Chapter 1 Reborn ()

The first chapter is born again (1) ("")

When people say that they are dying, they will think of a lot of things they have done in their lifetime, especially those that are missed, regretted, and most unwilling. Yang Chen is now in such a situation.

The first one that flashed in my mind was the situation when Yang Chen was wanted to sue no way to go. The culprit screamed in front of Yang Chen’s eyes, but Yang Chen was seriously injured and could not resist.

"People are killing me, things are what I do, then what? Now who will believe you? You are the murderer!" Yang Xiao’s smirk on his face was incomparably clear in front of Yang Chen’s eyes: "Tell you, I sent the news out. It was the Taitianmen who came to me. I killed him. I am relying on you. What about it?"

"You are despicable!" Yang Chen, who was seriously injured, could not confront Yang Lan at first. He could only grieve.

"What are you? Are you also equipped with Wannian Zhuguo? You don't sneak into the urine to look at yourself?" Yang Lan sneered: "I told you to Tiantianmen, you are eager to see the Tianmen and the Lord." If you kill the murderer, Taitianmen rewards me with Zhuguo, but kills you. If you blame, you blame you for not knowing the current affairs. When you handed over the Zhuguo, did you not have anything? You are a housekeeper. The raw oysters, also with Zhu Guo? Also dare to reject my request?"

The second thing that emerged was that Yang Chen’s beautiful master was forced by the Taitianmen’s main master to ask her to do a practice, and the beautiful master’s swearing death, anger and self-sufficiency.

"Yang Chen, go, how far is it to go, don't think about revenge for me, live, go!" The eyes of the beautiful master's eyes are so clear in Yang Chen's mind, even if it is dying. At the time, Yang Chen could feel the pain of the heart.

"Master, blame me! I blame me for being tired of you!" Yang Chenxi was crying in front of Master.

Because of a Zhuguo, Yang Chen was framed by Yang Lan, and now even implicated in the division. The contemporary doorkeeper of Taitianmen suddenly found out that Yang Chen’s beautiful master was a rare and full-fledged root, and made a decision on the way to ask her to do her own practice. The four Yuan Ying monks of Taitianmen surrounded the Chunyang Palace. At this moment, there is no way to go to heaven.

"Yang Chen, go!" The resoluteness in the eyes of the beautiful master has never changed. A **** Dafa sent Yang Chen out of the encirclement, and Yang Chen saw Master's last glance, but it was her scene of self-explosive Yuan Ying.

"Master!" Yang Chen’s fierce cry, almost for a few dozen miles.

The third scene that emerged was that Yang Chen had just ascended. Yang Chenyuan thought that he had been able to revenge before he was soaring, but he did not expect it. After all, he was alone in the face of the people. In the face of the door of Taitianmen, there was still nothing to do, and he eventually had to fly. However, after the ascent, the encounter was actually too Tianmen’s dependence on the spiritual world.

"Flying you are also a waste, keep you, is to set an example for others, let them know that I offend my end!" The original Tiantianmen, the current Xuantianmen deputy, sneer at Yang Chen, He was banned.

Everyone after the ascent can see the miserable situation of Yang Chen, but the Xuantian Gate is big, but no one dares to have any complaints. Anyway, suffering from suffering is Yang Chen, everyone only when he is a lesson. Yang Chen, for this reason, suffered thousands of years of suffering.

But soon, Yang Chen’s memory returned to the happiest picture, the moment when his beautiful master gave his first flying sword.

"Yang Chen, this Mingguang sword, I specially made it for you, you take it well, practice it and practice it!" Master's filigree jade pinched the Mingguang sword and sent it to Yang Chen. At that moment, it was Yang Chen is the happiest moment on the road to practice.

The picture was fixed, and there was a painful heartache in the body. Yang Chen couldn’t help but scream.


A long scream, heard from Yang Chenkou, the voice is full of unwillingness, and all the people around him are shocked.

"Who dares to shout loudly here?" A anger came over, and then a figure appeared suddenly, and suddenly saw the morning of the crowd still holding his mouth and stunned.

"There is no reason for the mountain gate. It is so rude to enter the mountain gate. You don't have to participate in this year's Lingen test!" Yang Chen hasn't seen what it looks like. The people have already had a big sleeve, Yang Chenshen. I couldn't help but fly out of my own, and danced in the air, flying far away.

With a bang, Yang Chen fell heavily on the ground and couldn't get up for a long time. But this pain also made Yang Chen understand that he was still alive.

Still alive under the temperament of the elders? This is simply a surprise. What is this pain? Under the ecstasy of Yang Chen’s heart, he was waiting to run Xuan Gong, healed the pain, but found that there was no magic power in his body.

Under the shock, Yang Chen almost could not believe it. Once again, there is still no movement. Is the mana lost? This is a big trouble. Yang Chen’s heart suddenly trembled and suddenly thought of the situation. Mountain gate? Linggen test? what is that?

Now Yang Chen discovered that he is not in the battlefield of the fairyland, but in a very strange place. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and beautiful scenery, it looks like a good place to cultivate.

Struggling to get up and sit up, Yang Chen discovered that he was wearing a coarse cloth on his body, and his waist was awkward. Under the touch, he touched a sharp sharp hatchet.

Boom, Yang Chen’s mind is like a thunder bomb, and he instantly understands it. This is the time when he participated in the Linggen test of Taitianmen. Under the bombardment of the demon explosion, Dafa did not die, but also returned to his childhood.

"This is the mortal outside the gate of the Tiantianmen!" Looking at the distantly familiar figures filled with various eyes, Yang Chen was completely sure that he was born again. The reason why those people are so familiar is that they have forgotten for a long time, for a full 10,000 years.

However, for a long time, Yang Chen’s hatred of Taitianmen cannot be eliminated. Yang Lan entered the Taitianmen. Later, he killed the Shaomenmen, but he relied on his own head. All the sufferings of the whole are related to this thing, this martial art.

From a big Luo Jinxian suddenly became a common man, in addition to hatred, Yang Chen did not know how to describe the mood at this time. But one thing is certain, in any case, I am still alive. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and soldiers will kill themselves, at least they are still alive, and still live in the most anticipated moment.

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