Chapter 79 End of the film

This is a very magical world without humans or gods, or even a world without any animals. Here, there is only the composition of the sky, the earth and the flowers. There are endless and colorful flower fields, and the air is full of sultry flowers and intoxicating.

In the middle of this flowerbed there is a beautiful and transparent ice crystal ice crystal with an irregular shape. In the inside, there is a beautiful girl.

The girl is naked in the body, her eyes are confined, and the beautiful face of the city is asleep.

Suddenly see a thunder and slam, perfect hit ice crystal.

The girl in the ice crystal blinked in an instant, only to see that the scorpion seemed to be all-encompassing and extremely magical. The ice crystal broken girl fell on the ground, and the white and beautiful jade feet were put on her body in a green dress composed of flowers and flowers.

This person is the dragon poetry.

Because Zi Linglong once said that as long as she has been practicing in the sea of ​​flowers for a hundred years, she can get rid of the peculiar physique of the flower **** and return to the ordinary body. In order not to make his body too sensitive, so that every time he was bullied by Ziling Ling and there is no room for resistance, Long Shiyi insisted on stepping into this world of only flowers.

Now a hundred years have passed.

Now she is very different from her previous ones. Although her personality is still relatively indifferent, but now it is mild. This may be because of the purple nighting night songs.

Long Shiyi first carefully looked at his body, and his lips couldn't help but twitch a few times, and his body changed. She is sure that this is not a change of her own cultivation, but a conspiracy of someone.

Moreover, in addition to the strength has become stronger, her aroma is still there, which means that what removes the flower physique, plus fake, Zi Lingling actually lied to her.

"Purple! Ling! Hey!" Long Shi screamed with a cold face.

"Hmmm?" I saw a woman in red suddenly climbed up from the sea of ​​flowers, a look of sleepy eyes, "Sister, you woke up! Have you been a hundred years!"

"Don't you say that I can change my physique?" Long Shi squinted and walked over to her, then twisted her ear, but did not want to be nudged by Zi Ling, she threw her into the flowers in.

"My sister is beautiful again! I like it very much! I want to hug!" Zi Ling's face was on her chest, and she looked intoxicated. The dragon poetry was speechless, tapping her forehead and saying, "Do you have any other types of thoughts? I wonder about this strange thing all the time."

"Who said it!" Zi Lingling leaned on her arms. "We have been asleep for a hundred years! So wake up in the morning, of course, we have to think about it, and we have not been in contact for a hundred years."

Long Shi sighed, and reached out to hug her, and then fight for his own authority: "I will let my sister keep this look after that? It is really troublesome to change it!"

"Yeah." Zi Ling snorted and began to touch her body.

Long Shi Yan's pretty face is dizzy, and his body is weak: Sure enough, this girl has changed her body to a strange place. Now, let's not say that it is counterattack, and there is no strength in the touch. This is enough.

"Sister lie down, or don't blame the exquisite swear!" Zi Ling smiled, her hands constantly soft. Now, she wants to experience the new taste of Long Shiyi.

After some storms, both of them fell asleep.

When I woke up again, Zi Ling was full of sly squatting beside her, staring at her little face, and saw Long Poetry couldn't help but turn around and face the boundless flower sea.

Zi Lingling couldn't see it, but changed her position and continued to be well-behaved.

Long Shizhen is really speechless: "Why are you staring at me like that, it is very uncomfortable."

"Because my sister is very good!" Zi Linglong praised her, and then pitifully said, "Sister will not praise me?"

"Well, okay, exquisite, is a plastic surgery master?" Long Shiyi quickly touched her head and whispered comfort. But who knows that Zi Ling Ling has avoided her touch, and then snorted and said: "Not this!"

"What is that?" Long Shiyi picked up his eyebrows.

Zi Ling’s little face was red and bulging, and he said a little tweakedly: “It’s just that people have made their sister so comfortable, and my sister doesn’t boast about it.”

Long Shiyi’s original calm face was red, without warning, and she was completely unprepared to be teased by her. Even if she was indifferent, she was caught off guard. That's the case, she won't feel shy, she can make her praise and make it awesome.

How is it possible!

But when she saw Zi Ling, she was really tangled, and it was not a general entanglement, but it was also very lost. Why does Long Poetry not praise her? Clearly her hard work

I have to say that Zi Lingling is quite natural in this respect. Naturally, it is also afraid of three points. She quickly put Zi Ling in her arms and stared at the red face to comfort her. "Okay, okay, Exquisite is the best, don’t worry, we will go see you!"

