Chapter 733 Meet in the afterlife

The old Xu Wang, who is one hundred and twenty-one years old, is full of silver hair. His face is like the age of sixty or seventy years old. His figure is still tall, but he is not as tall and straight as he was when he was young. X23US. comX23US. When he was invincible in the field, he could only lie quietly on the bed at this time, and the phoenix was drooping and his breathing was weak. The doctors have been helpless, and the filial sons and grandsons have crowded a room full of faces, and their faces are heavy and sad.

On the Taishi chair next to him, sitting on the 114-year-old Yu Xiaocao, although the hair is white, the skin is still white and delicate, and the shallow wrinkles on the face seem to have become the accumulation of years, which makes her add a few points. Mature and charming.

Xu Wangxu Wang Yu Gao Shou, both step into the age of 100, but the body is still healthy. On the streets of the west of the city, you can often see a tall and slim old man walking slowly and slowly, and the back looks like a picture that never fades.

In Beijing, Xu Wangxu Wang Hao became a legend. In the mouth of the people, the literati's pens rumored their love story, bearing their great achievements and passing on their magical life.

Xu Wang’s life was only a woman from Xu Wang. Some people say that Xu Wang is afraid of a wife. Other women don’t dare to look at it. Some people say that Xu Wang’s swearing to Xu Wang, so he dare not be interested in other women. Some people say that Xu Wang is really hurting Wang Hao. In the bones, I can’t afford any interest in other women...

No matter what others say, they can't affect the couple. When Xu Wang was sixty years old, he finally unloaded all the orders on his shoulders, and the mountains and rivers. From the southern Xinjiang to the northern land, Daming left their footprints in pairs.

Xu Wang also fulfilled his vows when he was young. At the age of sixty-five, he took Wang Hao on a voyage to the Western Ocean and opened his eyes to Western countries. Asahi Wang even became a sister to the queen of a small country in Europe. Xu Wang also singled out an indigenous cannibal tribe and beat them to beg for mercy.

Xu Wang celebrated his 120-year-old life, and Xu Wangxi was also over 110 years old. The relationship between them was not diluted by the years, as if a pot of old wine was getting more and more mellow.

People will think that they will live into Peng Zu, live adult Rui. Xu Wang, who had just entered the age of one hundred and twenty-one, suddenly fell down. No pain, no scars, but all kinds of physical skills are aging. At the beginning, the sleep time gradually increased. Sometimes I chatted with you in the last sentence, and fell asleep in the next second. Now, his sleep time is more than seventeen eight hours, and he is getting shorter and shorter when he is awake.

Although Yu Xiaocao was prepared in the heart, she could still not help her heartache. The heart of the stalwart, as if to help her hold up all the heavy men in life, there are also heroes a late day. At the same time, there is some fear in my heart. She is a person who has experienced the past and present life. I don’t know if she will be lucky enough to meet him in the next life... She hopes that she can keep the memory of this world before her Meng Po Tang, and let her be in the next life. Looking for his shadow in the sea.

"Wake up! Great-grandmother, great-grandfather woke up!" The grandson of Zhu Yunxuan who is already in his thirties.

Yu Xiaocao went to the fog on the eyelashes, smiled and leaned in front of the man looking for her figure, holding his hand and whispering: "Yes, hungry? Don't you cook the bowl?"

Zhu Junyang held her hand tightly and shook her head gently. The phoenix phoenix became clear at this time, just as she had just met him. He slowly said: "Help me sit up..."

With the help of his grandson, Yu Xiaocao, according to his request, placed two pillows behind him, letting him sit half-squatting. She has already asked Xiaotianshishi, and the man is here for a few days. Today’s sudden waking, it should be back to the light.

She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned her head against his shoulder. He chuckled: "The old man, the bone on your shoulder, it hurts me. After that, I have to eat more, or else I It’s not comfortable with you."

"Good, good, good! Eat more, raise fat, give you a pillow!" Zhu Junyang is as good as a cello, she has never heard enough.

"Zeng grandmother, there is a little girl who said that it is your old man to visit you." This is Zhu Yunxin's youngest granddaughter, who is not like her grandfather's family, but has five or eight percent of her youthful grasses. Like, it is quite popular with her grandmother.

The little girl who claimed to be the old man was invited, and Yu Xiaocao stared at her for a long time. Until she showed a faded orchid purse, she searched the shadow of the little girl from the memory of her long time. Little Dragon Girl, the dragon girl she was squatting on the bottom of the sea. Unexpectedly, she broke open the enchantment and came to the world to find her.

The little dragon girl looked at the face of the grass for a long time and sighed: "The life of the mortal is too short. Fortunately, I am hard enough, you live long enough, or else there is no chance to see each other in this life. I can see you and finally have a dream in my heart. Unfortunately, you are no longer the cute girl who talks with me and plays with me."

