Chapter 1 The system is used for squatting

In the luxurious boudoir, the door was closed and the room was dark. The two months hang high and coincide, and the white moonlight falls from the window door, only to see the beautiful girl lying peacefully in the cot, and the room is bright.

The little girl opened her eyes and sat up. She looked down at the delicate little hands and silenced for a long time. Sure enough, it is the world of books.

Not a dream!

She squatted back on the bed, her head resting her hands, her eyes staring at the ancients' accounts, the world...not the ancient world, but the world of the book, the world of the dragon, the complex world of the world. Long Shizhen does not know how to call it.

"Is this really a real world?" Long Shiyi whispered, turned over and lay sideways. Although she has lived in this world for nine years, she still feels that she is in a dream at this time. At first, I thought it was a normal alien world, but because of the "system", it straightened her heart into the bottom.

But it is also very good, at least let her experience the father and mother love that she has never had before in this world, but it is a pity that it is only nine years.

She... was teased by fate.

At this moment, a bead suddenly floated out of her heart, only listening to a cute loli sound suddenly sounded

"What are you doing again?" Another line of loli sounds floated, but it was a sloppy tone and a little bit of coldness. Obviously, it is the dragon poetry.

"Oh, of course, to help you." The beads are happy.

"I just want to know, what are you." Long Shiyi sat up and leaned on the bed, although the tone was not flat, but the air seemed to solidify, especially scary.

The beads shook unconsciously, only to listen to it: "Don't you say that, I am the system, can give you the best service function."

"Oh, what use do you have?" Long Shiyan's small hand stretched out and clung to the beads. The beautiful face was full of smirk. I saw the black gas flowing from her palms, and then the body quickly moved, and the beads were smashed to the ground.


The beads penetrate the account and only listen to the smashing sound of an item.

At this time, two black shadows quickly pushed the door in, then quickly walked around the room, and after the danger was removed, they began to guard the surroundings, and their eyes swept toward the little man sitting on the bed and looking terrible.

It is only a nine-year-old child, only a three-level magician, but in the heart of two well-trained secret guards, but inexplicably felt pressure, could not help but collapse.

Unbelievable, they are all 7th-level fighters.

"I am going to inform the owner!" I heard only one female voice, one of the guards said to another guard. She said, she quickly disappeared.

The only remaining guard guarded the strange feeling of heart, quietly took the light, and with the light, looked at the girl who was sitting still on the bed: "Miss Xiao, we are the guards sent by the family to protect you, just listen to the strange sounds. I came in, I don’t know what happened just now?"

This sound is a bit crisp, obviously also a woman's reads;

What do you want!

It won't come!

The people on the bed did not move and did not speak.

The guard on one knee on the ground is a little uneasy, a little girl, but the silence of the gas field, but it is unbearable.

When I understand the sky, it is a gentle and lovely lady, but now...

Thinking of this, she could not help but be silent. The little lady had been traveling with her parents and had not returned to the family several times until her parents were killed and fell into the Patio Mountains before they were found by the family. Even more incredible is that she actually survived in the patio mountains for three months.

Parents were killed. No one knows this better than her. If the Dragon family has not taken care of themselves, I don’t know what to expect. Therefore, she understands her mood, she will be angry, but she does not move, the body is powerful, but I don’t know what it is.

"You go out, I have nothing to do, just dreaming of my father and mother." Long Shiyi finally spoke, her voice is very crisp, in the empty room, it is particularly nice.


People have not heard the sound, just at this moment, several rushes came in, and a group of people rushed into it. The fastest one came in. She looked like a forty-year-old woman. She quickly uncovered the damaged account, squeezed in and hugged the little man on the bed. "What's wrong, is there a bad guy?"

"Grandma, I'm fine," the bed dragon poem finally moved, only to listen to her, "I dreamed of my father, and then I couldn't find them, I lost a bead, and then they came in."

"Beads?" Sapphire a little wrinkled brow wrinkled, turned to look at everyone. Everyone, look at me, I look at you, and finally the dark guard who has retired has turned back and handed a good end to the head of the white-bearded old man.

"Is this the case?" The old man took the beads and walked up and handed it to her. Long Shizhen moved his body, sat on the edge of the bed, took the beads with his hands, and then clenched, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking up, looking at the old man with white beard, Yan Yan smiled: "Well, thank you grandfather!"

