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The new book has been uploaded: "I have a GBA", welcome to join!

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While arranging his father's relics, Yan Chong discovered an old handheld game console. After clearing the game, he was able to gain the abilities inside. In order to find the cause of his father's death, he also entered the world of reincarnation.

The enemy is the samsara armed with teeth...but!

You said you are strong? I have the engulfing ability in "Kabi"

You said you are equipped? I have the magic guide from "Devil City"!

You said you changed the plot? I have the "objection Ali" in "Reversal Referee"!

You say you have many pets? I have the beast tamer system in Pokemon!

You say your site is big? I have an entire ranch in "Ranch Story"!

You say you have many younger brothers? I have the commander skills in Advanced Warfare!

Yan Chong: I just like to see you beat me, but I can't scold me!

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