Chapter 261 Big wedding

Everyone followed the prestige and found that Wanfu was chasing the individual behind, the man with a disheveled head and a sword in his hand. Free-fee-first-post → [Chasing] [Book] [Help] while chasing and shouting: "I hacked you to death, I hacked you to death..."

Behind him, the Xu family was crying and chaotically chasing after him. "Son, my son..."

Mu Yunxiao was furious.

When Wanfu ran up to him, he strode up and took the sword in Mu Ziluo's hand with his split hand. The backhand was a slap: "Little beast, it's you!"

Mu Yunxiao's slap seemed to be quite vigorous, and Mu Ziluo was slapped to the ground and didn't get up for a long time.

Xu cried when he ran up to him holding Mu Ziluo.

Mu Yunxiao paced back and forth in the yard twice, and finally roared, "Shut up!"

The scene suddenly became quiet, and only one woman was left sobbing. This person is not Xu Min, but Aunt Fang, whose daughter has just died.

After Mu Yunxiao's gaze patrolled for a while, it fell on Aunt Fang's face.

"What are you crying for?" he asked coldly.

Auntie Fang puffed down on her knees: "Master Hou, I was wronged by the death of Yueli, who had fate..."

"If she doesn't obey women's way, she has something wrong." When Mu Yunxiao said this, the killing intent was already in her eyes.

Aunt Fang looked at Mu Yunxiao in disbelief: "Master Hou, can you say that?"

Mu Yunxiao closed his eyes and didn't look at her, then turned around. "Listen, Fang Shumin is not obedient to women's ways. She gave birth to a daughter fifteen years ago. Today, she has found out the truth. Mother and daughter are in the pool together!"

Aunt Fang's legs softened and she slumped down on the ground, and then snarled like crazy: "Mu Yunxiao! How can you treat me like this! How can you!"

Ouyang Ruo looked at Aunt Fang, and couldn't help covering her mouth, looking at Mu Yunxiao in disbelief.

Mu Yingxue was not surprised at all, but she sighed with emotion: It turns out that there is such a solution to this dead end. Mu Yunxiao, you are awesome!

However, Mu Yunxiao just raised his hand and waved, and said lightly: "Drag it down!"

Ouyang Ruo seemed to be about to rush out to intercede, Mu Yingxue's eyes were quick and her hands were quick, and she directly grabbed her, using her eyes to signal her not to act rashly. Ouyang Ruo wanted to shake her hand away.

Mu Yingxue had no choice but to secretly enter the rumors and said: "I will think of other ways to save her."

Ouyang Ruo looked at Mu Yingxue suspiciously. Mu Yingxue gave her a firm look back.

But at this moment, Mu Ziluo suddenly burst into laughter.

The solemn atmosphere on the scene began to be weird because of the sudden smile. Xu Min breathed a sigh of relief because his son came to "live", and did not hold him.

So Mu Ziluo stood up.

Pointing to Mu Yunxiao's nose and laughed.

Mu Yunxiao was impatient and wanted to slap him again. "Nizi, what are you laughing at?!"

"Laughing at you stupid!"

Everyone was shocked as soon as the three words came out.

"what did you say?"

Mu Ziluo raised his head and said with a sneer: "I said, laugh at you stupid. Yueli is your daughter! I am a wild species, do you know that I am a wild species? You stupid, you killed yourself by yourself Your biological daughter, just to protect me as a wild species, ha! ha ha ha ha..."

Xu Min's face was as gray as death.

Mu Yunxiao's eyes were very wide, and the blue veins on his forehead burst.

Everyone present, including Mu Yingxue, was stunned by the news.

At this time, I saw Mu Ziluo walking up to Xu Min, like a drunk drunkard, and spitting out "Bah".

"I found out a month ago. A month ago you gave your dead old lover a long life. Lao Tzu and his mother heard it!" Mu Ziluo said angrily, "You couldn't give birth back then, so you borrowed the seed. You also told him not to blame you, it was not your intention to kill him..."

Before Mu Ziluo finished speaking, the whole person fell straight down.

In the yard, two screams suddenly sounded——


Mu Shuilan fell to the ground, while Xu Min pounced on Mu Ziluo's body.

Mu Ziluo looked at Mu Yunxiao: "Hey... really green!"

After speaking, he died.

Mu Yunxiao was also angrily carried away.

This is destined to be a busy night.

After Mu Ziluo died, Xu Min also committed suicide. Only one sentence was left: "Lan'er belongs to you. I hope you will treat her well."