"Thank you for coming to see me, the most important moment in my life. Little Dragon Girl, I hope that you can practice with your heart and be in the fairy class at an early date." Yu Xiaocao sincerely wishes.

The little dragon girl nodded and said: "I will. Then... there will be no future!" After that, the words of a breeze disappeared into the courtyard of Xuwangfu.

For the abnormality in front of the eyes, the size and size of the Xuwangfu master did not seem surprised. In their hearts, the mother-in-law (grandmother, great-grandmother) should not be a mortal. Otherwise, how can you create so many myths?

Just when Yu Xiaocao talked to the little dragon girl, Zhu Junyang’s eyes never left her. After the little dragon girl left, he said to Zhu Yunxuan, who is already 90 years old: "I want to spend time with your mother-in-law alone."

"Father Wang..." Zhu Yunxuan looked at him and he was chasing the pace. As a father who worshipped like an idol, his voice choked.

Zhu Junyang looked at the three children and slowly said: "You are all good, did not let the father and mother-in-law disappointed. I am very relieved to you..."

When Zhu Yunxin, 85 years old, heard this, he cried like a child: "Father, you have to live well. If you are gone, I am a child who is not awkward. If your son-in-law bullies me, No one has helped me to support me. Hey!"

When her son and grandson heard this, they were full of black lines: obviously you are bullying your father (grandfather), okay? Do you say this, will the conscience not hurt?

"Stupid children, all the banquets in the world! You go out first, I want to spend time with your mother-in-law alone. I want to leave her last little time to her!" Zhu Junyang looked at Xiaocao’s eyes, Confiscation and nostalgia.

Zhu Yunxuan intercepted what his sister had to say, and left the room with the children and grandchildren, leaving the space to the two old people.

"Do you regret marrying me? I am seven years older than you. If you marry a person who is about the same age as you, you will be able to spend more years with you. I really hate why I have been born for a few years." Zhu Junyang knows My life is about to come to an end, full of heart is the reluctance and carelessness of the grass.

"You, don't think about it! Marrying you is the most correct thing I have ever done in my life. If I come back to the world, I will choose to marry you. When you leave, where can you find me to be pampered? Man going?" Yu Xiaocao picked up the ivory comb and slowly combed his hair.

Zhu Junyang opened his mouth and smiled: "After I left, you have to be good, how to be happy, don't be sad. You know that I can't see you sad or sad, otherwise, I am uneasy underneath. ""

"Well, I am not sad! You are going to explore the road first, I will come later." Yu Xiaocao likes to talk about his family, chatting about the life and death of the two, there is no sadness in the tone, it is like Say "the weather is good today".

"I am not here, you can't hook up with other little old men! Those old men don't know what to say, but they are still very lonely. No one can tolerate your little temper like me." Zhu Junyang's vinegar is still so Big.

"Well, I belong to you alone. Just like you only belong to me." Yu Xiaocao promised.

Zhu Junyang is satisfied, but still a little worried: "If you feel lonely, you will take the little granddaughter of the small fruit family to accompany you to talk, the son's wife is not filial, just give me a burning incense to tell me, I am in the middle of the night I dream about them..."

Two people chatted for a while. Zhu Junyang suddenly silenced. When Yu Xiaocao thought that he was asleep again, he spoke again: "Grass, can you tell me what your side is like?"

Yu Xiaocao knows that he has guessed that she does not belong to the world, but what impressed her is that he never asked her before, and he always helped her cover the scene, fearing that others would find her different.

Yu Xiaocao simply told him about the situation in his previous life. Zhu Junyang listened quietly and sighed: "A car that can run without horses, a plane that can fly in the sky, a submarine that can be launched... It’s good! You said, if you didn’t come here, in Will there be another me in your world?"

"Maybe! But I am thirty years old in that world. I haven't waited for you yet. You said that you are late, what is the trouble?" Yu Xiaocao chuckled and squeezed the man's cheek. .

"So this world, I came to you early, slowly guarding you to grow up, and guarding you around you forever." Zhu Junyang felt that his last moment was coming, suddenly clenched her hand. There is some weakness in the voice. "You said, can we meet each other in the next life, are we accompanied by each other?"

Yu Xiaocao suddenly picked up his hand and bite it down, leaving a **** tooth print, and then she smiled in tears and said: "Yes! Look, I have left a mark on you. You don't want to run away."

Zhu Junyang coveted the tooth print and smiled slowly...

Yu Xiaocao felt that the man's hand suddenly became heavy and the tears slowly slipped. She put the man in his favorite outfit, took the pillow behind him and let him lie flat. He wiped his face and hands with water. Finally, she climbed to the inside of the bed, lying next to the man, feeling the life passing by...

