage proposal was too difficult. Minan cried without touching him. He almost burst into tears in excitement, holding Minan around a big circle.

In order to prevent Min Nan from repenting, Xu Chengyan took her to lead the marriage the next day, and the two held the wedding a month later.

On the evening of the wedding, Xu and Xu took Xu Xiaomi back to the old house and asked them to spend the next day, no matter how long they went.

Although there are many servants in the family and does not need Minan to take the children in person, Xu Xiaomi is very sticky to her and will cry when she doesn't see her, so even if she goes shopping, she has to bring a tow oil bottle, which is already annoying.

Father Xu and Mother Xu were willing to help her with her children. She was happiest. She threw Xu Xiaomi to their two elders and went to spend honeymoon abroad with Xu Chengyan.

On the day after returning from honeymoon, they got off the plane and went directly to the old house.

Even though it had been a month, Xu Xiaomi was no stranger to seeing her mother, and she stretched out her small, fleshy arms to hug her.

As soon as he got off the plane, Milan was a little tired, and he did not reach out.

When Xu Xiaomi's mouth collapsed, she cried with her throat.

Xu Chengyan quickly hugged him and coaxed around in the living room.

Seeing Xu Chengyan gently coaxing the child, Minan was a little distracted. She often thought that if Xu Chengyan was not met, she might find a man to marry.

The man may be a teacher, a white-collar worker, or a doctor.

They will adhere to their loyalty to marriage, ordinary life through this life, but there will never be love.


At night, Min Nan came out after taking a shower, Xu Chengyan hugged her: "Nan Nan, I love you."

"Huh." Minan nodded and walked over to sit in front of the dressing table and rubbed night cream on his face.

Xu Chengyan came behind her and repeated the words just now: "Nan Nan, I love you."

"Oh." Minan responded faintly again.

Seeing her still didn't respond, Xu Chengyan was not happy and sat down on the sofa next to her.

After finishing the night frost, Min Nan turned and saw that he was sulking there alone and asked doubtfully, "What's wrong with you?"

Xu Chengyan looked at her with resentment: "Since we have been together until now, you have never said that you love me."

"Every old husband and old wife, you are not flesh and blood." Minan glanced at him sideways, throwing a sentence to the bed.

Xu Chengyan followed me depressed, and the two lay down to sleep.

Hearing his even breathing, Minan turned to face him, kissed him on the corner of his lips, and said softly, "My husband, I love you."

It didn't take long for her to close her eyes, but Xu Chengyan, who had fallen asleep, raised her lips, with a seemingly wry smile on her face.

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