After being beaten and looted in the snow park, naturally he couldn't live anymore. Mu Yingxue had planned to take Ouyang Ruo to leave the Hou Mansion. However, Ouyang Ruo chose to stay and deal with the aftermath. At this moment, it is not anxious to say to leave.

Mu Yingxue knew that after this incident, Ouyang Ruo would definitely not have the idea of ​​staying with Mu Yunxiao again. She chooses this way now, but she chooses not to fall into trouble, so she respects her opinion.

The mother and daughter moved back to their original house that night.

In the snow park, after Ou Yanruo ordered people to clean up the body, she instructed Liuer and Xiaolin to clean up the house.

On the second day, Mu Yunxiao invited Taishi to the mansion. Later, Concubine Xian also came, and several people talked in the study for a long time before leaving.

No one knows what they are talking about.

But in the evening, Wei Jing came to the newspaper and said that the corpses of Xu Min and Mu Ziluo were swept by reeds and transported out of the back door. However, Mu Shuilan changed into night clothes and followed.

Wei Jing asked if he wanted to stop Mu Shuilan.

Mu Yingxue shook her head and said: "I don't know how this happened, but they are responsible for themselves. As for Mu Shuilan's actions. It is also based on her own filial piety, and there is no need to stop it."

"Miss, I'm asking, do you want to cut the grass and remove the roots." Wei Jing frowned slightly, "Mushuilan is not a good match."

Mu Yingxue suddenly raised her eyes to look at him, her eyes a little cold.

At that moment, Wei Jing almost thought that Mu Yingxue had understood everything.

However, she said: "If she feels that revenge is necessary. I will wait for her to come!"

Wei Jing thoughtfully retreated.

A person who has experienced cuckolds, killed his adopted son, and lost his aunt’s wife. After these things, he can still cheer up and prepare Mu Yingxue’s smashed dowry that day in a day, and still She lowered her face to apologize to Mu Yingxue. Mu Yunxiao is really an incredible madman.

So neither of them mentioned anything about that day.

On the day of the wedding, Mu Yingxue stepped on the sedan chair, and Mu Yunxiao went to see Ouyang Ruo on the back.

However, Ouyang Ruo went from being gentle and considerate to the original, coldly, very polite, and even ignored.

There was a fire in Mu Yunxiao's heart, but she could only hold it down, and finally left without angrily.

After leaving, Wei Jing appeared and asked, "Madam, the lady said, if you can't bear it, I can take you away at any time."

Ouyang Ruo nodded and smiled and said: "It's okay, let's talk about it when Xue Er goes back. If everything can be done in a logical way, then it will be natural."

Wei Jing didn't force it, nodded and stepped back.

At this time, the Jingyun Palace was just a lively time.

After worshiping Tiandi, Mu Yingxue was sent to the bridal chamber, while the bridegroom was dragged away to drink.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed alone, with many thoughts in her heart. But no matter how you think about it, Gong Nongyue is all over his head.

Or sitting or standing, or serious, or mocking. There are also times when he needs it most.

For some reason, the more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. I always feel that I have done something wrong.

The window was open, and a very faint fragrance of flowers drifted into the outside, which reminded her more than a month ago, under the cherry blossoms on Fangshan. In the rain of petals soaking in Yuehua, he said, "Yingxue, it's good to marry me."

When Mu Yingxue came back to her senses, she had already turned out the window, her hijab and phoenix crown, and she was left on the ground.

As she walked, she relieved her complicated Xia Ling.

"Lady, don't you leave it to your husband to do this waiting?"

A familiar voice smirked a little bit, resounding helplessly behind Mu Yingxue.

Mu Yingxue froze. Because she was a little confused as to whether it was the sound of Nong Yue or Xuanyuan Chen.

To be precise, Nong Yue's tone was Xuanyuan Chen's voice.

She turned her head. I saw a man wearing a silver mask standing under the peach blossom tree in the courtyard.

The man curled his mouth and couldn't see his expression clearly, but it was obvious that his whole body exuded joy.

Mu Yingxue was stunned. "You... why are you here?"

Then, involuntarily ran towards him.

"You are married, how can I not be here?" Nong Yue smiled.

Only then did Mu Yingxue realize that Nong Yue was wearing a red dress. She widened her eyes, and then asked with some worry: "Where is King Jingyun? You...what did you do to him?"

Nongyue smiled even more, "I robbed Princess Jingyun, what do you think?"

"You... shouldn't you..." Mu Yingxue thought of this, stopped running towards him, and took a step back.

Nong Yue didn't stop her, just raised her hand to remove the mask on her face.

"Xue'er, if you are not just me, then I have to be you."

Mu Yingxue looked at the face exposed under the mask and the pair of extremely clear eyes, and she was bewildered.