It has been a long time since that incident, and Long Shiyi has fulfilled his wish: to resurrect his family.

Just to prevent things from being too complicated, Zi Linglong created a world that is exactly the same as the original world, and then incorporated the characters associated with the Dragon family.

And keep the relevant memories of Long Yuqing and Yu gently and so on, which means that this is equivalent to the dragon language and jade gentle reborn. There is no dragon aotian in this world, and there is no purple and exquisite red eyes, only the lost dragon poetry.

Because Long Shiyi wanted to spend the rest of her life with her parents, this time she asked Zi Ling to seal the memory of her previous life system and then bring it to the world.

It can be said that she returned to her parents before her death, but this time her parents did not die, but the thief died.

In the past life, her parents were killed by the thief. Later, those thieves were destroyed by the dragon family. It is a pity that Long Shiyi did not solve it personally. However, this time it was a make up for her regret. She and the reincarnation of Long Yuqing solved the thief.

She has a good life in this world, and Zi Linglong has been chasing her **** every day with the system. It is a look of resentment, a good wife can not recognize, but also pity.

"You let Long Shiyi have the ability of Long Aotian, is that okay?" The system asked in a complicated face. The poetry of the dragon poetry is almost against the sky. Fortunately, the dragon poetry is not as ridiculous as Long Aotian.

"Nothing is ok." Zi Ling said.

At some point, she found the opportunity to recognize the dragon poetry and successfully catch up. Then the two discussed, and let Ziling Ling dressed as a man, lied to her parents to marry her, and then traveled to the mainland.

Although the lie was broken by the dragon language, it did not tell the family, because Long Yuqing was also caught in love and could not extricate himself.

In this way, Long Shiyi passed this world well.

After the restoration of the memory, the dragon poetry immediately recovered from the soft state to the normal state, which made the purple Linglong feel a pity, but it was not bad. The original dragon poetry was the most touching at that time.

Long Poetry looked at his body. Um, it is getting bigger, but the exquisite taste of Zi Ling is also very strange. When I grow up, I grow up, but I don’t grow up much, my chest is not big, I will hold a grip, and my height will go to Zi Ling’s chin. . But people are very cute.

Being able to grow up is better than long, and Long Shiyi comforts himself.

However, I don't know, this is just the beginning. When she traveled to the next world, Zi Linglong changed her into a tall and **** type, so she finally knew the evil heart of Zi Ling, and she just wanted different types of herself.

After coming out of the new world, Long Shiyi did not return to the original mainland. After all, there are also her good friends. And they have the strength of the sanctuary, and they are almost immortal.

The statue of Long Shiyi is still in the school. Her legend has not been forgotten. Her contribution is remembered in her heart. Her spirit has been inherited from generation to generation. Fengling mainland has set off under her spiritual reform. One generation after another.

These dragon poems are seen in the eyes, and they are happy for the effects they have received.

The Sanctuary that disappeared before was also returned, but it was only a few back, and many of them fell in the ruins. There was only one of the two deans. When I came back and learned that the girl I had killed was actually saved the school, he lost his soul and left the school. He didn’t know where to go.

The innocent people who have died in the hands of the dragons have been resurrected, but they are only allowed to stay in another new world.

Long Shiyi also met Long Aotian. After asking about it, she learned that Xinlong Aotian was forced to commit suicide after being killed by Long Aotian. Long Shizhen also asked him why he could endure the loss of men's qualifications. If people like him are not male, they would never want to live.

Long Aotian said to her that it was fine. He didn't care. He also asked her if it was not quite good.

It is worth mentioning that Long Aotian does not know what method to use, turns himself into a big beauty, and then goes to a maid in a big family in a different world. Because he is also young forever, he will change one at a time.

After hearing his confession, Long Shizhen and Zi Lingling are all stunned. Is this the life he wants? Then Long Aotian passed the chaos to her and let her seal.

Long Shizhen let Zi Linglong take out the mysterious Xiao Ding, and then throw it into the endless Shen Yuan and seal it. This little tripod is not what it is. It is the inheritance of the **** of war, and the will of the flower god. Now, the dragon poetry is also fulfilling its mission.

According to the requirements of the Light God, Zi Linglong untied the curse that limited their ability, leaving the world completely open. Nowadays, as long as they can reach the true spirit, they can leave the world and enter the high level to practice.

The system is too lazy to practice, but instead wants to experience the feeling of being a human being. I will seal my memories and reincarnate to the 21st century world like Earth.

The two poets who played in the outer game also missed her a little. After a storm, they agreed with two votes and decided to travel through time and space to the modern world with a system.

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