Chapter 1 I Heard that My Fiance is Super Fierce Chapter 1

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The feelings of the people of the Assyrian Empire have been very bad recently, because their marshals were infected with the royal venom when they ran into the Zerg half a month ago, and two days ago, they were given a critically ill notice by the attending doctor. The sky of the empire seems to be gray.

The evidence on the forum can't be hardened, and it has long been a mess.

Water dream: God is my marshal! Was it so badly informed? ! What does it mean? The empire has a swearing oath for worms! How can you do this! Ask the marshal not to have an accident, begging the attending doctor not to give up!

There is a lot of fat: There is no solution to the worm poisoning. So what does the marshal have to save? Is Assyria completely destroyed?

Pig Man: I can't help but come up again and broke the news. I just knew it. My cousin worked at the Genetic Investigation Center. He heard that the elders said that he had not returned home for four days. Now the entire genetic survey center is working overtime. It is said that there is a beast that looks like the Marshal's gene, and they are stepping up their investigation.

Cocoa: I am going, beast? ! Does anyone wake me up, this group of people is crazy! Although I deeply feel that I have to let the marshal get better at all costs, but the beast? ! What can this stuff do? It’s all at stake, and I want the marshal to jump from the bed to get a contract. ! Did Assyria give up this method eight hundred years ago?

Eggs: I would rather believe that the miracle is not willing to believe that the Empire summit will come up with this way to save the marshal, this must be fake! After the conclusion of the bond with the beast, the same life and death, the current beast and the ancient beast can not be compared, let the marshal to bind a beast, and give him a layer of risk to make a difference! What's more, the spirit of the knot is made up, and there is no use at all. Who is this stupid thing to think of?---


The discussion of the collapse of the Internet has continued all the way to the planet Libike, the planet left behind by Marshal Devit, an incredible snoring that broke the silence of the morning.

"What a joke!"

Mark sneezed in the reprimand of Shangfeng, and he was exhausted by the high concentration of driving for more than 70 hours. However, he still played a 12-point spirit and looked at the cage in his hand. Straight back.

He was in a large sanatorium on the planet of Ribick. When the war broke out, it was once taken out by its owner for the transit station of the giants at that time. A month ago, after Devitt led the army to reinvent the Zerg, the frontier temporarily stopped, and the sanatorium gradually became colder--the shift of the transfer, and the remaining patients were not much.

Nowadays, inside and outside, Devette is personally guarded and guarded. Mark had also been heavily inspected before, and if he had just met Lieutenant General Casse, who had personally patrolled, he would most likely not enter.

After all the hardships and hardships, I finally saw Mark, who was in the past, and I was very excited. I thought about it because I didn’t want to.

Then there is the scene just after.

After completing Mark's Kass, he seemed to realize that the time and place were wrong. He glanced at Mark's face with a sullen face and took him to the conference room in the sanatorium. He looked at the electronic cage in Mark's hand ugly and screamed. Beast? You just said that you want the marshal to bind a beast at this critical moment?!"

Mark certainly knows the temper of Lieutenant General Kassel, but at this time he can never retreat. He is wearing a military uniform, and a special pin is hung on the bow tie next to the badge on the chest.

It was a memorial that had served under the Devitt Legion, shining in the sun, shining like a master with a stubborn light. Mark swallowed his lips and raised his head. He respected a standard military ceremony and looked tenacious. "This is a suggestion, Lieutenant General! As a Assyrian warrior, after careful consideration, he made suggestions for the future glory of the empire! ”

"Thinking fart!" Kass slammed the table, glaring at Mark, but did not say the following for a long time.

Waiting for the mark of the training, and looking at the past, I found that the mad warrior Casse, who had been screamed in the army and was screaming and screaming, was suddenly red.

Mark is better than anyone who knows that he has been on the peak of the temper. He does not believe that Casse will show this expression because of the strong Zerg. The other person’s character is not afraid of the day, so that he can do this, only because it is ---

"Lieutenant, Marshal, he---" Mark squinted his eyes wide and his body suddenly stiffened.

The rumors that I had heard before swayed into his brain one by one, and looked at the face of Kassel’s unsightly look. Mark only felt that a heart was falling, and at this moment, a clear voice sounded.

"Try it."

The door of the conference room did not know when it was opened, and came in and dressed in a white military uniform... It was Archie! Mark blinked and quickly stood up again, rushing to Achi to salute, "Mr. Archie!"

It was Marshal Devitt who played from childhood to a big friend. He was also the medic who rushed to the battlefield the first time after the Zerg war. After Devette’s serious injury, he was a doctor at the center and he remained in Libike.

Recalling the three words that Achi had just said, Mark’s eyes couldn’t help but light up.

Archie approached him, no scruples on the side of Kaiser's hesitant look, reached out and doubled on the black exterior of the electronic cage, and the case of the black winter began to become transparent. This is a one-way shielded glass, which is closed and is a low-lying beast.

"Fox?" Looking at the little guy who was sleeping quietly with his eyes closed and his body had obvious wounds. Archie’s eyes showed a hint of surprise. "The kind of breed of the beast has not seen it for a long time. Quite good looking."

