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"Fortune tellers learn tyrants" Author: Credit Card


In contrast, the mysterious technique also refers to the more dangerous the fan, the better the disaster.

Teacher: Don't give me the whole useless, have you finished the paper?

Lin Qingyin took out the tortoiseshell: Teacher, can I count the answer?

Lin Qingyin, the master of the fortune teller, did not carry Thunder Tribulation when he ascended, and when he woke up again, he became a high school student. Lin Qingyin, who was not afraid of Thunder Tribulation, looked at the thick paper and shivered, only a thousand years had passed. This world How did it become so scary! Or go to the park and count the hexagrams to ease the pressure on learning.

Note: The relevant knowledge of feng shui fortune-telling theory in this article refers to books such as "Four Column Boguan", "Shen Xiang Tie Guan Dao", "Plum Blossom Yishu Lecture", and Baidu's numerology knowledge, which is exaggerated for the sake of the article. The novel is only for entertainment and has nothing to do with real life! Everyone must believe in science, not superstitions!

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Brief commentary

Lin Qingyin, the head of the fortune-telling master Lin Qingyin, did not carry Thunder Tribulation when he rose, and woke up in a suicidal high school student. The family is poor, the results are terrible, and they are bullied by the campus. The hard model is placed in front of the little master. It doesn't matter, all this is not a matter, it can be solved by the mathematics. Fortune telling can make a fortune, and seeing feng shui can win the loyalty. As for the exams that high school students are most afraid of, Lin Qingxin took out the turtle shell calmly and calmly. I will calculate the answer. The heroine appeared in front of the people as a cultivator, and was quickly tempted by the wonderfulness of modern society, indulging in good food, like to make money, and the most favorite thing is the calculation, the contrast of personality has produced one after another cute point and laugh point , Alternative school bullies who do not take the usual path make readers laugh. The author uses smooth writing to tell a witty and interesting metaphysical story. The characters are full-bodied and the personality is distinct. It is a good article worth recommending.

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