Chapter 118 Mokita Extra 3 [Complete text]

Mobei found that he had gradually cooled his heart to Shengyang.

He gave her a chance, always telling herself secretly, maybe she waited again, and she turned back.

However, what he did not think was that she was planning to approach Shen Sinan again and again while she was in a coma.

He wanted to question her and treat him as something!

Later, he thought that there was no need for this.

Why should he ask this one thing in one fell swoop?

He no longer loves her.

He wants to let himself die completely to her.

He changed his new mobile number, changed his residence, and changed to a new company location.

Shen Sinan was busy taking care of Xin Haoyue and was innocent to drink. He had to make a date.

The road to love is not smooth, but I don’t forget to tease him. "When you are a pedophile, when do you want me to be a best man!"

"Pedophilia?" Mobei blackened his face, "What!"

Smirking, "Don't feel embarrassed, don't dare to say, brothers can all know, isn't your family looking for a pure little girl to be an object? I look like it, it's very tender, last time and you You are close! You said that you are not a pedophile!"

Mo Bei explained: "She is an adult, where is the pedophile? And, what, she took my hand."

"So, to what extent are you now? Do you feel that you are committing a crime when you press her down?"

"You think everyone is like you!"

"How are you like us? You are a rare love in the world!"

Mobei suddenly remembered after drinking the wine. After she called to help her translate the poems of Tagore, she did not contact herself.

There were so many calls in the past, suddenly all of them were gone. Quite strange.

What is strange about Mobei is why he discovered it later.

He called her phone from the contact, hesitated for a while and found the shutdown.

Later, he played again two or three times, still shutting down.

Mobei was afraid of her accident and called the phone to her father.

The elders of the family and the parents of the parents are still close.

Mobei also saw her father two or three times.

The age of sixty years old, although still seemingly fascinating, but the hair is gray.

Mojia is always a woman, and the couple are more fond of her.

Therefore, Mo Bei feels that underage can raise this kind of unspeakable personality, and there are traces to follow.

The father smiled and said: "Isn't that girl talking to you?"

"What?" Mobei intuition is not a good thing.

"On the way home that day, I didn't know how to be willful. I even walked back all the way. As a result, the bag was robbed. I was stumped, rolled a few laps on the road, and went to the hospital for a few days. ""

"Is it hospitalized?" Mobei was busy asking in a nervous way.

"Fortunately, there is no danger, nothing. But, why didn't you tell me if you changed your mobile phone number?"

Mobei explained to her: "The number may not be remembered, so I didn't contact. Uncle, can you send her new number to me?"

"Yes!" The old man hang up the phone and talks to his wife about this. The wife asked him: "Does that North know what we are going to do?"

The father of the year was amazed: "I just forgot to say it."

"You can remember this, how can you not say it!"

"Reassured, I have already told him the number of Shantou. He will definitely be able to contact."

However, it took Moubei a month to contact.

He made a lot of calls and found that the other party was shut down. He regretted this, why not leave her Weibo or WeChat. At least when the phone is not connected, he has other paths.

Mo Bei tried many times and found that she couldn't contact anyone. She worried that she had an accident and was planning to go to her house to go to her school or go to her school to see.

But this thought just flashed, he only knew that he didn't even know which school she was reading.

She never mentioned it.

He never asked.

Later, the phone finally got through the middle of the night.

He is ecstatic. He suddenly found that the days without her harassment seemed to be uninteresting.

He pressed his emotions and asked her, "Why didn't you sleep so late?"

"Ah? My genius is just gray and bright!" After she finished, she said softly: "Which are you?"

Mobei: "..."


"Under age, I haven't seen you for a while, you..."

"Ah, I won't talk to you, I have to hurry to get on the bus! Let's do it first, have time to talk."

Mo Bei, who was suddenly hung up, suddenly looked at her. What is she doing? What car? Isn't she driving her own car?

Later, at a banquet, Mo Bei happened to meet the younger father. During the conversation, she realized that she had gone abroad as an exchange student. For a period of four years.

Mobei did not know if she could not contact herself or was unwilling to contact herself. He only knows that he told her to go abroad without telling himself, even the last time the phone was so unkind.

Well, the opinion is big.

He didn't want to take the initiative to contact her.

He wants to wait for her to stop and take the initiative to find herself.

However, the first person to find yourself is Sheng Wenyang.

Xin Haoyue woke up. Sheng Wenyang repented and knew that he and Shen Sinan were completely impossible.

She found Mo Bei, and Mo Bei said that she had seen the facts. She knew who was really good to her and who loved her.

However, Mobei is not moving.

His love for her has gradually disappeared when she repeatedly ignored Shen Sinan.

He said: "Sheng Wenyang, I can't go back. I am no longer in the same place. You can go back and continue to be the queen of your career. And I will find a person who is in love with each other and grow old together."

Sheng Wenyang cried and asked him why he would be like this, he could not give an answer.

He just suddenly missed someone's crisp laughter, and her small dimples that laughed deeply on her cheeks.

Mobei made a lot of calls to minors that night.

I don't know how long it took, the phone finally got through.

Mobei has not yet opened, and the person at the end asked with a markedly exhausted tone: "What are you looking for?"

"what happened?"

"Mobei, are you stupid with me? You love that woman so much, and accompany me to go shopping and watch movies. Don't you think it is too much? I don't understand a lot of things, but I know that your behavior, Using a word to define is slag." Year Wei Cheng said, calming his emotions, calmly said: "Mo North, I thought I did not find you again, you should know my fulfillment. Don't call me again, I I don't want to hear your voice at all!"

"Beep beep..."

Mo Bei smashed, then panic...

His third relationship, why did it end before it started?

Do not!

He didn't want to end like this.

He hurriedly made a phone call and booked the plane overnight.

He accidentally lost her.

He made her heartbroken.

He is sorry for her.

But he suddenly found out that he couldn't let her go.

He wants to watch her smile, and he wants to watch her day and herself.

He also hopes to listen to her every day to talk about the interesting things around her.

He wants to chase her back.

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