Chapter 2421 Pang Tao’s Visit

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“Where is Jian Wushuang?” asked Pang Tao.

“He has always stayed with Narcissus Island disciples and they are inside,” said the core disciple.

“Very well. Take me to him,” said Pang Tao coldly.

“Brother Pang Tao, do you want to meet and greet the other two seniors first?” asked the core disciple curiously.

The Great Compassion Sect was the top sect. They sent 30 disciples into the Saint’s Tomb, which were divided into three teams.

Pang Tao led a team, and the other two teams were also led by two other members of the Twelve Minor Kings.

There were only ten people in a single team, which was similar to the team from Narcissus Island.

“It’s just a small matter, let’s not bother them both. Come on.” Pang Tao waved his hand.

Pang Tao and the nine Great Compassion Sect disciples in his team immediately set out towards Jian Wushuang.

At that very moment, the inner area was crowded with talented disciples from various sects who gathered there.

Most of the disciples were at the abyss of trial, attempting to cross those trial bridges.

Although there were only eight trial bridges left, each trial bridge could house multiple people at the same time. Therefore, those disciples did not need to queue up. Many disciples who turned up earlier had already tried those trial bridges one after another, but none were successful.

Those sect disciples who have been tested did not loiter around the abyss of trials. Instead, they were scattered at every corner of the inner area.

The ten disciples from Narcissus Island were also gathered somewhere in a corner.

Jian Wushuang was still studying alone the Purple Blood Sword Principle, while the other nine disciples gathered in small groups and chatted casually.

“Junior Wushuang is neither conceited nor rash. Many genius disciples that are good at swordsmanship are looking for him, but he was not worried at all. He just sits there studying all by himself.”

“What is there to worry about? No one but us knows that he passed the eight trial bridge’s test. As long as we don’t let out tongues slip, no one will come after him.”

“To be honest, I’ve never thought so highly of Junior Brother Wushuang before. It seems that although he has a lower realm, he is talented.”

“That’s for sure. How can he be just an ordinary person if he could pass the eighth trial bridge which so many sword principle geniuses failed?”

Those Narcissus Island core disciples had a huge change of attitude towards Jian Wushuang during the conversation.

Even though Jian Wushuang had never shown them his real strength and powers, he had won their respect by passing through the eighth trial bridge’s test.

Those core disciples were not stupid either. They knew that luck alone would not bring Jian Wushuang his success but rather his outstanding sword skills. Furthermore, even if Jian Wushuang overcame the trials by luck, he bagged the opportunities that came with it. After his return to Narcissus Island, the higher-ups of Narcissus Island would notice his potential and make him one of the core disciples.

All core disciples and they were of equal status, no one would be looking down on each other.

Zhong Yi, Su Tong, and Wei Qing stood together in a clearing.

“Junior Brother Wei Qing, how is your injury recovering?” asked Zhong Yi.

“Not bad. Although there’s still a long way to return to my peak, I can handle a fight,” answered Wei Qing.

Zhong Yi smiled. “That’s good. Now that there is no need to collect Purple Amulets and each of us has also attempted the trial bridges’ tests, we will just wait patiently for Fengtian Scroll’s six observation seats to appear one by one. We shall try our best to fight for a seat if there’s a chance.”

“Hmm.” Su Tong and Wei Qing both nodded their heads.

Neither the Purple Amulets which allowed its owners to enter the Divine Power Ocean nor the opportunities that came along with the tests appeared as the most tempting opportunity of Saint’s Tomb.

After all, the most fascinating thing was the six seats to observe Fengtian Scroll and be enlightened in the process.

That was the greatest opportunity. The tomb was opened so many times, and every time the six seats appeared, a bloody storm was to be expected. Talented disciples who finally got those six seats saw a great improvement in their strength after they got a look at the Fengtian Scroll.

Progress in power and cultivation were what all disciples were after.

Among the trio of Zhong Yi, Su Tong, and Wei Qing, Wei Qing was a Second-Class Divine Demon who knew very well that he was unable to contest for a seat.

On the other hand, Zhong Yi and Su Tong were both extremely powerful First-Class Divine Demons and had a strong desire for those six seats.

“By the way, Senior Brother Zhong Yi, shall we send a message to the Elders that Junior Brother Wushuang had passed the eighth trial bridge,” asked Su Tong suddenly.

“Shall we tell the Elders?” Zhong Yi pondered for a moment and then shook his head. “No, we are not in a hurry to do that. Anyway, we are all safe now. There is no need to report this to the Elders. Let’s wait till we return safely to Narcissus Island before bringing that up.”

“Well, I think so too.” Su Tong also nodded.

But at that moment…

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the void some distance away, a total of ten black spots zoomed in at an astonishing speed.

Those ten black shadows were not only fast but also amazingly powerful. Their presence stirred up a commotion.

Many sect disciples were startled along the way.

“They are…from the Great Compassion Sect?”

“Yes, they are from the Great Compassion Sect. Their leader is Pang Tao, who is ranked sixth among the Twelve Minor Kings.”

“Pang Tao looks aggressive. I wonder who has offended him?”

“Who knows? Pang Tao is the top sword cultivator among the younger generation in the Wusha Wilderness. His master, Fan Jianxian was even more famous. He went into the tomb aiming for the eighth trial bridge’s test, but the bridge was crossed and as a result, its opportunity was claimed. He was annoyed when he found out about it.”

“Had he managed to find the person who crossed the eighth trial bridge?”

“Let’s go along and have a look.”

Many sect disciples arrived with Pang Tao and his team members.

In the blink of an eye, Pang Tao and his team members appeared in front of Narcissus Island disciples.

The ten disciples of Narcissus Island stood up one after another and looked over at Pang Tao and his members. The only exception was Jian Wushuang who was still quietly studying.

Zhong Yi’s and Su Tong’s expressions sank as they looked at those incoming people.

“Pang Tao and everyone from the Great Compassion Sect, what brought you here?” Zhong Yi stepped forward and asked. As the top genius of Narcissus Island, although he could not match Pang Tao, he should at least remain calm before Pang Tao. On the contrary, the other disciples of Narcissus Island were in awe when facing Pang Tao.

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