Chapter 1 Miss Shen Jiaer

There were people coming and going from the airport, and there was a woman’s sweet voice on the radio reporting the flight. When the plane that arrived in California landed in the city, the passengers came out in a hurry.

A thin girl dragged the suitcase out of the aisle. She wore a T-shirt with English letters on her upper body and a dark blue pencil trousers with a slightly curly hair tied into a ponytail.

She has very white skin and dresses up casually, looking like a vigorous college student.

Although she is dressed in ordinary clothes, she is tall and tall, and with a clean and quiet temperament, she is very prominent in the crowd.

The old king who came to pick up the plane saw her at a glance and hurried forward to take the suitcase in her hand: "Miss Two."

Shen Youran glanced around. There was no one to pick up the plane except the Pharaoh. She sneered at the corner of her lips.

Perhaps it was too long to stay abroad, so long that no one remembered the existence of her Shen Youran.

But it doesn't matter, everything comes to Japan.

After leaving the airport, Shen Youran closed her eyes and rested. Pharaoh put the suitcase in the trunk and pulled the car door into the driver's seat. When she turned back, she closed her eyes and stopped talking.

Before coming here, the elder lady had explained and brought the second lady to Gu's house for dinner, but he always had to ask the meaning of the second lady.

Seeing her closed her eyes at the moment, she thought she fell asleep and didn't speak, and started the car into the traffic lane.

After taking a plane for more than ten years, Shen Youran was dizzy as soon as she got into the car. She was woken up by the harsh whistle not long after she slept.

Seeing the car parked at the same place, she glanced out the window. She was now in the busy city center, crowded streets and crowded people. The towering towering buildings were majestic under the sun.

She rubbed her tired eyes: "Uncle Wang, what's wrong?"

Lao Wang glanced at her from the rearview mirror: "Miss Two, this section of the road often has traffic jams. You can sleep for a while and call me when you arrive."

Shen Youran's sleep was very shallow, and once she was woken up she could no longer sleep.

The car in front stopped, and the Pharaoh slid a bit, pushing and pushing forward.

After about half an hour, Shen Youran was completely impatient, and the car in front drove, and she let the old king pass by.

Lao Wang is an old driver of the Shen family. His car skills are good, and he surpassed several cars in a row according to the method taught by Shen Youran.

A Maybach seemed to be in a hurry and was overtaking frequently. Pharaoh accidentally chased the tail. Fortunately, the speed was not high. No one was injured on both sides, but only the other side's car was damaged.

Pharaoh's face was pale, and he whispered, "Second child... what's the matter, miss?"

At first glance, the owner of the car is either rich or expensive, and the unique license plate number must be a bad character.

Shen Youran's eyebrows twisted slightly, her lips got out of the car, and she stepped forward to knock on the other party's window.

The man in the driver's seat was unfastening his seat belt, preparing to get out of the car to check the condition of the car. Hearing someone knocking on the window, he looked up at Shen Youran through the window.

He slowly lowered the car window, and before he could speak, Shen Youran took the lead and said: "Is there any paper and pen?"

Xiao Cheng was unclear, so he looked at her blankly, until Shen Youran repeated the sentence "do you have paper and pen" again, he handed the paper and pen to her like a dream.

He had just seen from the rearview mirror that the girl had gotten off the car behind, presumably the perpetrator.

Shen Youran skillfully wrote down a series of phone calls, and then wrote down the name of the person, perhaps too profoundly, after three years, she could still reverse the person's phone number.

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