Chapter 1 a **** case caused by a halfhead

Lin Xiaoyu’s consciousness was groggy, and the nose smelled the unique salty beach. The ear faintly heard the sound of the waves hitting the beach. It must be a dream, it must be! Her hometown is in the inland area. In this life, she has been exposed to the light of her sister in the university in Binhai. The only time I saw the sea, I heard the sound of the waves.

Lin Xiaoxuan tried hard to open his eyes, but he was always entangled by the thick darkness, like the feeling of a nightmare - consciousness seems to be awake, but how can he wake up.

"Second sister, second sister! Hey... Second sister, don't you die! The stone is not hungry, the stone does not eat the steamed bun! The second sister, you wake up..." Lin Xiaoyu feels a small weight, fluttering Beside him, shaking his arm desperately.

Second sister? Not right? She is obviously the boss of the family. When she was in junior high school, her parents passed away. As a big sister, she dropped out of school and pulled two younger siblings and adults. How did the elder sister who was called for more than 20 years suddenly become the second sister? Must be the wrong person!

"Oh, is this child not eating a hoe? I will kill people in the dead! The body of the grass is not strong, and it is not mad at this time." ?"

"It's still the child's big-haired mother! A **** is not worth a few. Actually, the child took the child's head and hit the ship. I have never seen such a heart!"

"Small grass, she is awkward, but the famous fishing talents in Shili Ba Village will also hunt. The five new houses and new ships in the Laoyu family are all built up by him. What happened to the children eating a hoe?"

"I looked at the child is not very good, and quickly called her mother back, but I am afraid that I will not see it on the last side!"

"Li Guihua, sure enough, the knife and the axe heart, even their own prostitutes have such awkward hands, we can stay away from her, lest we accidentally offend her, and I don’t know if I got a knife from behind!"


Lin Xiaoyu’s ears are filled with the voices of strangers. Her consciousness gradually became clear, and she felt that she was lying on the soft sand, and her forehead was in pain, and there seemed to be a lot of people around her.

A strange dream, when can I wake up!

"What are you talking about! Don't know not to talk about it!! This dead Nizi steals the girl I brought back from her family. I just bear a few words from her, and gently pushed it twice. Who knows she will be on the boat. I am not asking our family to go to the doctor? Hey! Miss is a poor man, like her mother, a sick child, will only waste food!" A sharp woman voice, squatting in general.

"The second sister did not steal the hoe. This **** is the black boy who is not dirty on the ground! The second sister saw me hungry, and she got up! The second sister is not a thief!" The childish voice, but the convulsions were very clear.

"You are a little bitch, young, learn to say something! Your black brother clearly said that Shantou was stolen by your second sister, still not acknowledging! I gently licked her, maybe she deliberately hit the ship's side, Use the bitterness to escape the punishment!" The woman's bitter tone revealed a guilty taste.

"Dashan's daughter-in-law, you are not authentic! The child hit a big **** hole on his head, and even the gas is gone, and the children are still suffering from bitterness! How big is the child, how many bends are around!" In an old but full of voice, there is faint anger.

That is, that is! This woman is really good enough, a piece of cake to beat the child to the blood, but also relatives! Lin Xiaoyu wants to open his eyes and see how many "excellent products" of this super woman are, but the eyelids seem to be heavy, and they can't open.

"Grass -" This is a tired voice, with anxious and distressed. Lin Xiaoyu felt that her body was hugged by a pair of thin arms, and a few drops of tears with temperature fell on her face.

A warm embrace, a taste of mom.. How long? Since my mother’s car accident at the age of fourteen, I have never felt so warm and comfortable. Even if he learned to be strong in his life, Lin Xiaoxuan still had the urge to cry.

"Little girl... a lot of blood! Mother, now is not crying, go to the doctor!" This is the voice of a little girl, at most more than ten years old - but who is she called sister? Wouldn't it be me? Lin Xiaoxuan suddenly had a bad feeling in the heart - how is this dream more and more real?

Hey - it hurts on the forehead, and the feeling of being held in his arms... This is definitely not a dream! However, she clearly said that Lin Xiaoyu, who has been in the past twenty-nine years, suddenly became a "grass"?

"Let's leave, let go, Yu Dafu is here!"

"You doctor, save the grass, please save my daughter!" She only knows that the woman who is crying, finally raised her head and trembled and pleaded, the voice was weak and helpless.

"Put the child flat, I will help her stop bleeding..." Lin Xiaoyu felt the blood of her forehead gently rubbing her hands, the pain in cleaning the wound, and her body shook. Gently opening her eyes, the glaring light made her have to close her eyes again.