After a while, a sense of shame that IQ was crushed quickly spread across her body, which made her growl in anger and anger: "You, lie, me!"

"I was going to explain it to you, but you didn't come that day. I sadly punished myself for drinking a night of wine!" Xuanyuan Chen chased after him, and then he understood, "Just now, you were hiding your head again. , Turned the window again, where do you plan to go?"

Mu Yingxue didn't look back. "Escape marriage!"

"Who escaped for?" He chuckled and embraced her.

Mu Yingxue was locked in her chest by him, and couldn't get away no matter what, she had to muffled and said, "A liar!"

He hooked his mouth and whispered: "The liar is happy!"

Xuanyuan Chen picked up the person and walked towards the wedding room.

Mu Yingxue struggled and said, "Let go, I haven't forgiven you yet!"

"Princess, Youdao is worth a thousand dollars for the Spring Festival. Are you sure you want me to explain it to you tonight?"

"Otherwise, you will sleep in the study room!" Mu Yingxue said in an angry voice.

Xuanyuan Chen was very helpless: "Let's come to Japan for a long time, isn't it okay to talk slowly later?"

"I want to regret the marriage, not to marry."

"You a queen without marrying?"

"Is there a harem?"


"Then I think about it."


In the autumn of the twenty-fourth year of Xuanwu: Muhou's daughter married into Rui's palace as a side concubine. Of course, on the day of the wedding, the northern border fell. The emperor thought it was ominous, and sinned against Rui Wangfu. Rui Wang was forced to ask for his order. The battle was stuck in a stalemate, and Youyun's iron cavalry had no leader, unable to exert its effectiveness. On the winter solstice, the secluded city was broken, and the northern land was all in the hands of Hu, King Rui was captured, and King Chen was seriously injured and retreated to the city.

After the battle report was returned, Princess Jingyun asked for her order. At that time, Emperor Lie had no generals available and readily agreed. King Jingyun went out with the princess. Since then, good news has spread frequently and most of the lost ground has been recovered.

Emperor Lie suspected that King Jingyun was pretending to be crazy, and he returned to the north to regain control of Youyun Iron Cavalry. However, the battle report was returned, but it was the princess's Vulcan camp who had repeatedly made extraordinary achievements, making the enemy frightened. Both the court and the public praised the princess.

In March of the following year, Youcheng was regained, and the crown prince of Prison Huangpu Dynasty congratulated him. The other party wanted to exchange Xuanyuan Rui, but Emperor Lie refused. Rui was beheaded in Licheng, and the princess on the side of Rui Wang hanged herself on the festival.

In June, Youyun Iron Cavalry and Vulcan Camp broke through the imperial capital city of Li, and the bones of King Rui were buried.

On the way to the class, the queen and the prince were afraid of Princess Jingyun's heroic exploits and launched a coup. Emperor Lie was imprisoned, and Heifengqi was dispatched. The struggle between the princelings and the royalists has become fierce. Emperor Lie was almost beheaded in the Imperial Garden, but fortunately Concubine Xiao rescued him and turned the danger into a bargain. However, Concubine Xiao was seriously injured and died, so she only said: "Chen'er came out for you." He closed his eyes and died.

After receiving the news, King Jingyun flew back to Beijing with the princess, but never saw Concubine Xiao. Three days later, the army arrived and the siege of the capital began to be resolved. The queen and the prince were both deposed.

Soon, King Jingyun regained his sanity and was named a prince to supervise the office of the country. Princess Jingyun also became the prince.

In July, the former queen and former prince Jin were sentenced to jail for conspiracy, and even sat more than 3,400 people. The officials of the Korean Central Committee even damaged the Thai half and the vitality of the Xuanyuan Dynasty.

But even so, because the crown prince has the Vulcan camp and the crown prince has the Youyun Iron Cavalry, no country dared to covet Xuanyuan.

The prince rectified military affairs, improved political abuses, and reduced taxes in the second year. There is a thriving scene both inside and outside the country.

In the 28th year of Xuanwu, Lie Di Chan was located in Taizichen.

In the same year, Emperor Jing ascended the throne, changed his reign to Chengping, and Feng Mu's Yingxue was the queen.

The empress was very affectionate and the harem was vacant. The officials persuaded the emperor to accept the harem to open its branches and leaves. Emperor Jing always refused with "What is the matter with Qian Qing".

In the second year of Chengping, the queen gave birth to the eldest son and the eldest princess. In the four years of Chengping, the queen gave birth to the second and third princes. The emperor was triumphant, and often asked a few strict ministers in the house, but with both children, whether they needed to give more beautiful women.


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