Chapter 1 Avoid the Protagonist! Chapter 1:

With the flip of the fine white fingertips, the content on the paper changed again:

Xin Haoyue dragged his tired body and the big pink suitcase came out of the elevator, and his face was very embarrassing.

She traveled for nearly a month, and in order to win the project, she could not sleep well day and night. The most unbearable thing for her is the bald and fat boss who has a big belly. Every night, she pulls her to socialize in the name of a good relationship with the partner. Once there is a toasting session, she will launch her as a shield. What is your body is not used, it is better to drink alcohol, or to drink with a beautiful woman.

So Xinyue, who had rarely drunk since childhood, bit his teeth and smiled at the faces that were so disgusting. He had a cup of spicy spirits and went straight to drink nausea and vomiting.

When Xin Haoyue was stunned in the bathroom of the hotel room, she did not forget to smash the ancestors of the 18th generation of the ancestors who had the cheapness of her meal on her thighs. !

Hey, when Miss Dong’s comeback, I must make you die!

Xu thought of these disgusted faces and their own helplessness. Xin Haoyue's face was even more ugly, but soon, she flashed a glimmer of light in her eyes. Even if the days are hard, don’t you come over? What are you afraid of!

She smiled and put the hair on her cheeks behind her ear, and she was still thinking about it: the project was successfully won, and the situation in the company in the future might be better than now, and now the errands are over, presumably those The number of annoying meals will also be reduced. Well, the most important thing is that she can go home and give Lin Hui a surprise.

Xin Jia fell, his parents died, his brother evaporated, and a series of bad luck came to her, and she was grateful that Lin Hui would never leave. He doesn't even care about his own nothing, proof, marriage, everything is so fast and low-key.

Although the two people are not rich after marriage, but when there is a poor and white, there is still a feeling of sympathy around them. It is very beautiful.

She tried to raise one of the most brilliant smiles and opened the door lightly. It’s just that the bright smile is inevitably froze when I see the men’s and women’s clothing that has been messing all the way to the bedroom.

Blazers, ties, shirts, women's white slings, denim shorts, black underwear...

Xin Haoyue’s face, which was a bit pale, was even paler.

Her eyes stared straight at the closed bedroom, and the sound insulation of the room was not good. She stood in the same place, and heard a female voice crying and said: "Well... you are slow... hurt, hey, slow, slow, hurry..."

"You little fairy..." The boy with a low voice was full of joy.

That voice is not Lin Hui’s who is it!

"Lin, it seems that your wife has no ability, even if you are fed, you can't do it..."

"What do you say to the woman? I didn't want to see her in the name of Miss Xinjia. Do you think I will marry her? I thought Shensin just gave the Xin family a little color to look at it. I didn't think he was Hey, a little old love is not to be read, directly uprooting the Xin family, which has been in the past 100 years, and Xinyue’s unfortunate shoes..."

Xin Haoyue only felt a chill in her body. She bit her teeth, clenched her fist and just stepped forward. She heard Lin Hui sarcastically saying: "Where is her kung fu, you are doing this, and she is doing this thing, Every time I move, she shouts pain, hurts a wool, and the woman, I haven’t moved yet..."

"Lin Hui, you bastard!"

Xin Haoyue couldn't bear it. After screaming and slamming, he pushed directly into the door. He said that he had picked up the glass bottle not far from the door, and thought about it, and went to the back of Lin Hui, who was lying on the wild woman.

After hearing the voice, Lin Hui turned and looked over and saw her fierce look to put herself to death, and raised her hand to block her bottle.

Xin Haoyue gasped, and once again wanted to go forward, the bottle was directly robbed by him in the next second.

"Xin Haoyue, you are sick!"

"Yes! I am sick! I am sick and I will treat you as a person!" She always thought that she found the hope of life in the trough, and found that the hope of the ghost fart was a scum!

"Hey, I am not a human, then you can't be much worse! Who in the city only knows how shameful and boney when you chased Shennan! In the end, it is not being trampled..."

"Yes! I just got your head hit by the door and let you trample!"

Xin Haoyue glanced at the bed and put on his own bathrobe. He was looking at the right side of the mouth and looking at the right woman who was watching the farce. They didn’t play one place, and they waved their hands and wanted to slap Lin Hui.

As a result, the tall man in front of him was gnashing his teeth and swearing a "mad woman". He raised his hand and gave himself a slap. Then he lifted up the glass bottle and went straight to his head.

When the crisp cracking sounds, Xin Haoyue only feels his head screaming.

When she slowly fell down, she saw a lot of scenes in a frame, and she remembered when she was in college, she remembered Shen Sinan who always refused herself thousands of miles away, and remembered her miserable parents. And my brother... I remembered the one who was once glamorous, well-fed, and arrogant...

However, everything has not come back.

Before Xinyue’s death was not eye-catching, he faintly heard the disgusted woman holding the broken voice and screaming: “Oh, you killed your wife...”

"Afraid of what, sorting out the scene, when she fell into a bottle and fell into a bottle, she lost too much blood! You better not to talk, or you can't escape the line..."

