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"Hmm!" Lin Qingyin responded subconsciously and walked towards him involuntarily. Jiang Wei took his hand very naturally, with warmth in his eyes: "What did you see in the human world this time?"

Lin Qingyin was stunned for a moment and then he sighed softly, "I am a stunned king and the people don't talk about life. Even if I'm a sworn bird, I can't do anything to face this situation. The world is unstable, and the world will not be peaceful. The beast can’t intervene directly because of Heaven’s Dao. Qinglong, haven’t we been exhausted?”

Lin Qingyin's heart was bleak, but it was mixed with a little clarity to make her a little unclear. She looked down at herself unconsciously, and found that she was not wearing simple sportswear, but a colorful and lazy Chinese suit.

When Lin Qingyin felt a little embarrassed, Jiang Wei raised his hand and touched Lin Qingyin's hair. It was exactly the same as Lin Qingyin's movement of rubbing Jiang Wei's hair when he laughed: "How is it possible, we are Swiss beasts."

A desperate bleak came to mind, Lin Qingyin knew that this was just a word to comfort her. The world was in chaos, how could Rui Beast not be affected. She turned and buried her head in Jiang Wei's arms, a tear in the corner of her eyes.

Jiang Wei stretched his hands around Lin Qingyin's body and sighed silently.

In Jiang Wei's arms, Lin Qingyin felt that there was a feeling of attachment to her, which made her calm and firm. The two hugged quietly for a long time. When Lin Qingyin hadn't figured out what was going on, he suddenly felt empty and heard a deafening cry in his ear. Lin Qingyin looked up and found that the palace and Jiang Wei were gone. , Standing on a muddy path, in front of a group of undressed people crying and kneeling at her.

Lin Qingyin was sad to see this scene, but she knew that all things in the world were regular, even if she was a Swiss bird, she should not intervene. Just as she turned and left, a young man with a healthy posture suddenly caught up and hurriedly pleaded with her hoarse throat while running towards her.

Lin Qingyin knew that she should leave sooner, but she couldn't bear to see the eyes of the people behind her, and finally took out a feather with divine power and handed it to the young man against the heavens.

"I hope you can build a peaceful world!" She heard herself say so.

One day in the sky and one year in the world, Lin Qingyin only returned to the Phoenix Palace for two days. Heavenly Dao lowered the heavy punishment. The crime was to disturb the world and use his divine power to block the dynasty's qi and cause the beast to be born.

Lin Qingyin stumbled into the world, and the scene in front of her shocked her. There were countless dead bodies and disaster victims. A large number of beasts were born out of the world, and the young man who took away his Phoenix Lingyu did not do what he promised. The Qingming King, on the contrary, is more disdainful than the previous mediocre king, robbing civilian girls, wantonly fighting, and tyrannical, turning the whole world into his battlefield, using killing as a game of leisure.

Lin Qingyin saw tears of blood after seeing this scene. She waved her hand and beheaded the tyrant who had deceived her Ling Yu, and turned and flew towards the sky. The sin she did should be punished, and she dispelled the soul under the ninety-nine gods.

The ninth **** thunder fell, the phoenix crown on Lin Qingyin's head turned to ashes, and the blue silk hung down and fell on his back.

The nineteenth **** thunder fell, Lin Qingyin's face was pale, and the Chinese suit was soaked with blood.

Twenty-ninth God Thunder fell, and the power of Lin Qingyin disappeared for most of his life. The human form could not be maintained. A scarred phoenix flew out of his clothes and landed firmly on the cloud, ready to meet the next God Thunder.

After another **** thunder fell, Lin Qingyin was dying, her heart was full of regret, she was sorry for the people who bowed to her, she brought them a cruel war; she was sorry for this world, the fierce beast was born, and there was no peace in the world. She is also sorry for him, saying that she will be together again forever, but she has not had time to marry him.

When she fell into a coma, she heard a dragon chant, and she struggled to raise her head, only to see a green dragon descend from the sky, blocking the thick thunder for her.

"Qinglong..." She murmured to her, but before he rushed to his side, he slowly closed his eyes and fell into darkness.


The sun awakened her again, and Lin Qingyin opened her eyes. At this time, the sky was full of clouds, and there was no darkness brought by fierce beasts, nor the gloom brought by the plague. She was surrounded by birds, flowers, spring and Jingming.

She went down the mountain in a daze and found that the fierce beast disappeared, the world and Le Taiping were beautiful, as she had always expected, but the Qinglong who had always said that she was with her was gone.

Lin Qingyin searched frantically, she could clearly feel his breath, but she could not see him.

Despair eroded her heart little by little, and when she vowed to destroy him, she would drop a retrograde stone. Lin Qingyin watched Qinglong block the **** thunder for her, carry all the blame, and even willing to dispel the soul for her.

Under the **** thunder, the blue dragon was tossing painfully. In order not to let the huge body destroy the mountains, rivers and rivers, he used a strong will to make his body smaller, and then withdrew his dragon ribs into the underground, turning into the dragon veins and protecting the world. The people are peaceful.

He is atonement for her!

The green dragon without dragon ribs soon torn apart under the **** thunder, dragon balls, dragon bones, dragon scales, and dragon blood sprinkled like the earth, and the spirits of tears dispersed in the air.

Lin Qingyin, holding the retrospective stone, saw the scene of Yangming Changming, and she begged to heaven to exchange for the soul of Qinglong with her god.

