Chapter 510 God’s Template!

“What are you worried about?”

The figure of the Fallen Witch-Corinne appeared outside the door. She looked at her daughter in front of her and said slowly: “Are you afraid that he will change when he becomes a God?”

Gloria turned and looked at her mother. She was always noble and elegant and had a superior temperament. At the moment, she looked a little flustered. She did not answer her mother’s question but just clenched the staff in her hand. What made her uneasy was not only many rumors about gods, but also the gap between her and Soran. She liked her current life very much. It was a peaceful yet sweet life. She was worried that all these things would be changed because of the investiture.

When she first saw Soran, he was just an unremarkable small thief.

But now?

In such a short time, he had become the king of pirates who ruled the vast seas. He had tens of thousands of troops. He was the only master of Modor City. Now he was a powerful god, the patron of half-elves. Even Gloria’s position in the Witch Council today has been continuously elevated because of Soran, and she has become the manager next to the Honorable Eye of the North. It was all because she was the mistress of Modor, the only woman Soran had on the table.

Sometimes, she would also think about what was chasing after him, which had made Soran so desperate again and again, but she also knew that Soran did not want to say it, so she could only stand behind him silently and support him, and speed up her own pace as much as possible.

In fact, Soran’s heart also had its own pride!

Now that she was a legendary spellcaster, arguably the most talented witch in the north for hundreds of years, but it was still far from Soran.

She was a little uneasy. She did not know where she would go in the future. She was more worried about the increasing gap between her and Soran!

A God high up above.

Although many spellcasters were praised as having divine-like power, they also knew that compared with the real gods, the gap between them as mortals was still huge!

She would not say it all, because she was Gloria, the most dazzling pearl in the North!

But she could not hide it from her mother.

It might be that they were connected by flesh and blood, or they both had a similar feeling.

“He is the most determined man I have ever seen!”

The Fallen Witch – Corinne came to her daughter’s side, she reached out and held Gloria’s hand, slowly said: “Such a man! It’s impossible to lose himself because of the power of the gods!… Although I sometimes don’t know what he is still afraid of and what he is preparing for, he knows that he may see even farther than us!… ”

Speaking of this, the Fallen Witch silently added: “One can still bear it in that case…”

If she did not see her daughter come out tendered and alluring every morning, she sometimes doubted if Soran was even interested in women or not.

The existence of gods was special.

People have limited knowledge of them. As Witches, they had also researched the gods. For example, the gods had their own desires. Even many gods liked to be “happy.” Gods would also breed, but sometimes they would produce forbidden spawns. Many types of research on gods had been carried out in wizard organizations for many years. One of the interesting points was that many gods might have some mental distortions due to the changes of perspective, or for other reasons.

For example, the God of Murder almost killed himself because he was disturbed by its divine power, divine title, divinity, and so on.

Soran always insisted on eliminating the other consciousness within the divinity and took his own will as the core to integrate the power. That is, he was worried that he would be influenced by some other gods’ power.

This was a very complicated thing!

But the most fundamental thing was the collision between the wills. Only the wills as strong as steel could not be affected by any external influence.

Soran’s figure appeared in the room.

When he saw the Fallen Witch – Corinne was also here, he could not help but a little stunned, then nodded slightly.

“Is it over?”

The Fallen Witch looked at Soran with a smile. She did not know why. The smile seemed a little awkward. Gloria also turned around and looked over with some emotion. She felt that Soran had not changed much. Then, she was relieved a little. No matter the surface or mutual feeling, Soran has not changed much. The biggest change was his gaze, which was like a deep-sea of stars, making people seem to sink into it. This was the gaze of divinity. Unless it was deliberately concealed, it was a special ability.

Soran seemed to understand what they were worried about. He shook his head and smiled: “Things are not as you think!”

“The divinity I have attained has erased the original will and will not have any impact on me.”

“But after the integration of the Divine Title, there’s still a limit.”

To a god, a divine title was like a job. One could be lazy and absent from work occasionally, but if one did not do it at all, one would have to pay for it.

There was a magic power over the City of Modor.

Soran’s perception has been multiplied many times, and the ability ’10 feet Telepathy’ that he had has been advanced into ‘100 feet Telepathy’.

If a believer prayed in his God’s name, he could feel it too. But if he wanted to know everything, that would consume his divine power.


His God’s Template has been formed. This was another template.

“God’s Name: [God of the Half Elves] – Soran.

God System: None.

Level: Minor Divine Power.

Emblem: Shadow Watcher.

Residential Area: Material Plane.

Alignment: Evil Order.

Divine Title: Half-Elf, Rogue.

Domain: Half-Elves, Rogues, Pirates.

Believers: Half-Elves, Pirates, Rogues, Adventurers, etc.

Priests’ Alignment: Neutral Good, Neutral Order, Evil Order, Neutral Evil. [Note: Chaotic Alignment would automatically have exclusions. ]

Preferred Weapon: Curved Sword. ”

God’s Template looked simple.

But in fact, it contained a lot of meanings. Many aspects represented the core abilities of God.

Although Soran was ascended as a [Half Elf], he had the Divine Title of a [Rogue], so his followers were quite wide, including half-elves, pirates, rogues, and adventurers. The most easily attracted believers were the half-elves, whose belief would not be affected throughout spreading within the half-elves.

Believers in a Chaotic Alignment could believe in the gods of the Order Alignment.

However, it was difficult for a priest in a Chaotic Alignment to become a priest of the gods in the Order Alignment. The final result was that the priest would transform his own alignment into the alignment needed by the gods.

Soran’s alignment of the priests with divine spells was Neutral Good, Neutral Order, Evil Order, and Neutral Evil.

Do not ask why he could have a [Neutral Good] priest, because Soran himself did not quite understand. He was just a new God; many things have not been fully understood.

However, his ability to accept the priests of the [Neutral Good] Alignment might be related to the environment of Modor City!

At least, Modor was not considered very evil.

Such strict ruling was only to deal with the coming Avatar’s Crisis, so it was no surprise that the situation in Modor City accepted Neutral Good priests.

As for the Good Order alignment, it would be very unlikely!


It was the weapon that Soran was good at. The gods had special abilities. They could bestow their disciples and priests the weapon they were good at as a kind of gifted ability, that is to say, they could automatically acquire the basic skills of using the Curved Sword to fight. In the future, as long as it was Soran’s priest, they could get an extra bonus effect when mastering the Curved Swords’ fighting skills. But the specific amount of understanding would depend on personal abilities.

This is the basic abilities of a [God’s Template].

And most importantly, it could help Soran deal with the prayers of believers, including responding to the connections of devout believers, and automatically bestowing divine spells to the priests who believed in him.

It was like a huge information processor!

Soran would automatically receive all the prayers and convert the power of faith, and if something important happened, he would get additional message alerts.

For example, some believers found the conspiracy of the gods in the enemy alignments and wanted to tell them using prayers and also to pray for guidance.

Or the birth of a new priest, who needed his first response to bestow divine spells and so on!

For these sorts of important things, Soran could know them first and deal with them in time. For those ordinary daily prayers, God’s Template would help him to filter them automatically.

Needless to say.

With this ability, he felt that the responsibilities after the investiture were much simpler; at least, he did not need to do everything himself!

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