When Xin Yiyue’s last glimpse of consciousness dissipated, he only felt that his life was really a sin and he deserved it. But what is the use of regret? She couldn't get Shen Sinan. She wanted to ruin Sheng Wenyang. But in the end, she made a wedding dress for others and forced herself to go to Huangquan Road as soon as possible.

This is the end of my life. Maybe not long after, even the existence of her person will not be remembered again. - Complete the text.

After the end of the final ending, Xin Haoyue breathed a sigh of relief, and some of the books were closed heavily, only to feel that there was something in the heart that could not be said.

After going to work in the afternoon, she went to the bookstore and quickly swept through several romance novels. When she discovered that the vicious and dead woman of this novel had the same name as herself, she immediately began to read it.

Just did not expect that the ending is so miserable.

Many of the novel's plots are dog-blooded. The female host Sheng Wenyang is an ordinary girl, but because of her excellent performance, excellent temperament and a lot of intersection with the male owner, gradually the two have a good impression. However, because the female employer's career is too strong, she always hopes that she can find a world and become the other half of the male owner who is like a rainy and rainy, so she does not speak abroad.

After the first love of the male lover, she was trying to get the male lord every moment. When she caught the opportunity, she deliberately approached the male lord. However, after a few years, the female lord returned, she never got the right eye of the male lord. One sight.

Therefore, the woman can not stand, frantically aiming all the spearheads at the woman, framing her everywhere, bullying her, naturally, the glory of the woman's aura, Wen Yang, every time with the help of the man, the danger, even the feelings of the two More and more profound. And the role of the female counterpart is naturally more and more aroused by the male master.

Until the end, the female victimization was in the warmth of the stomach. After the child had just been over for more than a month, Shen Sinan was completely angry. In less than half a month, the Xin family went bankrupt, the company went bankrupt, and Xin’s mother and mother died with tears. The female mate has lived for less than a year and has died tragically.

It may be due to the same name and the same name. Anyway, Xinyi, who was originally in a very low mood, was very dark after reading this novel.

Her name is very special, how can she still have the same name as her female counterpart?

Although it is known that the women's match in the novel is generally very miserable, but this time, even if the male and female owners live happily together, she does not feel happy.

It’s really the more I look at this book, the more I feel my heart is plugging!

Xin Xinyue stood up fiercely, picked up the book, and hurriedly put on the slippers and went out. "The eyes are not bothered, lost better!"

As she thought about it, she hurried downstairs. She didn't pay attention to looking down at her feet. She only felt that the slippers were slippery, and the whole person immediately dumped it down, and rolled down the stairs.

Xin Haoyue’s efforts to save himself have no effect.

I don't know how long it took. She felt that she was not rolling down at first, but the pain in her body was screaming. Her eyes were moving, and she barely saw the book in front of her eyes open. The words that are more dead are stained with red blood...

The slimy feeling seemed to spread from the back of the head.

Xin Xinyue had no time to think about anything, only closed his eyes and fainted.

"Hey, moon, are you awake?"

Xin Haoyue slept in a sleepy voice. He was screaming at his ear and continually yelling at his name. He wanted to blink and see, and it was obvious that he felt a pain in the back of his head.

She remembered, and she was mad at the book, and she rolled straight down the stairs. The head was estimated to have reached the sharp corner of the corner of the stairs.

Oh, it hurts.

She subconsciously frowned.

Then I heard a woman’s voice of joy: “Wake up and wake up! Call the doctor!”

Xin Haoyue tried to blink and blur, and the beautiful middle-aged woman who saw the exquisite makeup looked at herself with concern.

"Hey, you finally woke up? Scared the mother!"

The new moon has awkward eyes, wrong, no, how could she be my mother... My mother is obviously a rural woman, she is plain and never makeup...

There must be an illusion.

Xin Yanyue's eyelids moved, but he closed his eyes and slept again.

Woke up again, it seems to be late at night. She clearly saw that the brilliant crystal chandelier not far from the top of the head was really too glaring. She subconsciously reached out and wanted to block the too bright light, and she was caught. Wrist, then I heard a steady male voice: "Don't move, you are still dripping!"

Xin Haoyue’s waking up again and again to see strangers is a bit puzzling. “Excuse me?”

When she finished, she noticed that the young man who looked extremely good-looking and looked good was stiff and stiff. Then he didn’t have a good air: "Who am I! I am your brother!"


No, she is an only child! Of course, the illegitimate children outside the romantic man are not counted!

Xin Haoyue is really sincere, and when I think about it, my head hurts a lot.

Xin Xincheng saw her face pale, could not help but look up and asked: "You don't know who I am?"


"So, do you know what you are calling?"

Xin Haoyue did not want to say three words: "Xin Haoyue."

The man touched her forehead and was very fortunate. "Well, okay, not all stupid, I am Xincheng, your brother."

Xincheng City? How familiar is this name?

Xin Haoyue suddenly remembered it - this name is clearly the name of a woman who has appeared several times in her novel!

No! Is this awkward?

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