She then lowered her head and whispered, "This is what the mother gave me. It really shouldn't be embarrassed."

A few people are all face to face, do not know how to say, they all know that this girl lost his parents, but also just found, and my heart must have suffered a major blow.

Sapphire touched her head and said to the crowd: "Everyone goes back, don't make a fuss, I will accompany you." Then he said softly to the girl, "Hey, Grandma. I will sleep with you in the evening, ok?"

"No need!" Long Shiyi shook his head and smiled at the woman innocently. "Grandma goes back to sleep with my grandfather. I am not afraid of it. When my father and mother are there, they are all sleeping alone. They left and lost me."

"But..." As soon as I heard this, the words of Sapphire could not be stopped, and the tears swirled in the eyes. That is her son and daughter-in-law, white-haired people send black-haired people, why not be sad, the children at home, almost all gone.

The dragon poetry lay down on the bed, covered the quilt, and closed his eyes as if he had fallen asleep. The white-haired old man next to him suddenly sighed and said to a few people: "Let's go, let a person calm down."

A few people hesitated, and they all left without distinction. Sapphire also bite his teeth and follow the old man.

The room is very large, no one is empty, it is extraordinarily lonely, listening to the ear and some sparse walking sounds. The window door suddenly fell, the moonlight was blocked, and the whole room was darkened. Only the beads in the hands of the dragon poetry gave off a faint light reading.

The beads floated in the air automatically, and then a loli sound came out. "Hey, you throw me away again, are you afraid of losing my strong golden finger?" Later, he said, "Hey, I arranged the enchantment. Don't worry about the kind of things that just happened."

After Long Shiyi swept it, he closed his eyes. "I don't think you will disappear for this reason. Of course, it is a good choice to disappear automatically. Even without you, I can still live well."

"Cut!" The beads are particularly angry. "You haven't realized it yet. If you don't have me, you won't be able to make a big deal. Sooner or later, you will be taken into the harem by Long Aotian, waiting to be conquered by xxoo!"

"Oh, I don't think my fate will be controlled by the story of the dog's blood," Long Shiyi grabbed his hand and opened his eyes. He said, "Don't say those who have nothing, now you It's no longer useful. I have never seen a system that is as bad as you are."

Beads: "..."

"Hey, don't think so, I still use it a bit. Although people are still growing up, it is obviously no problem to help you." The beads don't shine.

"Forget it, follow you!" Long Shiyi simply closed his eyes and breathed very peacefully to sleep. The beads were turning aside, a little anxious, this kind of...the spirit of the almost collapsed master, it is too difficult to touch. Moreover, the gas field of this little girl is really hard to resist. I really want to... I want her to have a meal.


People are not shaking m!

How can there be such an idea?

"Hey, don't be angry! Your parents' death is indispensable in the plot. The world has already settled. At that time, you don't know that this is the world of books. But now you know the story, change some Irresistible fixed numbers are also possible."

"What I need is practical content. I don't have time to accompany you. I need to sleep to adjust my status. I don't want to worry about my family anymore." Long Shiyi said slowly.

"Hey, have you already integrated into the world?" The tone of the beads was a bit surprised. "Well, forget it, it's pretty good."

She paused and said: "Although you know the story now, you still need me, because you don't know the power of Long Aotian. It's just a harm to yourself and it hurts your family. Cough. Cough, in fact, although your parents are dead, there is no chance of resurrection."

Long Shiyan opened his eyes.


"Oh, know my benefits!" The tone of the beads is full of pride. If the reality is human form, then you may look up and show your posture of begging me and asking me.

Long Shiyan's eyes were combined, turned back and passed her, continued to fall asleep, a look that was unreasonable.

Oh~ Damn!

The beads circled in front of her, floating on the tip of her nose, just squatting and not talking. The dragon poetry stretched out his hand and grabbed the beads. He moved his fingers and let it turn around in the air for several laps. He stopped again and asked, "Say, what do I need to do?"

Hey, ask the Queen to continue to lash!

Not right!

It can't have such an idea, she is definitely not shaking m.

The beads had a low cough and said: "In fact, it is very simple. As long as you complete the task and score enough points, you can resurrect your parents."

"What mission?"

"Wait a minute, now you look at the information in your mind." The beads sent a colorful light into the mind of Long Shizhen.

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