Chapter 1 The right way to see the thighs

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As a highly educated person, Gao Xianda never believed in any supernatural phenomena. Anything like resurrection, reappearance of the situation, and predicting the future are nonsense to him in the tabloid tabloid. So when these things really happened to him, he was stunned.

In order to better understand the current state of Gao Xianda, let us return to the day before.

In 1992, Los Santos, United States.

Just after eight o'clock, the host's passionate voice came from the car's radio: "Today is Monday, June 15, Luo Shengdu continues to maintain sunny and high temperature. The maximum temperature is 99 degrees (Fahrenheit) , Equivalent to 37 degrees Celsius), the minimum temperature is 77 degrees (25 degrees), please pay attention to heatstroke and sunscreen. Here is a news for you: ......"

Gao Xianda wiped his sweat and couldn't help but scolded: "This **** weather, it hasn't rained for a week, it's about to kill people!"

Even at eight o'clock in the morning, the oblique sunlight has already faintly scorched momentum. As the sun gradually rises, it won't take long for the cars in the sun to become movable ovens.

As long as an air conditioner is turned on, this old police car of Gausenda will vibrate violently and make a huge noise like throwing dumbbells into the washing machine and stirring it. In order to prevent others from mistakenly thinking that he was doing something bad, he had to turn off the fire, and then all four windows were shaken down, hoping to have a trace of wind blowing to bring some coolness. But this is obviously useless, and sweat keeps drilling out of the skin, soaking the clothes.

But heat also has heat benefits. Gao Xianda's eyes swept through the blue-film sunglasses to the street, which was full of white flowers and thighs. The girls wore low-cut suspenders, short skirts and hot pants, and walked down the street with flip-flops. It's a great scenery.

Forgot to say that Gao Xianda is a policeman and is now picking up his boss to work.

In the United States, it is not so easy to be a policeman, especially for a Chinese. Fortunately, he is a third-generation immigrant who is already a "rooted American", at least on the bright side will not be discriminated against.

But secretly, he will still be treated by secret inequality. Most of the white classmates who graduated from the police school during the same period have been assigned to work in important departments such as the anti-drug group, the anti-triad group, and the serious case group. Although his achievements in the police school are among the best, they can only be the bottom Patrol officer.

Driving a car to patrol a few fixed streets every day to maintain order and post fines is fine. This is a free job for people who just want to eat a lot of food, but it is also destined to stay away from the opportunity for rapid promotion .

It's like his boss, a black man named Brad, is almost fifty this year, and half of his feet have entered the retirement door. He has worked as a policeman all his life. Although he has achieved a higher rank than Gao Xianda, he is still only a team leader. As a two-member patrol policeman, his subordinates were actually only Gao Xianda who had just joined the office.

So Brad had long understood that he had no hope of being promoted, and now he just wanted to settle down until retirement.

Like most black people at the bottom of society, Brad advocates strength rather than wisdom. He even has muscles in his head. His spare time is spent in the gym, and otherwise, his personal hobby is only eating.

So he was piled up very tall, nearly two meters tall, weighing no less than three hundred pounds, full of muscle mass, looking like a moving meat mountain.

Shortly after eight o'clock, he arrived, pulled the door open, and sat in. The entire police car was crushed and dropped a few centimeters.

"Good morning!" Brad exclaimed, his voice as big as his physique. Then threw a paper bag.

"Burger Shot (BurgerShot) special sale, buy one get one for the double-decker (MeatStack), I will help you with one." Brad said.

Gao Xianda said with a smile: "Daiqing eats so greasy in the morning, no wonder you are all three hundred pounds." But he still took the paper bag and asked casually: "Buy one get one free? This gave me, a burger Can you eat it?"

"What are you kidding," Brad laughed, taking out a larger paper bag, "Buy one get one free, buy three get three free, and I have five more!"

Burger’s new double-layer imperial fort is an upgraded version of their special burger beef tower (BeefTower), full-faced, with two layers of thick and thin beef patties, three slices of bacon and an omelette There are also a lot of lettuce, onions and tomatoes as supplements, which look very important. The special sauce is also given enough. When it is pinched in your hand, it will slowly flow down to sticky yellow cheese, full of a greasy feeling.

Gao Xianda's height of 1.8 meters and the weight of 170 kilograms are considered to be a general form among the Chinese. His appetite can't be too small, but eating this greasy food early in the morning, his appetite will not be too good. He just bite it slowly, and for a while he only ate half of it.

Brad eats this kind of junk food but it is completely another state. It only takes three or four mouths, and a huge imperial castle enters his belly. He was able to destroy the five imperial castles faster than Gauchenda had to eat the half of them.

During the meal, Gao Xianda's eyes continued to drift on those thighs on the street. This is a rare enjoyment as a patrol officer. But the streets are not full of beauties, and occasionally sweeping to some exposed dinosaurs or bloated aunts, it also makes people appetite.

Today's luck is good, there is a hot figure attracted the attention of Gao Xianda.

It is not an exaggeration to describe the word "beauty". She wore a low-cut white shirt, a tight skirt, and open-toe high-heeled sandals. She twisted and walked, revealing her graceful figure. Her two slender beautiful legs are carved out of white jade, and the vermilion painted on her toenails is the red agate inlaid on it. A pair of not less than 36E** shakes left and right with a light pace, showing softness and elasticity. And her face is even more beautiful, so that Gao Xianda even produced an illusion of deja vu.

A leather bag hung between her left elbows, a cup of coffee in her hand, and a mobile phone in her right hand, making a phone call while walking.

People who look good are generally not too poor. In 1992, the mobile phone was still a new thing, and the huge Logo on her bag also showed off its value to outsiders.

The beauty does not seem to be in a good mood from the expression, and is arguing with someone, but this does not affect her beauty at all. After all, she is just a passer-by, and her mood is not related to Gao Xianda, as long as the neckline is low enough and the skirt short enough.

At this time, a person next to the office worker seemed to be in a hurry, rushing over in a hurry without looking at the road. The beauty was bumped accidentally.

She was wearing high heels, she had an unstable center of gravity, and she took another pile of things in her hand. The bag in her hand was knocked to the ground and her coffee was scattered all over the place.

The beauty quickly stooped to pick up the bag. Her bust was sturdy and her neckline was low. The two groups of greasiness on her chest were looming in simple clothes.

This is indeed a great scenery. Gao Xianda took a deep sip. The secret road was really worth it today. She paid a lot of attention to her.

But at this time, a person suddenly appeared in the diagonal thorn, grabbed the handbag on the ground, and ran quickly!

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