The Asahi King was crying. On this day, they also lost a couple of relatives...

In 2018, in the ward of Xu City, Jiangsu Province, a pleasant voice: "Wake up! Sister, you finally woke up!!"

"Brother, brother! My sister woke up, you look at it, her hand is on, the eyelashes are shaking..."

"Quick, go call a doctor!!"

Yu Xiaocao slowly opened his eyes, the top of the head and the white walls on all sides, bright incandescent lamps, various medical devices around him... This is the hospital? Modern hospital? Could it be that she is back again, she is not dead?

"Sister, sister! Can you see me? I am a little sister, your sister is a little sister... Brother, sister will not fall, amnesia?" Lin Xiaotong suddenly opened his brain and asked.

Lin Xiaotong? Her sister in her previous life? Looking at the sound, it is the familiar face with some strange face. Sure enough, she returned to the original world. In this world, she is just an ordinary person who runs a small halogen restaurant and struggles to survive.

She just talked to her prince about who the world would not have his problems, and she returned. Does the world have him, the man who loves her life? The answer is unknown. Even if there is, it may not be able to meet him.

"Sister, you have been in a coma for more than a hundred days. I am afraid that you will become a vegetative person. You will never wake up in your life. Sister, you have to be good, waiting to enjoy the blessings of your younger siblings, but you must not have anything!" Lin Xiaoyan's eyes are wet and his voice is sobbing.

"Small army wedding, didn't you mess up because of me?" Yu Xiaocao... No, it should be Lin Xiaotong's feelings of convergence, faintly asked.

Lin Xiaolan broke into a smile and said: "Sister, you haven't lost your memory. That's great! I still think, if you lose your memory, how can I wake up your memory? Sister, don't worry, when you faint, small The army has already sent the guests almost... Sister, you can scare us this time!"

"In the future... no." Lin Xiaotong was embarrassed. In the centuries of that life, she did not believe that it was just a dream of Nanke. However, who can explain how she will return to this real world?

It has returned to the outer world of Xiaotian Tianshi, with an inexplicable smile: goodbye, its human master. I hope you like the gift I gave you.

"Sister, you seem to have changed a little differently." Lin Xiaotong fed her a glass of water and hesitated. "It seems that there is a different kind of style between the behaviors. I can't say it..."

"Perhaps coma for a long time, the brain is still a little confused!" Lin Xiaotong whispered.

"The tone and tone of the speech are different. A little bit of chewing." Sister, you are not like the one written in the book, the soul of others is reborn in you?" Lin Xiaoyu likes to watch through the reborn novels, jokingly.

Lin Xiaolan glanced at her and said: "Is there more novels? Do you want me to take the bed when you were young..."

"Don't, don't! You are my sister, my sister, are you?" Lin Xiaoyu was busy with his hands and surrendered.

"Sister, do you think there is any uncomfortable?" Lin Qijun followed several doctors wearing white coats into the ward, and saw his sister talking to the little girl, and asked a question.

"No, that is..." She paused, Lin Qijun and Lin Xiaotong couldn't help but nervous. "It's a bit hungry, want to eat roast duck, braised pork, braised pork trotters!"

That time, because she was older with men, her stomach was weakened, and a lot of greasy things were restricted from eating. If these two meatless couples were jealous, they would not run the kitchen and stole. .

The doctor around Lin Qijun smiled: "It is a good thing to eat, indicating that the body function is recovering. However, in your current situation, it is better to have advanced light liquid food."

"Ah? Still want to eat light?" She was spoiled for a hundred years, she grew some arrogant temper, and this time also brought out a few points.

Among the group of doctors, a tall doctor, a pair of handsome eyes above the mask, looking at Lin Xiaotong's eyes is quite complicated, some can't believe it, and there are some hopes...

"This is an expert who has been invited from the First People's Hospital of Beijing. He has studied abroad and is an authority in the domestic brain department. Let him check it for you." Ordinary case of coma caused by congestion in this brain, no I know why this expert is interested in her. Since he volunteered to help with the inspection, why not do it?

Lin Qijun immediately let go of the position. After a series of examinations, the results showed that the blood in the brain of Lin Xiaolan had been absorbed a part, and the compression of the nerves in the brain was alleviated. Maybe this is why she can wake up.

At the time of the inspection, the expert from Kyoto seemed to pay close attention to the patient's words and deeds, and seemed to be looking for someone's shadow from her. However, he did it more secretly and was not discovered by others.

"Re-hospital observation for a few days, you can be discharged!" Experts from the Beijing People's Hospital, said this to the patient's family.

