Chapter 760 Asking Xin Dan’s sensation again (below)

The 381rd chapter asks Xin Dan's sensation again (below)

Yang Chen and Gong Sunling started together, even if they arrived at the place where the medicine gourd was located, it would take several months. Both of them are in Yang Chen's shuttle. This time, Yang Chen did not intend to publicize, but he was very low-key.

Anyway, Yang Chen and Gong Sunling are together. They love each other. On this road, it doesn't matter how long or short. The two are happy.

Not to mention the lingering affair between the two people, there is another thing in recent days, which leads to the whole door.

The matter is still in Baguio Xiandao and Qingyunzong, but it is not Yang Chen’s proposal to Shi Shanshan and Sun Guangxiue, but in just less than two months, the two masters have a new Mahayana. The master of the period was promoted.

Da Zongmen has a master of the Yuan Yingfeng peak and is promoted to the Mahayana period. This is not a surprising thing. However, the promotion of the Mahayana period is not so easy.

At that time, the elders of Hua Ting Tinghua spent almost a hundred years and competed with the blood demon vines. This was only a little help with Yang Chen.

In the last hundred years since then, there has not been a new master of the Mahayana period. The old tree demon is its own accumulation and it is not the demon family. The true Taoist monk, after a hundred years, there is only one Wang Yong of the Pure Yang Palace.

However, Wang Yongduo was only a few years after he was promoted and promoted. There are two Yuan Yingfeng peaks, and they are all related to the Pure Yang Palace. This has to be surprising.

In fact, everyone understands that this is definitely a credit for the heart. This kind of good thing that allows the masters of the Mahayana to take the opportunity to break through the realm is used in the body of Yuan Ying, and it is also a spirit that can make people feel reborn. medicine.

Wang Yong’s promotion is related to Wen Xin, and the two masters of Baguio Xiandao and Qingyun Zong are also related to Wen Xin. After the confirmation of the two major sects, the value of Wen Xindan has once again soared to a higher level. I don't know how many people who are trapped in Yuan Yingfeng's waiting for life, and want to get a question.

Everyone knows that Dan Dan, who asked Xin Dan, is in the hands of Yang Chen of Chunyang Palace. All the questions that have appeared now are from Yang Chen's handwriting, with no exception.

All eyes seem to be concentrated in the Pure Yang Palace. If placed in the past, a small second-class martial art, there must be a high-handed door, coercion and lure, to the pure Yang Palace will ask the Dan of the heart Dan handed over, or forced Yang Chen to help refine the heart of Dan.

However, unlike today, the current Pure Yang Palace is not the former Wuxia Amon, and has established a cooperative alliance with Baguio Xiandao Qingyunzong. Even if it is Taitianmen, there is no such thing as a sorrowful grievance. How is the Pure Yang Palace.

Moreover, some large-scale gates are clear. Even Baguio Xiandao and Chunyang Palace, if they want to refine their minds, they must pay enough compensation to Chunyang Palace and Yang Chen, and they must also bring their own medicine.

From this point of view, whether it is the Five Elements or the Qiankun Gate, I think that I can pull a relationship with Chunyang Palace. Otherwise, it will not accept the compensation of the small secrets of Baguio Xiandao and Qingyunzong, and it will be even closer to the two main gates. It is clear that you want to go through the Baguio Xiandao and Qingyunzong, and the Pure Yang Palace.

After all, there has never been any intersection before, even if it is the Five Elements and the Qiankun Gate, it is impossible to look down on the Pure Yang Palace with the high eyes. If you are seeking people, you must have an attitude of seeking people. At this point, the five elements and the Qiankunmen do well enough, and they have enough patience.

There are no years of practice, and the years and decades of the district are used to establish a good cooperative relationship. It is not a big deal for those of these large gates. Even if it takes longer, it is definitely worth it. If you don’t look at Baguio Xiandao and Qingyunzong, it’s just a few decades of cooperation, isn’t it?

Similarly, does Taitianmen not want to get a question? However, the previous arrangements for Yang Chen against the Pure Yang Palace have completely pushed the Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen to the opposite side. Even if Taitianmen wants to have a relationship with Chunyang Palace, it is impossible to remember the hatred of Yang Chen’s past life.

In the Battle of Midi, Taitianmen lost five Mahayana masters, and the two masters lost three of them. There was still some balance. After all, the two masters still have no deep gates. The number of such top players still has some insufficient.

Originally, there were still a few advantages, but now, the sad reminder of Tiantianmen can only watch the two masters in less than a few years, and cultivate two new masters of the Mahayana period. Moreover, Baguio Xiandao and Qingyun Zong asked Xin Dan to be in the hands, and this situation will only appear more and more.

For Taitianmen, this is absolutely fatal. If you let the current situation develop, the top strength of Taitianmen will be surpassed by Baguio Xiandao and Qingyunzong, and at this moment the power of Taitianmen’s reserve is hit hard, the leader of Taitianmen Status is already in jeopardy.

All of this seems to be related to Yang Chen. Ren Taitianmen’s top executives wanted to break their heads, and they couldn’t figure out why a kid in the early days of Jin Dan, who looked at the practice under their eyes, could have brought them so much trouble.

From the body of Wen Xindan, the top of Taitianmen seems to have speculated about the death of the Yuan Ying master who killed Chen Chen and the killers. With such a good thing, please move one or two masters of the Mahayana period to secretly protect, it is not impossible.

With this speculation, the high-rises of Taitianmen suddenly had no confidence in killing Yang Chen. Such a enchanting guy, if there are several secret protections of the Mahayana masters, what kind of lineup can Yang Chen kill?

The problem is that for the development of the Zongmen, Yang Chen must be killed now. Otherwise, once Yang Chen refines more and more questions, the threat to Taitianmen will increase. Now Wuxingzong and Qiankunmen are faintly reversing to the Chunyang Palace. Once the other four sects have received Yang Chen’s worries and only the Tianmen Gate is not there, the pile of Taitianmen is simply a deadly threat. .

In any case, Yang Chen should be killed. Not only that, but it is also necessary to grab or destroy the Danfang that Yang Chen may have left. I am afraid that it is not enough to deal with one Yang Chen alone, but also to count the pure Yang Palace.

There is no moment, Taitianmen will feel that the small second-rate sect of Chunyang Palace will be so threatening, and will want to get rid of it.

Everything, just because Yang Chen is a enchanting character. If that stupid guy didn't throw Yang Chen out of the gate of Taitianmen, how good it would be!


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