God agreed to her request, Phoenix sacrificed himself, sacrificed his divine power, extracted divine power, and sacrificed life, but the Qinglong dissipated for too long, even though her Phoenix’s divine power could only recover a little soul, even Reincarnation cannot be done by anyone.

Lin Qingyin gathered that little bit of soul in his hand, pulled his own soul out, and used his power to warm up his soul. The body of the phoenix collapsed on the altar and turned into a small one The Phoenix feathers are covered by a drop of resin.

Year after year, from dynasty to dynasty, mountains and rivers became flat and rivers and seas turned into lakes. His soul gathered back and forth every day, and her soul gradually became more and more transparent as it was consumed...

Qinglong’s soul returned less than one-tenth of a thousand, but this one-tenth was enough to make him reincarnated as a human being; and her soul was barely left in the consumption, and when there was a trace of consciousness, her broken soul held up Qinglong's soul flew towards the human world. But when we were about to reach the world, two souls unable to protect themselves met the torrent of time, Lin Qingyin's soul was torn in half, a small part of the soul and the dragon's soul flew towards the future generations; the other part of the soul was thrown down the mountain A poor farm household.

On the night of that night, a cry of a baby girl sounded, and the head of the God's Gate, not far away, looked at the sky at night, and smiled happily: "Heavenly auspicious, there are people behind my God's Gate."

At this time, there were no more fierce beasts in this world, and Rui Beasts completely disappeared one after another.


A few years later, the young Lin Qingyin was brought to Shenshenmen to practice, and she possessed the talents of the Phoenix Remnant. She was very talented and she was very sensitive to the heavenly machines.

Lin Qingyin does not ask about the world, but concentrates on the mathematics of mathematics, trying to break the mystery of heaven. After more than a thousand years passed, Lin Qingyin finally ushered in his thundering ascension.

There are Ruishou to return to the right position. Under the search of Tiandao, they not only saw Lin Qingyin, who was crossing the thunder, but also Jiang Wei, who had the luck to the sky and the dragon body protection.

After all, Qinglong turned his dragon tendons into dragon veins and blessed this land. Tiandao couldn't bear to destroy him. He only covered his dragon qi, so that he could get entangled in him, and let him die on his own.

Lin Qingyin under Thunder Tribulation, after the baptism of Thunder Tribulation, the phoenix breath on his body became more and more intense. Break away from the shackles of time and return to the main soul.

Later Lin Qingyin jumped into the river, and Tiandao felt that the soul of Rui Beast was returning quickly. The birth of Rui Beast meant that the fierce beast was about to awaken. But human beings in this world have become the masters, no matter beasts and beasts are no longer tolerated by this world.

The falling sky thunder instantly became a **** thunder. This **** thunder could not even be enemies of the phoenix and the green dragon, not to mention the immortal who had not yet ascended. Just two gods of thunder, Lin Qingyin's body has disappeared, but looking at the soul dissipating in the air, the unforgiving Heavenly Dao suddenly couldn't bear it.

He still remembers the moment when Qinglong and Jinfeng were born, thousands of auspicious people and beasts rejoiced. He gave them his best wishes, hoping that they could shelter the world.

Fighting and moving, now all the beasts have dissipated, only Qinglong and Jinfeng have left a trace of souls, and looking at the Qinglong who wants to end his life, the Jinfeng that is about to fly away, Tiandao really can't bear it, he doesn't want to The blue dragon and golden phoenix that let you create by yourself disappear forever in this world like other beasts.

Heaven knows that he should not be affectionate and should not be favoritism. Everything should follow the rules of the avenue. But at this moment he couldn't help but move his selfishness and sent Lin Qingyin's soul into the body of the jump river.

A generation of masters awakened in their own body and became a bullied high school student. In order to get rid of poverty, they resolutely embarked on the career of fortune-telling in the park. Not long afterwards, Qing Qi's body was dispelled by Lin Qingyin, and Long Qi returned to bless him again.

Lin Qingyin looked at him with a childish face on his face and handed out a summer vacation assignment to Jiang Wei: "You help me write math homework!"


Lin Qingyin's heart moved, and she opened her eyes violently. She stood in the broken palace in sportswear, and the traces of the carved pillars could still be seen on the pillars on the palace. At this moment, the amber pendant hanging on her neck fell to the ground. The small phoenix feather flew out and fell into Lin Qingyin's brow.

Jiang Wei, who was sitting above the main hall, also opened his eyes. In a casual sport, he looked as sunny as before, but his eyebrows were a little more calm than before.

"Why are you so stupid!" Jiang Wei looked at Lin Qingyin's eyes full of distress, he had saved her just to let her live, but this stupid girl just tossed her god, Phoenix The body also gave up, leaving only a soul and reincarnated with him.

Lin Qingyin smiled, walked over and rubbed Jiang Wei's head: "If I don't do this, how can I have the chance to be your little master!"

"You really are..." Jiang Wei didn't know what to say for a while, and he could only helplessly smile, but in his heart was full of happiness and moved, his little Phoenix came to him.

Reaching out and holding Lin Qingyin in his arms, Jiang Wei whispered in her ear: "Master, this life will ask you to take care of you!"

Lin Qingyin reached out and hugged Jiang Wei, learning what he looked like and whispering in his ear: "Little apprentice, can you help Master to write English homework first?"

Jiang Wei: "........."

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