Chapter 1 Break through adultery

In the back mountain garden of the Muhou Mansion, a small body hides behind a big tree, the whole body is covered with snow, leaving only a pair of bright eyes, staring at the hut not far away. Free-fee-first-release→【chasing】【book】【help】

Why isn't the third sister coming out yet? Was it taken away by a wolf? Liuer never let her go out, saying that there are wolves in the back hills and will take the children away.

Just as Mu Yingxue was trembling with fright, a woman's bold voice suddenly came from the hut. Mu Yingxue was startled by the sound, did Sister San really meet a wolf? No, she must save Third Sister, she can't let her be taken away by the wolf. Although Third Sister has always been bad to her, if she saves Third Sister this time, Third Sister will definitely like her in the future.

Mu Yingxue quickly got up from the snow, saw a stick not far away, her eyes lit up, and she ran over quickly.

On the wooden bed, two bodies in white fox fur are close to each other. Perhaps they have dried up for too long, or the weather is too cold. Neither of them took off their cloaks and jackets. From a distance, Mu Xiangqin seemed to be It was really crushed by a wolf. It seemed that the wolf had put its head on the third sister's neck, ready to eat her meat.

"it hurts……"

Mu Yingxue heard the painful cry of the third sister, and eagerly pushed open the wooden door, carrying a wooden stick and hitting the white wolf on Mu Xiangqin's body. Song Qingyun, who was in passion, was hit in the head by Mu Yingxue. , Suddenly screamed like a pig, frightened Mu Xiangqin under him, and the two screamed at the same time. The former was pain and the latter was fear.

"Kill you wolf, let you eat my third sister, let you eat my third sister, I will kill you."

Mu Xiangqin was also a guilty conscience. She was frightened and did not react at all. He only thought that when she was finished, she was caught and raped in bed. She was a boudoir girl who had an affair with a man, but she wanted to immerse herself in a pig cage. And Mu Yingxue also took this opportunity to hit the white figure desperately, Song Qingyun was dizzy and struggling to retreat from Mu Xiangqin.

Mu Xiangqin glanced intently, it turned out to be her own idiot sister, and instantly no longer had the fear of being caught and raped in bed, only the anger left: "Mu Yingxue, why are you?|"

Worried that her lover was killed, Mu Xiangqin slapped Mu Yingxue's face with a slap: "You idiot, don't hurry to stop."

Mu Yingxue's white face instantly showed red finger prints without roots.

When Song Qingyun fell on her back to Mu Xiangqin's side, Mu Yingxue realized that it was not the wolf that she had beaten, but the third sister's cousin. She knew that she had beaten the wrong person, and her aggrieved tears burst into tears and her eyes were full. It's fear.

"Sister Third, don't hit me, Yinger didn't mean it, Yinger thought it was a wolf who wanted to take away Sister Third, so..."

"You fool, bitch, see if I will kill you."

Where Mu Xiangqin could hear the explanation now, his anger turned into a crazy slap, and he slapped Mu Yingxue's face fiercely.

"Ah... Third sister, don't hit me."

Mu Yingxue was horrified, she curled up in the corner and shivered, her thin arms wrapped around her chest.

Mu Yingxue screamed in horror, and the timidity and fear in her eyes made Mu Xiangqin even more crazy. She grabbed Mu Yingxue's hair and slammed it on the ground, making a bang. Then with a vigorous shake, Mu Yingxue was thrown out.

Mu Yingxue's thin body could not bear the huge force, she flew out like a kite with a broken wire, her eyes widened in despair, and she couldn't even shout, her small body twitched a few times, and there was no movement. Thinking that she had just passed out, Mu Xiangqin didn't notice that the sharp stone under Mu Yingxue's head had been stained red with blood.

When Song Qingyun was relieved, Mu Xiangqin quickly helped him up and asked worriedly: "How are you? Cousin?"

"I'm fine, how is she?"

"It should have passed out, what shall we do now?"

Song Qingyun’s eyes have been severely scratched. His father, the Minister of War, is also regarded as an official’s son. He has seen the world since he was a child. He is familiar with this kind of thing: "Don’t be afraid. Kill her to prevent future troubles. After all, only the dead can keep a secret."

Mu Xiangqin hesitated. Although she secretly executed many maids and maids who had offended her, after all, they were all handed over to the subordinates, and she never did it herself.

Seeing Mu Xiangqin's hesitation, Song Qingyun continued: "Even though she is a fool, she is not dumb. If she is alive and go back and talk nonsense, neither of us will have good fruit."

Mu Xiangqin also knew the seriousness of the matter. Simply Mu Yingxue was a fool herself, and her status in the Hou Mansion was not as good as a subordinate. Even if she died inexplicably, it would not have much impact. Father and mother were also eager for this. The embarrassing idiot died early and was overwhelmed, and he will certainly not pursue it.

Mu Xiangqin is also a fierce person, and immediately nodded and said: "Cousin is right. If she doesn't die, we must die."

Song Qingyun turned over from the bed, picked up a rock under the bed, and walked towards Mu Yingxue step by step. Just as he was about to smash it down, Mu Xiangqin stopped him.

"What's wrong, Xianger?"

"We can't kill her first, and wake her up. We have to ask if anyone else knows that she has come to the back of the mountain, so the province will stretch out branches."

"My cousin is still thoughtful, so I will hang her up with the rope first and ask for some questions."

After all, they were discovered the adultery. They were alarmed and they didn’t realize that the thin girl who wanted to protect her sister was dead. When they opened their eyes, there were still tears in the corners of her eyes, but there was no fear in their eyes. And timidity.

Her pupils are still clear, but they are more profound and charming, making people want to stop at a glance, and her beautiful eyes turn slightly, as if there is the power of overturning the clouds and rain, destroying the world.

Mu Yingxue was awakened from the cold, and the severe pain in the back of her head reminded Mu Yingxue that her current situation is not optimistic and she has no time to think too much. Mu Yingxue instinctively releases her thoughts and probes the surrounding environment.

At this moment, she did not die in the explosion, but was hung from a big tree, her hands were bound by hemp rope, and a stone was placed on her toes, so she could not reach the world or the ground.

Soon, there were many more memories in Mu Yingxue's mind that did not belong to her. Before she had time to sort out, Mu Xiangqin had already walked over with the long whip she carried.

"Dead idiot, say, who else knows that you followed me to the back mountain."

Mu Yingxue glanced at Mu Xiangqin with a cross-brow and a face and Song Qingyun behind her. This adulterer and adulteress was the culprit who killed this body deity. You were beaten to death by her to save her, but I didn't. Qualified to laugh at you stupid, but you have to remember that the only thing you can't believe in this world is sisterhood. Since I occupy your body, you will also let your eyes see the tragic end of all of them.

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