Chapter 109 I Heard that My Fiance is Super Fierce Chapter 109

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Melson resigned after the banquet hall incident, and his younger brother was also reclaimed at the same time. The Melson family disappeared almost overnight in the time limit of the Assyrian people.

On the contrary, Devitt, the Zerg accumulated a lot of support for the people, and the power to fight against the House and the House, and because Melson’s resignation was on him.

Therefore, before the House did not elect a new prime minister, most of Assyria’s highest decisions were made by Devitt alone. In this regard, the House has attempted to elect an entire jury to temporarily work for the Prime Minister to prevent the military from being too powerful, but it has to be resolved because there are still problems in the interior.

During that time, he advocated the idea of ​​decentralization, and he was very jealous that the Speakers of the Ministry of Military Affairs were full of people every day, and they were deeply afraid that Devitt’s greed and ignorance would like to control Assyria alone.

The people in the military department are just the opposite, especially those that have some small ideas in their hearts.

Just let them sway directly in front of Devitt. They are not afraid. They are even less dare to go to Wen. Therefore, the number of people visiting Mrs. Margaret every day has risen.

The venues for those tea parties were gradually changed from outside to the Bertram estate.

When I came to visit, my wife thought a lot of thoughts at first. Most of them would like to bring some gifts. In the pretext of not being able to empty the door, I thought about it, but all of them were rejected by Mrs. Margaret. Said, Mrs. Margaret will also let the old housekeeper attach some other small gifts.

This is a lot more, and it seems that Mrs. Margaret does not seem to be a reasonable person. This group of ladies slowly disappears and dare not mention more gifts.

However, they recently discovered that there is a gift, Mrs. Margaret is receiving, although they will be given a small gift back on the same day, but in any case, it is personal love, take the opportunity to catch a few words. That is the first step to their success.

Then the various ladies began to gather all the various As-Titus.

That's right, it's the soil.

When I first knew the news, the big ladies still wondered if their ears were out of order. They were curious about what kind of baby Mrs. Margaret had planted, so many of them were bold and asked. Over.

Thinking about what everyone is planting together, maybe there is more common topic.

However, Mrs. Margaret did not respond to this, and gave a very strict review of the soil that each lady sent to the past, like a Queen Mother who was checking the meals for the grandson.

"Is it just a kind of baby?" Recalling the posture of Mrs. Margaret's examination of the soil, the ladies could not help but vomit.

In this regard, Mrs. Margaret never answered positively. Just the frequency of going to drink tea is decreasing linearly, and the time spent at home is getting longer and longer. The papers written by Wen Yu were also turned over and became crumpled.

Usually do not let the old housekeeper or gentle hands, but also coldly said that strict education must start from the doll, absolutely can not give too much love, let it learn to find their own, adapt to a variety of environments.

Mrs. Margaret, who placed almost all the Assyrian soil in front of the flower bones, said.

In such a "strict" environment, the flower bones are getting fat every day, but the number of times the white fox has drilled has not increased.

In this regard, Mrs. Margaret is somewhat worried, very worried about whether this little guy is sick, and the "strict" environment has eased a lot. Even Wen Yan has noticed this.

"When this flower demon is tangible, it will not be so fragile." Wen Yan looked at the fatter seeds, and his eyes were deep. "I always think this guy is very dark. Mom is too used to it, and she doesn't know. Who."

Devitt is mulling a few seeds of warmth in the garden. The fox wants to try some seeds from the mainland, and the manor house is his first experimental field.

After planting it, Wen Wei did not have much control. Basically, the old butler and Devitt were taking care of it.

After fiddling with a few leaves, Devitt raised his eyebrows and seemed to think of something interesting. He touched his head and said, "Is the head still hurting?"

"It doesn't hurt." Wen Yan shook his head. He had the courage to go to Detroit's famous ski resort in the past two days. He had a good time, but his physique, he went home and became ill. Fortunately, this guy has enough time to fix it in this time. It will be good to take a day or two.

But since he found out that he was sick, Devitt gave him more and more delicious food, and he began to pretend to be sick.

This is already the eleventh day of the "headache" of the sick fox. The reason for the recovery is that the fruit that Devitt bought for him since he was ill has already reached the bottom.

"Well?" Devitt's action on the hand, "The new Jiaoguo is here..."

When he said half of it, he seemed to think of something. He didn't continue to talk about it. He touched Wen's head and turned away.

Wen Yan stood in the same place and blinked.

Thirty minutes later, a fat fox relapsed and went to the garden to find Devette to be pitiful. By the way, he had gone five sweet fruits.

From the place where they planted the seeds, straight up, it was the position of Mrs. Margaret's room, and at this moment, the lady's room was standing with a transparent little white fox, and her eyes were wide and stunned. Looking at the gentleness of the fruit.

When Mrs. Margaret returned to the room, she saw a bunch of flowers that were not waisted and bent down.

"...How can it get sick?" Mrs. Margaret stretched her face and stared at the ruined flower bone, which she felt very incomprehensible.

"I don't know," Wen Wei, who was shouted, stood sullenly. "Change it, the next time you might grow up as Devitt."

Wen Hao always felt that this flower looks like Mrs. Devit Margaret should be more loved.

As soon as the voice fell, the little flower bones shook silently.

Devitt blinked, looked at the defeated little guy, and looked at the fox who was leaning against him next to him. When he wanted to say something, he saw the lady next to Mrs. Margaret shaking her head resolutely. , "No."

Devitt had a meal, and had not had time to experience the feeling of being dismissed by his biological mother. He saw the little flower bones on the other side of the body.

"Take it out," Mrs. Margaret said indifferently.

The small flower bone that had not been able to reach the waist immediately panic, and without waiting for it to react, he was stunned by the gloating.

Still not lost, Devette was placed in the garden of the corridor.

However, even in the garden, the small flower bones that grew up in the greenhouse have never suffered such aggrieved, and the open-air environment is much more cruel than Mrs. Margaret's room.

The next day, the Assyrian rainstorm, the little white fox reappeared in the center of the flower bone. It looked very hard to struggle out from the edge of the flower bone. It was still very difficult for the flower demon to get out of the body too far. Although the fox is only a mimetic, but the hairs of the whole body also hang down because of depression and raindrops.

"Oh..." The little fox stopped somewhere and struggled to move forward with his paws, but he couldn’t get out and looked like he was stuck in that position.

The little fox, who failed to try again and again, was a little anxious, and slammed it on the ground with his little white claws. At this moment, a footstep was close.

The familiar taste floated in the air, and the little fox looked up and saw the cold face of Mrs. Margaret.

It was late at night, and the usual high-rise hair was hanging on the shoulder side, which made Mrs. Margaret's facial features look softer. She looked down at the little fox, half-squatting, and kicked her foot gently.

"嗷呜---!" A light scent came, the little fox shook his tail, raised his head, and a pair of black eyes sparkled in the rainy night.

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