"Wake up, wake up! The grass woke up!!" Someone exclaimed around.

While helping the little girl to bandage the wound, Yu Dafu said: "Wake up, but her body is weak, and it has so much blood. It is necessary to calm down for a while and get some nutritious supplements for the children. ”

Lin Xiaoyu slowly opened his eyes and gradually got used to the brightness in front of his eyes. When she saw everything around her, she couldn’t help but be surprised – how did she surround her in a costume? Recalling the sound of the ear... Is the dog's blood crossing the plot, coming to her head?

"Grass, are you awake? Do you have a headache? Tell the mother, where is it uncomfortable?" Lin Xiaoyan turned his head and looked into a pair of care and distressed shackles. Hey... is this her mother? It’s too young, it doesn’t look much bigger than myself.

"Sister, who made you like this? I will help you to marry him!!" This thin and small, little Loli, who looks less than ten years old, is her sister? Lin Xiaoyan's eyes widened and looked down at himself - a small palm, a small body - and she smiled in her heart. Could it be that she had pity on the hardships of her previous family and let her regain her lost childhood?

But God, how do you choose a good family, watching the family wear a ragged, yellow-skinned skin, and even the half-breaking hoes thrown by others are picked up and eaten, is it a bit miserable?

Lin Xiaoyu gradually recovered from the shock of crossing. When it comes to peace, the younger brothers and sisters of the past have their own work and family, and it is time to retreat. I just don’t know, is the younger brother and sister who are far away from time and space, is this sad and weeping for her sudden “death”?

For a time, Lin Xiaolan was a bit embarrassed, thinking of his fifteen-year-old who had just risen to the second day of the second year. Mom and Dad also sold the food as early as possible, but they died in a car accident halfway. Uncle Uncle, who helped the parents with the grass, left in a hurry, for fear of taking a slow step, they would be smeared by the three children who were so lonely.

As a long sister, she automatically dropped out of school and used her thin shoulders to provoke the responsibility of taking care of her younger siblings. That year, my sister was twelve years old and my brother was just ten years old.

For fourteen years, she has not only served the three-acre field in her home. In order to get the tuition fee of her younger siblings, she had to go around to work. Fear that the boss suspected that she was young, she lied to the age of saying that she was already seventeen, but she looked at it.

She sold vegetables, helped people sell fruits, worked as a waiter, and worked in the factory... Later, the owner of a restaurant, she was hard-working and honest, and sympathized with her experience, leaving her in the store. help.

The treatment of the restaurant is not bad, the food is eaten and lived, and the salary is higher than that given by other stores. The proprietress also taught her the handful of the dish, and taught her unreservedly. Later, the proprietress planned to return to her hometown and transfer the low-priced business of the restaurant with a good reputation to her. It is by this small halogen restaurant that she is allowed to read the junior high school and high school for her younger siblings.

My sister is sensible, and she is distressed by her early work for her to go to school. After graduating from high school, she took advantage of the college entrance examination and secretly followed the girls in the on the way to work south.

For this matter, Lin Xiaoxi cried a bit, hating that he did not have the ability to delay the future of his sister. With the results of my sister, although I can't test a famous brand school, it should be no problem to get into the undergraduate course.

The younger brothers were among the best in the class since they were young, and they jumped one level each time in elementary school and junior high school. At the age of fifteen, when he was still in the second year of high school, he was entangled in the class teacher to help him sign up for the college entrance examination in the third year of high school. On the volunteer list, except for the first batch of military colleges admitted, the others filled in the blanks.

The military academy not only exempts tuition fees, but also issues basic allowances. After graduation, it is assigned to the local army, or is it a deputy company officer! She knows that this is to relieve her burden!

In a blink of an eye, fourteen years have passed. My sister worked as a self-study while earning a bachelor's degree, and became a small white-collar worker. She also gained her love.

The younger brother has always performed very well in the military academy. After graduating at the age of 19, he was assigned to the Jinling Military Region and became the youngest military officer in the military region. Later, the tall and handsome, all-round brothers who were excellent in all aspects were spotted by the deputy commander of the Jinling Military Region and introduced to their little granddaughter. The two fell in love at first sight.

When she got married, her sister also took her white-collar husband and her son, who was over one year old, to the wedding. Looking at my brother and sister have a happy family, she is so happy, so I drank two more cups...

After the banquet was scattered, when she stepped down the stairs, she accidentally stepped on the air and planted it from the stairs... When she woke up, she became a small fisherman’s little Loli...

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