Lin Xiaotong whispered: "I think I can leave the hospital now."

"Sister, let's listen to the doctor. People are experts in this area. The blood in your mind has not completely dissipated. It is good to live for a few more days. Sister, I know that you are worried about money. Rest assured, your hospitalized money. I am wrapped up!" Lin Xiaotong married well, her husband is good to her, the hospitalized money is nothing. Besides, is there not rural cooperative medical insurance?

The tall brain specialist looked at Lin Xiaotong's gaze and brought some distress. Is she? For the younger brother and sister to work for more than ten years, 30 years old did not get married, when attending the younger brother's wedding, accidentally fell down the stairs. These are all right... are you?

At the invitation of the Xu People's Hospital, he came over to consult a difficult illness. If it was not accidental to know Lin Xiaotong's situation, he had already returned to Beijing. It is a pity that when Xiao Cao talked about her past life, she mostly took it with her. If he can know that he can come to the same era as her, he will definitely understand the situation of her previous life.

Let's observe it for a while, and people who talk and behave like each other may not have it. In the unlikely event that he is pretending to be a confession, he will be defeated if he is beaten by a disciple. Of course, the world can beat him on the fists, but I can't find a few.

Lin Xiaotong also ate two days of sick rice in the hospital, and she was about to leave the hospital. She also threatened her younger brother and said that if she did not leave her a discharge procedure, she would leave home. No, she left the hospital! The wayward little appearance is that she never dared to have it before.

In desperation, Lin Qijun had to give her a discharge procedure. Lin Xiaotong replaced the sick suit and made a happy turn in the corridor of the hospital.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar face, passing in front of her - handsome face, narrow phoenix, tall nose, thin lips...

"Zhu Junyang!!" The name could not help but blurt out and echoed in the corridor of the hospital. Her voice was very excited and loud, and even the other person in the corridor looked at it curiously.

However, the one who had an eight-point similarity to her Asahi has never looked back. Lin Xiaotong chased it up again and screamed: "Zhu Junyang, is that you?"

The man stopped and Lin Xiaoyu had a surprise in his heart. However, the man just looked back and gave her a faint look. He asked, "Are you calling me? Sorry, you admit the wrong person, I am not Zhu Junyang!"

Not him, not him! ! Her Asahi's eyes are not so cold, her voice when she is talking to her is never so cold. That person is just like him. Lin Xiaotong’s heart was sore and painful that he could not breathe. Her Xu Wang, is it just a dream?

"Stupid! Do you only recognize that face?" In the elegant voice of the cello, with a little bit of her familiar pet and distress.

Lin Xiaolan turned suddenly, and in the corridor behind him, the tall figure, the loving doubles, she was familiar.

"Zhu Junyang?" Lin Xiaotong was full of hesitation in his voice. Is this man not the authority of the brain? Severe her prince, actually mixed into the medical world!

Look at this in front of you, the body is sturdy and bodybuilding, the facial features are profoundly distinct, and the dark and deep black scorpion is filled with deep affection, and the mouth is full of laughter with a sense of evil spirits. Even if you stand casually, there is a shocking aristocratic atmosphere. Her prince is still so handsome and handsome!

"Little fool, what are you doing? Not even in your arms?" Zhu Junyang opened his hands and smiled at the corners of his lips. People couldn't move their eyes.

Lin Xiaolan went to the tears in his eyes, and Xiaojiao twisted the beginning and screamed: "If you don't go, you won't go! You said, if you keep the memory of the last life, you will recognize my ~www at first sight. Is it that I am ugly, you are not willing to recognize me..."

Without waiting for her to finish, Zhu Junyang took a long leg and came to her in three or two steps. She stretched her arms and put her tightly into her arms. Lin Xiaotong's height is less than one meter six. In front of him in the middle of the meter, he formed the most cute height difference. When Lin Xiaotong hugged his neck, he had to point his toes.

"Let my sister go! Stinky!!" Lin Xiaoyu, who was tempered, rushed over and slammed it with his purse, but was stunned by Lin Qijun.

"Who can tell us, what is the situation?" Lin Qijun did not look at it. He saw the sister who had always been shy and shy, and clung to the other's neck. If it is not in the hospital corridor, it is estimated that both of them kissed together.

Lin Xiaoyu hung his neck around his man's neck, and turned back to his younger brother and sister with a guilty smile. He said: "If we say ... we love at first sight, goodbye, three for life, do you believe it or not?"

cut! I believe you are strange! Lin Qijun and Lin Xiaotong turned their eyes to the sky at the same time.

Believe it or not, we will not separate again, forever, forever... Lin Xiaotong (Yu Xiaocao) and Xiao Mubai (Zhu Junyang) smile at each other...

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