" a low-level beast, the image analysis is not very good, but there are too few beasts to match the marshal, I am thinking, if there is a miracle." Mark seems to have been stunned, or I couldn't help but ask, "Ah, Lieutenant General Archie, how is his marshal's current situation...?"

Archie’s eyes showed a bit of loss. “Two hours later, the toxins will enter the heart.”

As he said, he couldn't help but look back and look out the window. With a gaze, a colorful bird flew in the sky. It was a beast that accompanied Aqi for more than 20 years. "The barrier that was previously implanted has failed. The toxins that infiltrate his internal organs will spread directly into the heart. Together with the damaged energy nuclear movement, the two hidden dangers will erupt at the same time. No one can do it. The elders have already closed their hands. ""

After Aki's faint voice, there was a brief silence in the conference room, but soon it was broken.

"Receive the hand? What is the hand? Doesn't it matter?" Mark Yi, for more than a month of depression, he couldn't help but broke out for the first time, and now he forgot the ranks. The fist, the emotion is a little excited, "That is the marshal! Do not insist on how to stop at the last moment! The marshal uses his life to fight for the safety of the empire, poisoning into such a tenacious support, how can we not give up in him When you stop ---"

"Mark!" Kasser interrupted Mark.

Archie paused for a moment, replied, then looked down at the cage in the hands of Mark, with a few obsessions in his eyes. "I don't want to give up."


Accompanied by Kass, Mark was sitting in the observation room arranged by Archie.

The room in which Devitt was poisoned, if not fully armed, ordinary people are not allowed to enter casually, even if they wear anti-drug clothes, the time spent in it is also strictly regulated, which causes this kind of The presence of the observation room.

Looking at a few people in the room wearing anti-drug clothes, they got a knot, and after they had the blood of the little fox and Devitt, they retired. Mark began to go away. He didn’t know how Archie was trying to convince the elders. But he knows that with such a result, Archie must have been under considerable pressure.

To be honest, he saw someone saying that the map of the little beast and the marshal was similar, and it was a bit irrational to think that he didn’t want to rush to it. But... This month, the marshal’s serious injuries are shrouded in the heads of all of them, and everyone’s hearts are actually depressed.

People know nothing about the terrible things of the Zerg. Only those who have really fought on the battlefield will understand that today’s Zerg, in addition to the venom, makes the empire unable to do anything, their military technology and physical quality are actually ahead of The empire, especially the physical quality, but the soldiers who have fought with the Zerg will probably leave a deep shadow.

Before Devitt did not take over the command of the first battlefield of the Zerg, the empire was almost defeated repeatedly. They broke a large number of soldiers, and even the line of defense began to be in jeopardy. It was Devitt’s armor and they were now able to reluctantly Achieving a confrontation with the Zerg.

Thinking of this, Mark couldn't help but sigh and looked down at his own hand, which was personally inspected by Archie, the report of the little fox.

He was seriously injured, his ability was very low, and his death was dangerous. He should have known for a long time... When the fox was sent to the genetic survey center, he was already suffering from a minor injury. It was said that it was accidentally caused by the arrest. At that time The veterinarian told him that the extent of the empire's veterinary surgery is certainly fierce.

Let a scorpion be a wounded beast to save a high-order abilities who have almost destroyed the inner shell?

Mark sat in front of the monitor and felt the ridiculousness of his thoughts for the first time.

The observation room was quiet and quiet. It seemed that the atmosphere in the air was heavier. Suddenly, Mark, who had looked away from the report, noticed that the little fox on the screen that had been detained had been withdrawn from everyone. After five minutes in the room, I stood up slowly! And also broke away from the gas mask that Archie brought to him before he left?

The scar on the little guy seems to have been treated, but the wound is still clearly visible. The white hair on the soft body is covered with blood stains. When he takes him out of the genetic survey center, Mark himself feels magical. It was the first time he saw such a small beast, not much bigger than the palm of his hand, and it was really as serious as the doctor said on the way, he was seriously unconscious and refused to open his eyes, and he was put into a nursing cage. I struggled awkwardly, and immediately went to sleep in a comfortable position.

More than seventy hours of driving time did not open his eyes.

But once it was placed next to Devitt... did it stand up?

The mark in front of the screen thought of this, could not help but straighten up the body, staring at the screen with concentration, when he found that the little guy's weak footsteps were toward Devitt, feeling that his heartbeat seemed to be suspended.

The little beast in the screen is still moving in the direction of Devitt. The soft big tail is dragged behind him. The look of lack of strength seems to make people feel uncomfortable, and the footsteps are somewhat faltering. The little fox stared at Devitt with his wet big eyes, as if he was angry... Mark didn’t know why he had such an idea. A low-order beast would not be afraid to see high-level abilities. Is it angry? How can this be? But the eyes of the little fox seemed to be burning like a flame.

Just as Mark stared at the eyes of the little fox, he saw the latter suddenly sticking out his claws. From the direction of the monitor, Mark could even see the pink and tender meat pad under the white hair of the paw--- Second, the little fox who was still walking unsteadily, the body seemed to burst into a huge amount of energy in a flash, and a paw slammed on Devet's face!

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